October 3rd, 2014

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51 Responses to “underdog”

  1. I felt like an underdog when I was battling against the ever flowing tides. It made my life hell, but I kept going because there was an underdog heaven waiting for me at the end.

    By Andy S on 10.04.2014

  2. He was always the underdog and silently, she championed him – all through kindergarten when he would sit in a corner trying to take apart the old rotary phone or make impossible structures with the big fake lego pieces in the communal toybox. In grade school, when he asked questions that no one else would think of like “Do clouds die? Where do they go when they die?” and when he walked slowly and heavy-stepped past the bullies who tormented him every day, shaking in anticipation of their next assault. By the time they got to high school, she could see the thoughtfulness and brilliance that shone out from behind his unassuming exterior. She remembered many days sitting behind him in English class, lovingly etching their names entwined in hearts in her journal. He wasn’t just an underdog – he was her underdog. xo

    By Ayesha_A on 10.04.2014

  3. Syria. The unpassable silence of knowing you’re one with IT – your worst fear. The orange that fell first and rotted till the end of its shelf life. The universe without Bob Dylan. The universe without everyone. The universe without everybody I know and love. How much time is left? Was I too illogical? I tried to be poetic.

    By David Bosworth URL on 10.04.2014

  4. I love this website. I remember it every now and then and it always entertains me. bit of a rush.

    By David Bosworth URL on 10.04.2014

  5. The dog lay in the hollow between Sam’s legs and the red corduroy chair without making any sound, but his eyes watched Pat’s every move from across the room. Pat ran a finger around the rim of his glass and averted his eyes from the dog’s.

    By Yona on 10.04.2014

  6. He always liked the show. You know, the cartoon, but he never thought he’d be categorized like that. Underdog. Not him. He wanted to be the hero. The one to get the girl. But it was always his best friend. The rugged althete.

    By Valerie Lawson URL on 10.04.2014

  7. I joined a declamation contest when I was eleven years old. The other contestants were all t20 years older than me. I felt like an underdog…

    By debbie on 10.04.2014

  8. Nobody ever welcomed me. Nobody ever acknowledged my existence. Well, that is not until today, which saddens and angers me. Why did I have to be great to be worth knowing? I’m done.

    By glenscocos on 10.04.2014

  9. give a dog a bad name and he will always struggle. Why don’t we free the dogs and find a new word for the losers.

    By Jez Hall on 10.04.2014

  10. Well I won’t say that I’m the best out there; I don’t think I’m the worst. I know, I know. That isn’t saying much. But I have something the others don’t. Potential. Maybe those yahoos have already played their greatest game, created their most unique piece of art. But I haven’t yet. I have yet to show the world how truly original and searing I can be.

    By Beka URL on 10.04.2014

  11. Under dog is a movie that I have watched before about a super dog who saves people and is the dog undercover of it all. Don’t fear underdog is here. He is a special dog that knows more than you think. With valuable powers such as flying he can overcome anything even your worst fears. He really knows how to live without a care in the world.

    By Alyssa O'Neil on 10.04.2014