October 31st, 2015

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44 Responses to “dish”

  1. I am doing the dishes because I work in a restaurant Colby is the chef and Ben is the waiter Shayden cleans the floor because he is inexperianced and cam owns the resteraunt

    By andrew on 11.01.2015

  2. Pretty good

    By William URL on 11.01.2015

  3. Pretty good writing that is good

    By William URL on 11.01.2015

  4. Oh my goodness, this word makes my blood boil. Dish reminds me of dishes, and that reminds me of how annoyed I am when all I see are dirty freaking dishes. I am so picky about the way that dishes are done, yet I am too chicken to ever confront someone about it. Dishes must be cleaned properly in my book, and done my way.

    By Aub on 11.01.2015