October 4th, 2014

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43 Responses to “flattened”

  1. emasculated. dim and unlikely, like a rubber, on a sunday fishing.

    By David Bosworth URL on 10.04.2014

  2. feel a bit flat

    By David Bosworth URL on 10.04.2014

  3. She was flat, her heart was flat, the whole world was flat. In one action of a hammer thomping down, everything was flat. His grip on it would never let up, no, never. They would never escape the hammer’s head, forever being pinned under it, flattened. No depth, no dimensions, just flat flat flat. That’s all there was for them, all there’ll ever be. No future, no past, no present, just flat. No dreams or hopes or longings or fears, just flat. There’ll be no more once upon a times or happily ever afters. Just flat. Because all of them, everything, was flattened. That’s all there was now. Just flat.

    By bj on 10.04.2014

  4. I d not know where to start except to say that this planet would be flattened if the Universe wanted it that way. but The Universe being all powerful is still following your lead. what you want from the Universe so use these powers wisely,…

    By trkstr67 on 10.04.2014

  5. As I was flattened against the ground by the two ton bus on top of me, I realized I have not achieved my life goals thus far in my life. At this point, I’m not sure if I ever will achieve my goals. The rest of my life could be or I could cease to exist at this point.

    By Reegan on 10.04.2014

  6. you have flattened out my heart
    caused it to become deflated
    after everything you have put it through
    the beating
    the breaking
    you’ve taken so much from me
    causing my heart to become flattened
    I can’t love you any more

    By Allison Wilkins on 10.04.2014

  7. She might as well have been flattened by all of the cars rushing by outside, all of the petty people on their way to “important” events. Her husband was dead. It had happened so quickly, too quickly – she would never be able to adjust. But at the moment, she was too numbed to cry. She just wanted to cease her existence and run away from everything.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 10.04.2014

  8. I was flattened when I realized, I was done. It’s time to leave. When I look ahead, I realize I have no desire to see myself here in this place with him ever again. I see waste, desolation, emptiness in every part of our lives together. There is no future in emptiness, and I have no desire to even try to fill it again with hope, because we’ve been here too many times before. I begged, I pleaded, I yelled. I tried patience, tough love, tears, anger… now I’m just numb. Love flattened into a lifeless soil even the wind has no desire to carry. I’m sorry. But it is so over.

    By JDwrites on 10.04.2014

  9. Oh for fuck’s sake, get a motherfucking backbone.

    By Intuition on 10.04.2014

  10. You pushed me down, squashed me, knocked me around. But I don’t worry, nothing can stop me this time around.

    By Ashballs on 10.04.2014

  11. He flattened me against the wall. He tilted my chin up with one of his strong, calloused fingers. A nervous giggle found its way out of my throat, and he silenced it almost immediately by pressing his lips against mine. Man, this guy was smooth. I ran a hand through his messy, tangled hair and sighed into his throat.

    By Zoe on 10.04.2014

  12. I think of pancakes, pennies placed precariously on train tracks or the penny machines in places you go when you’re from far away and it’s a tourist attraction. I think Oedipus from time to time getting rolled over by the rock that the gods make him push for eternity and how that is a metaphor for pretty much anything in your life that sucks. Like working at a job that sucks the life out of you and on

    By Patrick URL on 10.04.2014

  13. “This isn’t the way that boys are meant to be,” she says. Her cigarette is balanced between strong, tough fingers that have known many hours of hard labour, and she points it at him like a judge’s gavel. “Boys are meant to be tough, not fuckin’ around.”

    He takes one last look in the mirror before he wipes off his face.

    He wishes she could see how beautiful it makes him look.

    By Samuel on 10.04.2014

  14. My whole world was flattened when I heard those words, “You’re not good enough.” How could I not be good enough? I gave up everything to be here. To do what I loved. I thought I could do it. Now no one believes in me.

    By lilmisbbblgum11 on 10.04.2014

  15. He flattened the hair with his fingers carefully, looking into the mirror. It was late, that was all he knew. His eyes were blown out and he couldn’t remember exactly what he had smoked or drunk. It didn’t matter did it though? Nobody would be there to scold him about it anyway.

    By Sabrina URL on 10.04.2014

  16. If my stomach flattened I wouldn’t be mommy. What would the babies poke and prod at, suck and grab? She looks up at me and smiles when she gets a mouth full of mommy, doesn’t care that I point out she won’t get anything from there. It’s part of ME. She’s part of me. Her own being and not something I own, by any means, but I created her with my own two hands. Without putting any thought into it… but putting so much heart.

    By Kit on 10.04.2014

  17. My head after hitting a wall,
    My heart after loss,
    My stomach after rolling down a hill.

    By David on 10.04.2014

  18. flattened

    oh no… roadkill… that is what is coming to my head. I don’t want to think about that.

    How about a balloon… or… a penny! I got (I think) my first pressed pennies the other day. I’ve always looked at those machines and thought about getting one but I’d think “THEN what am I going to do with it?” – So of course I didn’t get any.

    This time my answer was “Don’t care!” – and I got one. Three, actually. – Now I’m not sure I know where the heck I put them.

    By Noisy Quiet on 10.04.2014

  19. the weight of things feels heavy, heavy, heavy on my back. some days, i carry it like proof of my existence. look at this, i say, this is how strong my spine is. some days, i carry it like a burden. look at this, i say, this is what i bear each day. some days, though, i let it sit. place it on the ground, rest a while. look away, i say. today i am tired.

    By sunnysuraj on 10.04.2014

  20. The cat was looking through the tall grass at a bird that was picking at the ground. He put his ears back, and flattened onto the ground trying to blend in waiting for just the right time to spring into action.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.04.2014

  21. Flat splat, nothing left on the ground but a red inkblot. Flat, splat monkey in the middle all day long, long gone. Gone with the wind, broken wind, flat, flatter, flattest. Last word, flat word, nothing left but dust dust dust. Gone, ghost-white gone forever. Flat flat splat.

    By Casey on 10.04.2014

  22. He flattened out the sheet on the bed. It had been left unmade since that day they all disappeared, clothes still strewn around the room. He decided today was the day he would clean it up, to have it ready for when they came back. He had to believe they would,or he could not keep himself going.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.04.2014

  23. Hope sours above treetops on wings of a small bluebird. In a swish, bluebird is flattened, crushed in the talons of an angry hawk- oppression. Oppressed by the superpower of the sky, a capitalistic society entrapped in the claws of a select few raptors.

    By Kumquat on 10.04.2014

  24. I flattened my body as much as I could. Not easy. Once I felt it was as good as it would get, I inched my way forward until the tips of my fingers could feel the edge of the building.

    By Chadd Nolen on 10.04.2014

  25. I flattened the cardboard boxes and threw them out into the big blue recycling bin, thankful that there were none of those frustrating, useless styrofoam packing peanuts inside. The peanuts always cause trouble. Sometimes I worry if I flatten the cardboard efficiently enough before I throw it in the recycling bin.

    By rachelzana URL on 10.04.2014

  26. I flattened against the wall, struggling to stay silent. The slightest sound would alert them. Them. The same atrocities that orphaned me, the same heartless monsters that dismembered my life with their bare teeth, the same people I was destined to kill.

    By Junco on 10.04.2014

  27. Empathy is something that we should all feel for the world surrounding us, and the beings in it. I feel that with empathy, we would have a better world. Why we have so many wars and conflict has a lot to do with lack of empathy. We are empathetic beings, we just have to find it within ourselves.

    By Kalani.n@gmail.com on 10.04.2014

  28. It was such a tragic day. The dreaded reverse puberty. They say it’s common in 1 in 30 people, but it was so hard to believe. Shrinking ever so smaller to an A-cup.

    By Monkeys on 10.04.2014

  29. The once proud trees of the Elvehen’an were no more. Now only husks remained, flattened into the dust, their majestic beauty ravaged beyond repair. Not even those most fluent in Nature’s Tongue would be able to speak with them now.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.04.2014

  30. The cat sat on the doorway and flattened the rat as it was eating cheese. The cat wasn’t sure what had happened but ended up sleeping on the flattened rat for a couple hours. The owner came home and picked up the cat only to find a dead flattened rat under it.

    By Poop on 10.04.2014

  31. The two kids ran around a tree, laughing and cheering as they tried to outrun each other, but as one boy grabbed the tree an apple fell. They both looked at it, and thought they could share it, and as he reached for it, his companion screamed as she grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled back. A large branch had crashed in front of them, nearly getting the boys hand, but they looked at it thinking of the flattened apple…

    By Akeyx on 10.04.2014

  32. My hopes had been flattened upon entering the hospital room. Evan, contrary to everyone else’s optimism, was getting worse, not better. I swore that the number of tubes surrounding him increased, the hum of the machines keeping him alive becoming more and more unbearable the closer I stepped to him. It was all the more disorienting, therefore, when he smiled at me from beneath his feeding apparatus and flashed me a lazy thumbs up.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.05.2014

  33. I swerved the car to avoid the smear of animal in the road. I don’t know what it was, maybe a porcupine, maybe whatever’s left of a fox. Either way, I can’t risk running over it or it’ll pop one of my tires.

    By Bri on 10.05.2014

  34. I felt like something in my chest was being flattened. Like six tonnes of rock had somehow forced themselves between the spaces inside my body. I felt so terrible I could hardly force out a single word. “How could you…?”

    “You told me,” he said. “You told me you wanted him out of the way. So we could…”

    He drew closer to me. I shook. I felt like I had been the one to be stabbed, and not my boyfriend. I may well be if I didn’t play along.

    “…be together.” I leaned away from the kiss, tried to push him away. But half-heartedly. He might still hurt me, too.

    By a terrible poet on 10.05.2014

  35. flat? what is it to be flat? and even flattened? you might say my writing is flattened or perhaps my grammar. Squished, stepped on, flattened…

    By Nicole on 10.05.2014

  36. Minecraft world without much depth. Great for testing out mob traps and other redstone devices. Not so good for having a pretty world or for having interesting views, in my humble opinion.

    By Lisa on 10.05.2014

  37. Még nem értem hogy mit kell csinálni , segítene valaki?
    Hol találok leírást az oldalról?
    Előre is köszönöm ha segít valaki!

    By Erzsi Nagy on 10.05.2014

  38. When I went into work the next morning, I was flattened. There were papers littered around my room, all over the desk, all over the floor – my drawers were turned inside out and my things were strewn everywhere. Outside, the office was bustling as usual, but I could see from the corner of my eye that people were looking in sideways – deadly curious but not wanting to appear so. No one offered to help or give any insight into why my room was the way it was or what had happened. It was going to be a bad day.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.05.2014

  39. her barb-tipped quip flattened matt’s ego rather quick. he stood there gaping at this woman in mismatched shoes and with squinty eyes.

    By Anu on 10.05.2014

  40. i was flattened by the idea that he loved me. that he could possibly see me for all that i am and still want somethinng—anything to do with that. that i was enough–that it was enough. at least for this moment in time. i was flattened that is happened when and how it did and with whom. i am just now peeling myself up off the ground.

    By Safon on 10.05.2014