November 2nd, 2015

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57 Responses to “watch”

  1. No one was watching her as she preformed her nightly routine. She would never have thought someone was watching her, having left the blinds open without fear.

    Tonight, she was wrong.

    He watched. Through the lens of a camera he watched his prey as she went about her business not knowing the fear that was approaching.

    By A Fowl Girl on 11.03.2015

  2. Pretending to act natural was more difficult than she imagined. Every itch, reflex, and swallow was a performance. She tried to tell herself to stay; that she had every right to be here. The shadow of her ex-husband, just an inch beyond the court mandated restraining ordered limits, would not keep her from enjoying a good meal.

    By Soft URL on 11.03.2015

  3. The watch once belonged to my grandfather. It wasn’t really stylish to keep a pocket watch anymore… it probably hadn’t actually been in style for about a hundred years. But I always carried it with me, meticulously winding it everyday.

    It was my grandfather’s most precious item. He used to show it to me as a child when I sat on his lap.

    By Marni on 11.03.2015

  4. I watched Miss Mary bolt past the trees trying to grasp the ball with her mouth as soon as possible, her fur blew threw the wind as she raced back you make me throw it again, she barked when I took too long. after a long day of play, we came home tired as ever then we watched a movie together, her favirite ” Butternut Sqaushes ” on ice. we then took a long nap


    By Devon on 11.03.2015

  5. When I have sleepovers with my friends we like to watch movies. We watch Narnia, Ice Age and a bunch of other crazy movies we both love. We eat food, laugh and stay up on our iPods really late and barely go to sleep! We stay up super late and laugh ridiculously loud we wake up my whole family and sometimes they threaten they will make us stay outside till we can be quite, but we know they won’t even if they really want too. We sleep in when we stay up really late and we sleep in till like noon or whenever we feel like waking up. Once we went to bed at like 2:30ish and then we woke up at 10:00, because my Mom wanted us to go to the Plaza with her.

    By Faith on 11.03.2015

  6. Having heard that she arrived a couple of minutes ago and the fact that she’s somewhere around the vicinity, he keeps a very watchful eye to make sure that–even on the slightest chance–he wouldn’t bump into her.

    By nom de luc URL on 11.03.2015

  7. Have you every really watched someone? Observation without judgment.

    By BeccaJean on 11.03.2015

  8. As a verb, to observe and discern based on your visual understanding of situations. As a noun, a watch tells you the time. Time waits for no man, once that second passes, you’ll never get it back again.

    By Deanna A on 11.03.2015

  9. As I am trying to not watch my four year old have a complete nutty because I asked her to find her cup, I am thinking that maybe I should have opted for the full week preschool. After twin boys with Autism pulling these stunts, I have little tolerance for the neurotypical child doing it completely deliberately.

    By Marcella Termini on 11.03.2015

  10. As I looked down at my wrist, the little clock told me it was 4:30 P.M. But, I then realized the watch had been frozen for 5 years. Stupid E-Bay.

    By tf3262 on 11.03.2015

  11. He gifted her a red plastic watch on her 10th birthday. She reached out to a box in the attic and found it again, on her 70th. It looked the same, except the color was a few shades lighter.

    By Sonia on 11.03.2015

  12. You watched through the blinds of a motel window for red and blue lights. A paranoid mess you are, convincing yourself this is all a bad dream. “What did you do wrong?” You ask yourself. “I’m the victim…they were trying to get me what else could I do. The people I trusted…” You weren’t able to sleep that night or the night before. Crazy they called you but you and I know who the crazy ones really are. The ones who don’t believe you I believe you but who am I? Just another brick in the wall. You’ll be okay just stay out of the light.

    By Zeila Stardust on 11.03.2015

  13. She watches lots of things that happens in her neighborhood. She once watched a bird make a nest.

    By Nadia on 11.03.2015

  14. watch. people watch. it is amazing what people will do when they don’t think someone is watching. its amazing what you would do if you do not think someone is watching. makes you wonder, is anyone watching?

    By Nicole on 11.03.2015

  15. You have to watch what you say because some people don’t like it. It’s hard to keep an eye on all the words that come out of your mouth but it helps. If you can’t keep up with all the words then you’re probably saying too much.

    By Steve O URL on 11.03.2015

  16. A watch is a wearable clock that tells time on the go. With watches you don’t have to bring a big ‘o clock wherever you’re going.

    By Nick on 11.03.2015

  17. we watch tv
    we watch tv
    we watch tv
    we take it all in like a fucking damp sponge
    like we’re blank slates
    that’s all we are
    fucking blank slates
    sat in front of our tvs
    taking in what They feed us
    the information They want us to see
    we are just slaves to ourselves
    to Them
    to the fucking aerials on our roofs
    to the stupid remote in our hands
    we watch tv
    we watch tv
    we watch

    By clokkerfoot on 11.03.2015