March 17th, 2014

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93 Responses to “forefront”

  1. At the forefront of my mind is the insistent question: why am I doing this? Why, especially, when I have important work to do? Saving the planet? Maintaining my career? And my sanity? It may be for a moment of entertainment and escape, or it may be a chance to “improve”…

    By John on 03.18.2014

  2. Tomorrow was at the forefront of my mind. A realm of endless tragedies waiting to happen… Crippled by fear, I sat alone.

    By Emphaticallyjack on 03.18.2014

  3. Ahead of the crowd, she was able to take a moment, close her eyes, and savor her victory. A tiny smile appeared on her face as she thought of the prize money and what she planned to do with it. Too smug, she didn’t realize runner number two was fast on heels.

    By Soft URL on 03.18.2014

  4. At the forefront of my mind I found a shitstorm of anxiety, depression, and caffeine deprivation. I was strung out on sleeplessness. Overworked, underpaid refinement in my mid twenties. In the background, crept a seeping paranoia that I would live to old age.

    By mere URL on 03.18.2014

  5. That phrase was there, burning in the forefront of her mind. Her temple throbbed under the pressure of cold, steel gun. Her mind tried to process what the masked man told her—give it here. She would easily comply if she only knew what this elusive it was.
    “I don’t know,” she whimpered, the words fumbling over her shaking lips. “I don’t know what you want.”
    Then she felt the glove make open-palmed contact with her cheek. It began as a sting below the skin, then broke into a raging fire. She recoiled at the contact. He screamed once again and she broke down.
    “I don’t know!”
    It was then she heard the shot. It sounded like a canon in her ears, and she prepared for the life to flow slowly from her head-wound.
    But it did not.
    It took a few moments to realize it, but the gunman laid dead at her feet. She looked over to her right, only to find a sight more terrifying than the former.
    The blood ran from her face as she rasped, “David”.
    Her husband—thought dead for twenty years—was now back.
    And he was holding the gun at her now.
    “It’s good to be back,” he said with a wicked smile as he pulled the trigger.

    By Jonny1424 on 03.18.2014

  6. im at the forefront of my life and couldn’t be happier. Things did not go exactly as planned the last half of my 20’s, and sometimes you lose someone or something hat you now realize you loved so dearly only to find your true self. Sacrifice sucks, more so life sometimes sucks in general, but is necessary for growth. I have zero regrets about decisions and actions that took place knowing sometimes your heart in the moment does the right thing and trusting your gut will always result in a positive outcome. My plans for life are an exciting mystery to be acted upon and revealed with each step forward. Heres to the best days of my life..

    By BROK on 03.18.2014

  7. They say you can suppress lies.
    But you can’t.
    They stay in the forefront of your mind as you battle between it and the truth.
    I learned it that day on Capitol Hill, knowing I had to support this bill if my children were going to live.
    Nobody knows what’s at stake behind my voting record.
    All because of my stupid mistake that one summer night…

    By Jonny1424 on 03.18.2014

  8. Bailey kept tugging at my sleeve, asking where her stuffed bear was. As much as I hated to, I ignored her cries and attemped to clear my muddled thoughts, for her toys were nowhere near the forefront of my mind. I stepped forward and tried to get a grip on myself, but it was impossible.

    I watched piece by piece of burnt wood fall from its perch from what once had been my house. A lump rose in my throat as everything I’d ever known continued to burn. I felt the arms of a firefighter whisk Bailey and I away, reprimanding me for putting myself in the face of danger; I didn’t listen, though.

    My life was going up in smoke.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.18.2014

  9. Be at the forefront. Don’t let the foreground go underground. Plan ahead. Be prepared. For anything. The forefront is the place to be. Don’t live in the past. Dwell in the glorious present which leads to a glorious future? What fore? Be fore it’s 2 L8

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.18.2014

  10. Gimp was a pawn in a greater game.
    It didn’t matter that that game was checkers.
    Gimp charged ahead slowly, one space at a time,
    Bravely hurtling himself into a battle,
    That wasn’t even his to begin with.
    But that doesn’t matter.
    He knew he could fight.
    The cause was inconsequential.

    By Siege URL on 03.18.2014

  11. just imagined oneword, and found it does exist

    By alessandro on 03.18.2014

  12. At the forefront of the battle was where he was always found. Kneeling, crawling, shooting like a good soldier, He never relented, never backed down. But at the forefront of his mind, he wasn’t in battle – he was in paradise.

    By Karin Shana URL on 03.18.2014

  13. I spoke at the forefront of my mind. Im not sure what is there because i usually don’t consult that area of my thoughts and proceed in shoving it to the back of the drawer to discover later and in less clarity than if i had confronted it at the start.

    By Lindsey on 03.18.2014