March 17th, 2014

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93 Responses to “forefront”

  1. It was lodged there somewhere, tangled up at the forefront of her mind. All she had to do was struggle past the distractions. She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. “Right… now, focus.”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.17.2014

  2. She’ walked up to the front of the boat, the sky was crystal clear. Oh wow, she thought, she had never been this far from civilization. The mast of the boat stood fanned out behind her. It was the most incredible feeling she had ever experienced, and the fact that she got to stay for ever, was better than sex

    By Taylor on 03.17.2014

  3. forefront. What is on the forefront of my mind? forefront. fivefront, sixfront … well that doesn’t work. This is a tough word – a non-react-to kind of word.

    By Jim on 03.17.2014

  4. The concept was one of deceptive simplicity. Nevertheless, it would saturate the major part of the market for at least five years.

    By smr on 03.17.2014

  5. In the forefront of my mind is this unfathomable space that is full of essences and odours of past luxuries, memories, and smiles. Every once and awhile, I pour them out, and sip, gulp, and drought.

    By Alexander on 03.17.2014

  6. at the forefront
    of my thoughts
    there he is
    in between and
    there is no solace
    from infatuation
    and miserably
    i wait
    for something new to
    occupy my daydreams

    By katiekieran URL on 03.17.2014

  7. i saw you in the forefront of everything
    and nothing
    and i cant tell
    which is worse

    By lily on 03.17.2014

  8. In the forefront of my mind is this unfathomable space that is full of essences and odours of past luxuries, memories, and smiles. Every once and awhile, I pour them out, and sip, gulp, and drought. They dance all across my tongue, down my throat and into my stomach where they are churned and consumed, and eventually return to that space in the forefront of my mind.

    By Alexander Sterling on 03.17.2014

  9. in the forefront of my mind
    is a whole lot
    and a whole lot of nothing
    it is so hard to clear my thoughts
    and i do not know what to do
    i am everywhere
    and nowhere

    By lily on 03.17.2014

  10. It’s in the cortex. Your body has been aware of that shape in those shadows for some time, but saw no reason to alert you. The realization of what’s happening, those breaking branches, that haggard breath, those quick steps in your direction have suddenly surged to the forefront of your reality.

    By davydoright on 03.17.2014

  11. I was at the forefront of this discovery. I could change mankind and start world peace. I was only 13 so this was a breakthough. I be famous for a lifetime. A Anti-aging pill.

    By Danny on 03.17.2014

  12. i truly and honestly loved my sister more than anyone or anything else in this world. from day one, we seemed to belong together like it was all part of the natural order.

    By erishuka on 03.17.2014

  13. She was at the forefront, on the cusp of life’s ultimate battleground. She was ready to stand, ready to fall, ready to grit her teeth until her gums bled.

    By TheBowlerCapFairy on 03.17.2014

  14. There was something special about being at the forefront of an entire country, being the person that every looks to for advice and for leadership. A country small enough to be run by one person and not be overrun by greed or inadequacy may seem like quite a small country, but she was happy to be the one in charge. She was making history.

    By Emily on 03.17.2014

  15. In the forefront of this particular scene, there is a common thing. This common thing is very much found in today’s society and is a well used object in peoples households. What is it? It’s your computer!!! (or smartphone maybe)

    By t URL on 03.17.2014

  16. I had the for front role in the play. It was opening night. The crowd chattered while I stood with my stomach in knots behind the curtain. I ran my fingers over it’s smooth silk. This was important. If I messed it up, I was finished. I had to get this right.

    Or did I?

    By Madi on 03.17.2014

  17. Jacob was at the forefront of the movement, and Trisha and Donovan were responsible for the publication of said movement. They knew the potential consequences of their actions – people in the town hated who they were, and some citizens were ready to scalp, stone, or crucify them as a result of their identities. Still, Jacob was unafraid – he even was going to march with his rainbow suspenders and neon green mohawk upright. Of course, he would be holding Donovan’s hand.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.17.2014

  18. “Yes, I am covered in scars,” the ancient tree spoke to the butterfly giving condescending looks from an almost dead leaf towards the trunk.

    “What from?” asked the butterfly almost innocently.

    “Battles. Some with myself. Some with others.” came the tree speaking that at the forefront of its wise and beautiful mind.

    “That sounds painful.”

    “It was not any more or less so than waking up each morning.”

    “You have such beautiful voices in your mind. Please, let them speak,” ended the butterfly as she spread her delicate wings and drifted on the next coming breeze.

    By Madison on 03.17.2014

  19. I was getting water with my little sister, Mai, from the Well a mile from our home. As we were walking home I heard a crash behind me. I turned to see that she had spilled her bucket just ten steps from our little house. I yelled at her for her stupidity. But when she cried, she did not cry out because of me; her hand jutted out to point at something behind me. And just like that, we watched in horror as the armies came marching down the mountain from either side, and our town was suddenly at the forefront. I was nine.

    By Andrea on 03.17.2014

  20. On the forefront of mind is this constant contemplation of failure. Or hey, wordplay, how about flailure? What’s worse than failing is flailing with an undeniable amount of grace. God, if I could just save face, but there’s no hiding this enveloping kind of disgrace. I’ve just been peeking through my fingers waiting for it to blow over and pretend I’m fine, it’s fine, really — just waiting for this bad luck to waver. And here I am on the 17th of March — eight months further from getting close with my dreams. I just thought it might be a good idea to throw in the towel, my shoes, socks and clothes — here take my coat, too. I’m out. I’m done. I’m down for the count.

    By Kiera URL on 03.17.2014

  21. community took the forefront this evening, as thousands of supporters took to the streets to stand up for their rights to communalize. if we all stand together with a focused aim, there is absolutely nothing we cannot do. one person’s mind is infinite. many, many persons’ minds?

    By Alex Light URL on 03.17.2014

  22. the forefront of the war was a horrible place to be. This was where the most blood-shed was happening and Clara was terrified to go there. Even if all children had to go there she didn’t want to. As she sat and brainstormed ways to get out of it a knock came at the door. She stood up and looked through the cracks. A man stood on the other side, a very tall man. Clara eased the door open and greeted the man. “Are you Clara?” the man said in a very deep voice.

    By Lizzy on 03.17.2014

  23. The soldiers were in the boats not worried but, confused about if they would live or not. Then suddenely the boat hit the forefront.

    By edinabrownie on 03.17.2014

  24. At the forefront of my mind is
    The Question.
    What will the answer be
    When I finally find the courage to speak
    It for the Universe,
    And not merely my mind?
    A Word sounded out across
    The tongue and off the lips is born,
    And even in death is remembered.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 03.17.2014

  25. The information used to be in the forefront of his memory, but now he struggled to even recall the simplest details about his attack. True, he had done almost everything that he could to try and mentally block the event from his mind however he never would have thought that his attempts were that successful. But now, when he needed to recall the details it turned out he had forgotten more than he had once believed possible.

    By Evie Stone on 03.17.2014

  26. He waited in the dark, staring out at the couple standing beneath the flickering street light that shut off when you approached and came back on when you walked away. The two held hands and the man leaned forward. In the bushes he felt his hand tremble and his knee dug into the earth.

    By DMM URL on 03.17.2014

  27. I can’t really say for sure or not if he was original. I mean what exactly does that mean nowadays anyway? I mean everything has been played out. You can’t really be “on the forefront” on anything anymore. Not really and truly. You can just try and take some tired idea and breath some life into it. Perspective. Whatever you want to call it.

    By Patrick URL on 03.17.2014

  28. It wasn’t as if she has never tried to tell him about it. As a matter of fact, she had, numerous times in the past. But the secret was bigger than her, than both of them. Or has become bigger than both of them that telling him would be in direct disobedience to the law. Her father, who has for the longest time been trying to put a stop to the war, has been in the forefront of the town’s off-kiilter scientific ventures, but needed more time to develop his ideas. What she has done, cannot be told, cannot be repeated to another person ever again. If only he would see it that way.

    By Tricia on 03.17.2014

  29. She was at the forefront of reality. High school was ending, college was starting, and she had no idea what to do. It seemed that all her friends have realized that it is time to grow up, but she was stuck.

    By Natalie on 03.17.2014

  30. At the forefront of his mind was the reason she was here. Because of Guy’s death. He was taking on something he didn’t understand. Why let her in when he’d lost so much before?

    By 709 on 03.17.2014

  31. they ran
    until the trippers were tripped.
    her shoe had a hole.
    jokes about holy souls fall on flat feet.
    we cannot keep up.
    we stop for a second and see the galaxy grow
    around us.

    By Kairn on 03.17.2014

  32. Fumbling through
    the unchartered land
    of the veins
    in my forearm
    I bypass my heart
    and trace them
    to the forefront
    of my mind
    inside a fort of
    pillars of doubt
    and bricks of denial

    I find you.

    X seals the wax
    on the envelope
    of a letter undelivered
    X marks the spot
    on the map
    of this newfound land
    where I find myself

    with undeniable you.

    By thedugong on 03.17.2014

  33. all the referents, meanings
    we don’t know where to find them
    since we flipped the words, one by one
    and found nothing behind them.

    By Jem Page URL on 03.17.2014

  34. The most ridiculous shit crowds the forefront of my mind when I need to concentrate on something serious. I obsess over things out of reach, and this is not something new. Ever since I was 12 and my Dad dropped out of my life, I have been searching for something, always. It’s tiring.

    By Theresa URL on 03.17.2014

  35. Her image was forefront in my mind. Bullet fires, ricocheting off my cranium, creating small pockets of air where she flooded in. She was always like lava, beautiful but destructive and in that very same way I felt myself collapsing under unrelenting love.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 03.17.2014

  36. There they were…on the forefront of a new discovery. Except, what did this really mean? Would it bring them fame and success or did they not want that? Perhaps they should keep quiet. Keep their little discovery a secret and not let the world get involved. They had discovered the true meaning of love and wonder…was it selfish to keep it for themselves?

    By Theresa on 03.17.2014

  37. When I first laid eyes on it I thought I was seeing things. Surely they wouldn’t have put a child at the forefront of such an important battle and surely that child could not a girl. But the evidence was before me and when I thought I had indeed witnessed an honest illusion, she turned and smiled at me.

    Her small, petite figure was perched atop a massive, black warhorse, the golden reins and bridle accenting the contrast between the figures. She had a crown of honey-blonde hair and her eyes were the color of autumn before all life had left.

    Pretty pink lips parted in a soundless murmur and I looked away, staring straight ahead through the perked ears of my own mount. I felt a shiver run through me and then I heard her warcry.

    An unearthly scream shook the very skies above us and we charged forward.

    So that was why.

    By Sara H. URL on 03.17.2014

  38. The smoke. The screams. Everything was ruined. It was all horrible. On the front lines, everything was dead. It was chaos. And I was in the middle of it. So much blood. So many bodies. So so many.

    By Alida on 03.17.2014

  39. She was standing on the forefront of the forest, poised to flee at the slightest sign of confrontation. Her hair was knotted and her eyes were dead, empty as the darkest of voids.

    By Em on 03.17.2014

  40. There was something always at the front of his mind, always hanging there in the ether, just out of sight at the corners of his eyes. He had to remember that, had to keep it there, in that position, or else he would lose all that he had gained. Principles for living were nothing without the right perspective.

    By Courka URL on 03.17.2014