March 17th, 2014

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93 Responses to “forefront”

  1. Forefront of despair, waiting as i approach
    Waiting like a wall
    across a barren tundra

    By Bobbi B on 03.17.2014

  2. “You’re always on my mind. Always. There is never a second, never a moment in which I am not tying everything back to you. You are my alpha and omega, my beginning and my end. So here’s to you. And here’s to us.” I raise the glass to my lips and sit.

    By Jeff on 03.17.2014

  3. The forefront of the matter is as follows:

    I need a college career.
    I think I need a college career.
    I want a college career.
    I want to be an artist.
    I am studying illustration.

    What else do I want to do?

    Writing, drawing, traveling, reading, singing, acting, dancing.

    Here we go again.

    By IsaPinaud on 03.17.2014

  4. The forefront of my mind is a dangerous place to be. Thoughts unhindered and unedited by politeness or circumstance exist there, only to be filtered by the barrier that is voiced speech. What I am constantly thinking, what I know and want, it is all on the top of my brain. Perhaps it is a good thing not even half of what goes on in there sees the light of day. Or maybe, it is because of that that humanity is like is is, so prone to misdirection and lies.

    By Rai on 03.17.2014

  5. I was at the forefront of society. A lone wolf. I would always bark up the wrong tree and somehow end up stronger and more powerful than I was before. I guess that’s the beauty of taking risks. Sometimes they end up biting you in the ass but not always. You can change your life with a decision. I’m going to tell you about the decisions that changed mine.

    By anastina URL on 03.17.2014

  6. Intrigued?

    By anastina URL on 03.17.2014

  7. He was on the forefront of his field. No one new the topic like he did, yet he still doubted himself constantly. What if he fucked up, what if he did something stupid? He knew he was being irrational, he was after all, the best. His doubt was largely born out of selfishness, because most of all, he did not want to be overtaken.

    By Andre Landwer-Johan URL on 03.17.2014

  8. I was never in the background. I never asked to be in the spotlight but I always got thrust there. My height meant I stood out. My funny lisp that I grew out of but no one ever forgot. That guy who broke his ankle playing soccer in primary school. That guy whose mum drops him off at school in her pyjamas. That guy with the old fashioned glasses. Even after I started wearing contacts instead. Whenever someone was looking for an eat target, I always seemed to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

    I hated it. But I never realised that one day it could save my life.

    By Jessie URL on 03.17.2014

  9. She stood at the forefront of the crowd, scanning anxiously across the room for the one person she was hoping to see, while admonishing herself for that same hope.

    There was no way he would be here…but he knew that she would be, and so therefore there was a way. A small way…

    By Simone on 03.17.2014

  10. He was at the forefront of his profession, but his personal life was a mess. Sonya had thrown his clothes out the second-story window, right onto the lawn where everyone could see them … and the neighbors’ averted eyes as he walked up the driveway bore testimony to the fact that they had, indeed, seen them.

    By Mexichick on 03.17.2014

  11. He silently observed from across the way. She seemed lost in deep thought as if working her way through a labyrinth, navigating dots from plot point to plot point, and at the forefront was her uncanny knack for intuition – as though she could see invisible tangents collide at critical junctures. Hers was an ability that was honed but not completely developed. And at that moment he saw in her eyes a flash of something before the glare of recognition. He ducked behind his newspaper. He should have known better than to watch her wander into the deep. It wasn’t his place to study her face for clues as to what kept her so preoccupied.

    By Intuition on 03.17.2014

  12. On a forefront, I hold emotions off. Its as if there were a barrier, this chain-linked fence. Others looking in may see an open book, a window of illusion. Looking outward, its a very different view.

    By AmandaNoel on 03.17.2014

  13. On a personal forefront, I hold emotions off as if there were a barrier. This chain-linked fence suddenly becoming what feels like a massive difference between myself and those around me. Others looking in may see an open book, a window of illusion. Looking outward, its a very different view of distrust and lately, dismay.

    By Noel on 03.17.2014

  14. t’ts the part of the foregrownd.

    By adrià on 03.18.2014

  15. no entendre la palabra si us plau canvieula

    By ximixango on 03.18.2014

  16. it’s the part of the foregrownd. what you can se first …

    By adrià on 03.18.2014

  17. i d’ont underestant this word.

    By pau pons on 03.18.2014

  18. It’s the aprt of the foreground. What you can see first. For example….

    By Mari_st_joan on 03.18.2014

  19. i dont underestant

    By henova 34 on 03.18.2014

  20. is the part of the game first plane :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    By ximixango on 03.18.2014

  21. It’s the part of the foreground. It’s what you can see first.

    By PaulaRodriguez on 03.18.2014

  22. is the part of the foreground.It’s the first you see when you look at…

    By Marina on 03.18.2014

  23. its the part of the fragment. what you can see first plane.

    By ximixango on 03.18.2014

  24. star,brillante,sonora,olorosa,pudiente, y calva como el atun

    By Transformer6945 on 03.18.2014

  25. When I went on an excursion, I was there… I could see everything. Some people were at the back… Where were you?

    By ximixango on 03.18.2014

  26. When I went on an excursion, I was there… I could see everything. Some people were at the back… Where were you?

    By ximixango on 03.18.2014

  27. it’s the part of the foreground.What you can see first.For examle, when i went on an excursion i was at the back and i couldn’t see anything.

    By Marina on 03.18.2014

  28. it’s the part of the foreground.What you can see first.For examle, when i went on an excursion i was at the back and i couldn’t see anything

    By Marina on 03.18.2014

  29. At the forefront of Beeker’s mind was an imaginary world. He has spent the summer months populating it with the type of creatures and heroes that could put Mrs Thompson back in her place any day of the week.

    By pip333 on 03.18.2014

  30. Forefront? I am not even sure what that means. Something I put first perhaps? If that is so, it ought to be people. the people I care for, who, hopefully care for me back.

    By Charlie on 03.18.2014

  31. I’m standing at the forefront of it all. I don’t even remember walking to this precipice but here I am. Alone and shivering, standing on the edge. I can’t see the end. Every step I take is the most important, most terrifying one yet. But I can’t go back. Not after all all this. It really is fall or fly at this point.

    By Paige Fisher on 03.18.2014

  32. I am not sure what that means to be honest. First thing on my mind? What is most important in life? The people that makes life worth living, surely? Is it not time that we start valuing people more than we value things? Without precious people sharing good times and bad times

    By S0fasurf3r on 03.18.2014

  33. At the forefront of the movement to bring down the government, he was in a position of some risk. He was aware of this, and worked hard to keep his real identity secret. Most people who worked in the palace thought his secret nocturnal outings were just to chase women, and he let them think that, even generating a little scandal every now and then to keep the completely mistaken rumours alive.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.18.2014

  34. The battle raged around her, the desperate cries of the fallen mixing interchangeably – indistinguishably – with the piercing shriek of metal. But the only thought that stood at the forefront of her mind, was Cara. She had to find Cara.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.18.2014

  35. I was at a complete lost for words.

    It was the morning, and outside of my door where an immense amount of people. At the forefront of the group was my ex, Lucas. I should have expected this, really. He was always a charismatic person that tended to take things way too far. But to raise an mob against my house, armed with eggs? It was a new low.

    By Mae on 03.18.2014

  36. Jenny was always a very shy person. Whether it was at school or at work she never liked to voice her opinion for fear of looking silly. She was never at the forefront of anything.

    By Alexandra on 03.18.2014

  37. At the forefront of my mind was the feeling that I was just missing something, that there was a link I had lost of a piece of a puzzle that I had not got

    By Saffron on 03.18.2014

  38. His frontal lobe came out of his mouth as the car jolted forward. The bits of his brain were still connected to the rest of them by the slightest of fibers so he had the time before his heart stopped just to form the slightest of thoughts: that something had jolted, something had moved inside of him, and something was wrong, deeply wrong.

    By crabmuffins URL on 03.18.2014

  39. I was on the forefront of the situation, or so I thought. Not only were I mistaken about the situation that I faced, But had placed myself in greater harm than I ever faced.

    By victor URL on 03.18.2014

  40. He was at tne forefront of the revolution. The government would regret what they were dping to him.

    By Jerri on 03.18.2014