November 1st, 2015

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76 Responses to “forest”

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats what a forest is our mind a pe

    By kari on 11.01.2015

  2. all at once I was in awe when I saw the trees for the first time in a while. The way that fall leaves blend together in the reflection of the light. Even though you can see each individual tree’s leaves, and note the difference, it’s remarkable to see the entire forest as the sum of these individual trees and realize, the differences are beautiful.

    By LuckyLucj on 11.01.2015

  3. A shining forest in the middle of the city. It was strange, a break away from the concrete, the tall buildings, and urban lives. Birds would frolic in the trees as kids played.

    By Joey on 11.01.2015

  4. Is forest the only word programmed into this? I feel as though perhaps it is. I don’t understand why that would be. My friend also got forest. is this some kind of joke? What the fuck is this website???? A mystery is what it is. A deep conspiracy.

    By Illuminati-Detector on 11.01.2015

  5. They sneaked into the forest. Their Gems started glowing. TAhe moon was silver through the trees. They listened… Owls and crickets. No one moved-

    By sacaguweea on 11.01.2015

  6. There was a presence there with me, I could feel it. In the rustling of the breeze through the trees, the patches of soft light falling on the ground, in the hush of every being there. It wasn’t a lonely hush, though I was alone, and it was silent. It was beautiful, and offered me a glimpse into a deeper, more reflective world.

    By Shr on 11.01.2015

  7. As she walked through the forest she could smell the pine and nature, which always calmed her soul and brought peace to her anytime she needed to feel God’s presence.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.01.2015

  8. The forest is a mystical place filled with light and darkness, quiet and loud, fear and happiness. The thing about a forest is that it is a hidden treasure to be explored.

    By Melissa Miller on 11.01.2015

  9. n/a

    By Melissa Miller on 11.01.2015

  10. nerver go in the forest alone. you don’t know what happen when you’re alone. I hope I can be courage to do anything I want. But i’m wrong, my obstacle is so big, I have to change. Change for my life, my happiness. I want to discover my potential, not stupid like now.

    By Harry Tran on 11.01.2015

  11. You can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s how the saying goes. But what is the forest? Is it the reality? Is it mass confusion? Is it a refuge? Is it the big picture as the saying might imply? Or is the forest simply another perception … a different point of view …

    By Tina L. Scott URL on 11.01.2015

  12. As the passing of time did its bidding on her mind, she came to think of wild animals. Of all those singular beings that are free to roam the world every day, crawling in the forest until their time is up. She sought not to feel as though she had so much time on her hands, perhaps because she felt utterly crippled by it.

    By Macha Dubois on 11.01.2015

  13. there are many trees in a forest. Little red riding hood once went into a forest, and supposedly she was trying to deliver some goods to her grandmother. Recently, police have investigated the matter and found out little red was actually delivering crack cocaine.

    By Chad Berry on 11.01.2015

  14. I enjoy walking through the forest. I discovered this one summer as a camp counselor and one of my duties was taking the kids on nature walks. Being in the forest is so quiet and relaxing, I like it. I usually bring my camera and take a few photos.

    By KarmaMonoxide on 11.01.2015

  15. Twigs snapped under foot, releasing the scent of pine. In the long shadows, mushrooms twined with weeds and wild blueberries. It was beautiful. It was a war for space, for room to grow.

    Kathy stapped high over a bush and kept going without looking back. The only sounds were the birds and her own breathing.

    By Yona on 11.01.2015

  16. Forest. Electric Forest. My favorite place of all time. Its where my soul longs to return, Its where I feel complete. Its where you find yourself and loose yourself all at the same time. Its where mutual understanding (without knowing each other) meets beauty of the music and nature. Its where I found myself when my world crashed. Its home.

    By Abby on 11.01.2015

  17. There was no tiger burning bright in the forest of the night. In fact, there was no light at all. The fearful symmetry that William Blake had described so simply and so perfectly were in the trees, the outlining of the night sky like a mathematical equation forming a fearsome face. We all stood together in the clearing and looked out toward the circle of leaves and branches around us. We could see no exit, and this was no maze, either. Yet we were still trapped within the humid, toxic darkness.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.01.2015

  18. The canopy was lush, green, and alive. Not the peaceful, relaxing, communing-with-nature alive. No, this was the there-are-things-in-the-trees-that-want-to-eat-you sort of alive that had me watching every step, looking everywhere and hoping and praying desperately that my quiet movements didn’t attract the attention from the creatures I knew were out there, waiting for prey.

    By terradi on 11.01.2015

  19. tree

    By Miriam on 11.01.2015

  20. Through the trees,
    future radiance dances on branches alight
    perchance til night.
    We’ll burn in the fire that is the sunset.
    set free

    By k on 11.01.2015

  21. My thoughts feelings desires urges pulses
    grow from seed
    and erupt from soft fleshy earth.
    A forest,
    grows ever taller.
    This cave I have built
    for my heart.

    By Kim on 11.01.2015

  22. Doyle set about implementing a revised version of the plan that Lambert had ordered him to carry out. He would meet with the people specified, and deliver to them the speech he had been ordered to give, styled to suit his own needs. Events from each person’s past would be brought out into the daylight, and the person would be persuaded to follow Doyle’s instructions to keep their political career alive. Each became part of a growing group of politicians, bureaucrats and other leaders that Lambert referred to as the “bricks and mortar” of the New World Order they were planning to put in place.

    But Doyle had a few tricks up his sleeve. Knowing that the people he was manipulating would prefer to keep their jobs, and that their anatomy prevented them from standing up for something if they couldn’t cover their own ass, he made a simple, subtle implication to each of them that although the organisation was a threat to them, he himself had an escape route from their trap, and that they should place their trust in him. It was a marvel to watch otherwise intelligent, capable human beings turn into rabbits caught in headlights when the security of their career was threatened.

    Doyle rifled through the file Matt had sent him, once again amazed to see what the NSA could dish up on anyone. At first he had wondered why they let people with such backgrounds get elected, as they were obviously open to threats of extortion, but after a few weeks of working for the Puppeteer, he came to realise that this was how Washington worked. Finding dirty secrets was as easy as finding pine cones on a forest floor. At first, it had made him jaded, but now that he was threatened by it, it made him angry.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.01.2015

  23. A little boy was lost in the forest
    No where to go and no where to hide
    Climbing through the trees
    He never found his way back home

    By Leslie on 11.01.2015

  24. The feeling of when you don’t know where to go. And yet you end up here. In the forest. With fairies and trolls dancing. Deer and bears prancing around. The trees and the flowers standing tall on the ground. The mist comes up from behind and is everywhere. You are lost but yet you seem to have found yourself here in this forest, surrounded by wonder and magic.

    By Daff on 11.01.2015

  25. I don’t know why I went to the forest that night, maybe just to get away from all of the noise that hurdled down around me; of all the nights I had to choose that one, the night when he was also there, lurking in the shadows.

    By Katie on 11.01.2015

  26. And he makes you wonder if the sky still exists because you’ve been wrapped up in his eyes for so long, like how branches of trees tangle and block out the light when you’re in the forest. He holds you and it’s like how water makes space for you and swirls around you like you were always there. He leaves you and it’s like you’re standing in sunlight for the first time; the trees do not exist and you do not feel safe. but you’d forgotten how wonderfully warm sun is on your skin. you’d missed stratus clouds and the color blue, and you didn’t even realize it. you’d been in the shadowy forest for so long, you’d forgotten what it was like to miss the sky.

    By madimoose on 11.01.2015

  27. The forest was dark and quiet, but the girl wasn’t scared. This was her place. This was where she belonged.

    By Nikkie F. on 11.02.2015

  28. The forest filled with trees is calming and beautiful. My favorite word describing the forest is Japanese, and its Komorebe. “The look of light filtering through leaves onto the forest floor”. Isn’t that beautiful?

    By Gerapitico on 11.02.2015

  29. If only the light had lasted a little longer, I thought. The reddish tinge of sunset was already slanting between the leaves, and my heart was beginning to thump faster than normal, faster than I was ready to acknowledge.

    Until it was dark I could pretend that I wasn’t lost, that I would turn the corner and there would be Base Camp, that the past few hours weren’t hopeless wandering but an intentional stroll through the beautiful late fall scenery, that I had meditated and lived deliberately and found myself, but when night fell in the woods, I would be lost.

    By Tovs on 11.02.2015

  30. I used to play in the forest when I was a child. We collected nuts, acorns and conkers, Wonderful memories.

    By BR on 11.02.2015

  31. The light coming through the woods. The sun making your skin warm. Your toes feeling the earth. Gaia. Connecting your roots. You belong here. We belong here.

    By dd on 11.02.2015

  32. dank memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    By pepe URL on 11.02.2015

  33. It was dark, vicious and cold. Nothing like the pictures had painted for him when he’d sat and looked at the books for hours on end in his room. He thought it would be safe, free, a way to escape his prison but it was just another prison. One for another. No way out. Just forever. An unending path so he turned around and went back to warmth and certainty and cried the whole way back.

    By Aimee on 11.02.2015

  34. This went darker than I thought it would…hahaha

    By Aimee on 11.02.2015

  35. The Amazon Forest is the biggest forest in the world. It’s located in North Region in Brazil. The Amazon Forest is a beautiful place.

    By everton reis on 11.02.2015

  36. Near to my house, there is a forest very beautiful. Inside it there is a lot of animals and plan

    By on 11.02.2015

  37. Forest is a place, so it’s a noun, I think. I don’t know if I’ve been in a forest before. Maybe I have. A forest is a place with a lot of trees, right?

    By Amber on 11.02.2015

  38. She always felt at home in the woods. She loved the smell of leaves and moss, the possibility of deer peeking around clumps of trees, the feeling of being totally lost and completely found that she only experienced in the dense forest.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.02.2015

  39. test 123

    By Melissa on 11.02.2015

  40. Tiptoeing in the forest, leaves crunching and dripping.

    By mcgehee7th on 11.02.2015