October 5th, 2014

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71 Responses to “doubt”

  1. It’s been a year since the raid on Anteiku.

    You, Touka, live with Banjou and Hinami in a small apartment in a different ward. At first, the three of you and Yomo moved around a lot, since the 20th ward was teeming with CCG investigators after the raid. Now Yomo’s gone back to his old shipping container, and you try not to attract too much attention to yourselves. You haven’t heard from Tsukiyama or the rest, and Yomo doesn’t talk about Uta or Itori. You’ve seen Nishiki around a couple of times, but you don’t really talk to him.

    It’s been a year since you last saw Kaneki.

    At first, you had faith that he would return. It was all you could do. For your own sake, and Hinami’s sake. You firmly believed that he would come back, because he had to be alive. He had to have survived the raid. Surely…

    But now, a year later, doubt has furtively crept into your mind.

    And now, a year later, you suppose a part of you always knew that he wouldn’t come back.

    By laze on 10.06.2014

  2. there were a lot of doubts in my mind as I headed off to start again – would things work out? would people be able to come together? would resolution be achieved? i tried to remind myself that thinking negatively would only hasten the conclusion to its worst possible outcome, but when you are filled with anxiety, it is hard to be positive and find anchors to hold on to. doubt can be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you let it. i took a deep breath and told myself gently, but firmly, it is time to walk into the storm with as much faith and commitment, love, compassion, healing and light as I can – and work for the best possible result.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.06.2014

  3. Her head swam with doubt. How was this ever going to work? Answer: it wasn’t going to work. At all. It was stupid, and she’d rushed into this, and goddamnit, she wasn’t even remotely prepared for kidnapping and holding hostage her infuriatingly blasé roommate who also possibly happened to be a vampire. How were you supposed to act towards a hostage, anyway? Because Laura would feel bad if she suddenly started being mean to her roommate. Then again, going on like Business as Usual whilst cheerfully ignoring the fact that you’ve got a person tied up in ropes didn’t seem ideal either. Honestly, there needed to be a rulebook for this sort of thing – a code of conduct. Maybe Google would help her out, Laura supposed. She made a mental note to investigate later.

    By Madi URL on 10.06.2014

  4. Everybody feels it. It’s like a crack in your armor that you can’t get rid of because it’s at that weird angle. Courage isn’t not having it, it’s being fully aware of it and continuing regardless. That’s the only way to live life.

    By betaveros on 10.06.2014

  5. His Bourbon tasted dry, as it was his fifth glass that hour. He was drunk, in fact far from it, as he sat back in his chair. He doubted that the Bourbon was even strong enough to drown his life away, but it was all he had today, and he couldn’t afford a ticket from the cop that awaited him at the end of the street. The fireplace in front of him blazed with colors of orange and red, and he lifted his drink to be illuminated by the glow as he spoke softly. “I doubt I’ll account to anything…Alcohol is all I have left.”

    By The Man on 10.06.2014

  6. I doubt myself. Every decision I make is one filled with doubt. I’m never sure of myself, never completely confident in what I want to do. Will I ever be able to make a choice without being full of doubt? I doubt it.

    By Jade on 10.06.2014

  7. A lot of people have doubt about things. To me Doubt is not having trust in people. If People trusted others more i think doubt wouldn’t play such a big factor

    By Luis Tyson on 10.06.2014

  8. Doubt is what makes life so challenging. If it wasn’t for doubt, people would try a lot more things than they do. Doubt is what stops us from accomplishing our goals or at least attempting to accomplish them.

    By Chase McMillan URL on 10.06.2014

  9. I don’t have much doubt that trigger the paint horse and sage the grulla will come in tied
    The riders r professionals down here in Tennessee that is just how we do we trust one another
    And don’t have doubt in them unless they steal or cheat you them you can never
    Trust the man that did it

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.06.2014

  10. I also doubt we shouldn’t use profanity like Madi has Its unloving to our

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.06.2014

  11. He said he was on a business trip; that he was ‘this-close’ to closing the big deal. His new boss was a real pain in the neck. Had him pulling the weight of two people. Every night while we had dinner in front of the television he’d say “It’s so unfair,” or “That guy really needs to stop riding me so hard.”

    But the red lipstick stains on his collar, and the countless receipts folded in the pockets of his work-shirts told a different story–a bad one–and this one I did not doubt.

    By testsubject365 on 10.06.2014

  12. Doubt is a difficult emotion. When I am in doubt, that’s often troubling to overcome. I don’t know that much about doubt. I doubt that this writing assignment is going to go well for me. I think I know a little about doubt. Every one I know doubts. I doubt that I can write interesting things about doubt. When in doubt, say no. That’s what I told people, and I should have listened. Doubt is the feeling you get before you do something really courageous. If you’re in doubt, then you should wait.

    By Elizabeth on 10.06.2014

  13. I may doubt you, but if I do I have my reasons and usually they are spot on. I am very intuitive when it comes to things like that.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.06.2014

  14. She hesitated. She knew she shouldn’t have, but something scared her. A small sound that could have been human or animal. But that moment of doubt screwed her. He was coming. He was quick, too quick for her to duck out of the way. A heavy blow connected with her shoulder and she cried out in pain as she feel to the floor.

    By Beka URL on 10.06.2014

  15. is about hate the behavior of your girlfriend and still love her!

    By rossetti on 10.06.2014

  16. It’s about hesitate to do something! being distant to a conclusion!

    By rossetti on 10.06.2014

  17. They’d always had pancakes on Saturday afternoon. She’d mix the batter and flip them while he prepared the bacon. “I love you,” he’d say as she poured the syrup. “And you make the best pancakes in the world.” A year later when she signed the divorced papers, she wondered if he’d been lying about her pancakes too.

    By Soft URL on 10.06.2014

  18. I doubt we will make it to the birthday party. When in doubt trotle it out braaap.

    By sam on 10.06.2014

  19. I doubt we will make it to the birthday party. When in doubt trotle it out braap. I doubt this is a fun job for you.

    By sam on 10.06.2014

  20. done

    By sam on 10.06.2014

  21. im in fear of doubt
    for i must make decisions
    almost all the time

    By tones8 on 10.06.2014

  22. Doubt is debilitating. It’s a combination of a fear of success and leads to the termination of hope. Find the other end of the stick and you’ll have something worth holding.

    By Steve on 10.06.2014

  23. It takes no effort to doubt, but way too much to erase it.

    It’s impossible to erase our past, but we can accept it.

    In times of doubt, let me remember.

    How we didn’t let our story end there.

    By lestersayspika on 10.06.2014


    By tyler on 10.06.2014

  25. The opposite of belief, or perhaps better lived in as a lack of conviction. A momentary pause before taking to the river banks and crossing the Rubicon.

    Is this the best course?


    Whatever. Do the “right” thing.

    By Intuition on 10.06.2014

  26. He sat on the hood of his Camaro when they got back to her house that night. It was a beautiful evening and the stars were just beginning to appear in a quickly darkening sky. Their conversation made it clear that he truly cared about her. And why wouldn’t he? They’d been friends for years.

    She stood in front of him in the driveway. Talking. Lingering. Hesitating. Questioning whether she should go inside the house or stay with him, where she really wanted to be. Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

    Instantly, he knew that he had to end the evening before he did something he couldn’t take back.

    He stood, readying himself to go, and she fell into his arms with a tenderness he’d never felt from any woman before. She kissed him just as he turned his head to avoid her lips. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to meet her soft lips with his own.

    Instead, he embraced her warmth and attempted to kiss her forehead. She moved her lips upward toward his and he managed to kiss her left eye in the process. They laughed together and he told her that he was sorry and thanked her for the wonderful night they shared. Then he drove away.

    She may have been willing, but he wasn’t able.

    They were indeed great friends, but she was already in a relationship. Nobody would ever know what had happened that night, but there was no doubt in his mind that maintaining her honor and his own integrity was the right action to take — even if it killed him a little inside.

    She ended up marrying that same boyfriend three years later and the two of them never spoke of that night again.

    By Steve on 10.06.2014

  27. the doubt in my mind was sure to cease fire
    but i tried my best not to irk him while he tried
    to fight for what was right.
    if he believed it was true,
    i would back him up no matter who knew.

    By Jas on 10.06.2014

  28. The tarot furrows their ancient brow- you have been doubter child, unable to trust. When will you trust? Just be vulnerable. Darling you’ve mistrusted even your skin. Mentor, tarot, Gaia, clown- you’ve forgotten. I knew with every tooth of mine doubt was foreign, sickening, I retched and pissed and splayed every rawness and was hauled off to grey walls so how can you say I am not vulnerable? Darling it’s this doubt that keeps me weighted.

    By Rune on 10.06.2014

  29. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I already knew he was going to yell. I didn’t think I could make it through another night in this hell-hole. So thata’s why. That’s why I tied bricks to my ankles and jumped from the roof. Because I couldn’t stand one more moment living with his dissapointment.

    By Tuesday Rae on 10.06.2014

  30. Right now it’s 3 am and you’re asleep but I’m choking on words I wish I had said to you months ago . Honestly I want to close my eyes so tight they never open again. All I want is to strangle the blood out of your veins and hope you realize how much you fucking hurt me and how I loved you more than anyone ever would. And don’t you dare tell me you’re worthless. It was you that saved my life, and if that makes you worthless, I guess that says more about me than it does you. I wish I didn’t care about people who never gave a damn about me. I gave you my heart because you were more likely to keep it beating than I was. I am drowning in my own mind and you think telling me to breathe makes that any less difficult? What a fool I was to believe that being a teenager would be fun, because honestly the only thing I have gotten out of it is a shit ton of regret. I’m so tired of being sad all the fucking time without a reason. This isn’t some love note telling you I’ll get through it.. This is me, with my mind full of doubt saying I don’t think I’ll ever get over you, but I know that this is the last goodbye I will ever write to your sorry ass.

    By Tuesday Rae on 10.06.2014

  31. He glanced up and the dark doubt shrouded him. Impossible he thought. Yet still he went. He went right up to the man and socked him in the face. Stunned, the man staggered back, his burly form bouncing against the brick. “How does it feel, getting hit by a faggot, huh?” the boy shouted in desperation. The constant disapproving stares, the under-breath comments like that of the present man, had exhausted him far too long. Yes, I’m gay. he thought And Im tough as hell. The man’s cheeks went from white to boiling red as he realized who and what had just hit him. Fury swirled in this chest and he started toward the boy, but noticed a lone cop coming around the corner. “Do you know who I am? I have influence, I can finish you.” his eyes carrying more threat than his low, growling voice. “I’m ready.” the boy whispered. The man parted his lips to respond, but instead whirled around and stalked away. He longed to stamp the boy out, but knew any further physical or legal action would only draw bad publicity for a contestant in the upcoming gubernatorial race. The boy sighed and knew the only reason he hadn’t been beaten and left in an alley at 12:30am was the fateful policeman. He was grateful. His heart still throbbed in his throat as he trotted down the street.

    By Emma on 10.06.2014