October 4th, 2014

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43 Responses to “flattened”

  1. My morality has been flattened
    To an absolute nothing
    A disgraceful low
    Just like so many others
    And my mind, too,
    Two dimensions,
    No folds for thought
    No volume for memories
    Just a little plain plane of nothing

    By kl on 10.05.2014

  2. The poles of the earth are flattened. My bed is flattened, everything around me is flattened. My pugs face looks like it’s punched cause it’s flattened

    By Aadya on 10.05.2014

  3. He stared at me and I stared back, trying to comprehend the words that hovered in the space between us. I couldn’t bring myself to speak, or even suck in the air I needed to breathe. I felt as if I’d been run over, my chest flattened to my spine, and everything was broken.

    By Meghan on 10.05.2014