May 28th, 2015

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54 Responses to “faded”

  1. All I could see was your fainting smile, right in front of me. But slowly, it started fading.
    The wall between you and me, the tears rolling down your cheeks, it all started fading.
    My world falled apart, and yours did too.
    I faded. You faded. And there’s nothing left but you and me.

    By Heterochromatic-eyes on 05.28.2015

  2. His faded jeans lay on the floor as Becky sat on the bed. She thought about how he used to wear them when they would go out on Saturday nights. She knew she would never see him in those jeans ever again. He wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t going to ever be what she remembered. Spending time in the room, with that shell, was not enough for her.

    By James Gallagher on 05.28.2015

  3. “You still wear that shirt?” asked Hector incredulously. “It’s so old. And so faded.”

    I smiled gravely. “Yeah,” I replied, bracing my arm against the counter as I reached for my glass of beer. “Did you know this shirt used to be blue? It’s more gray now.”

    “Then why keep wearing it?”

    In the other room, Mom’s telenovela was screeching. Some brand new affair, I expected. I swigged down some warm IPA and sighed. “Only thing I’ve got left of mi padre.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.28.2015

  4. The memories they faded. As more time left and more days passed they faded. His face faded and the places faded but as they grew weaker the mind in which they lived grew fiercer. The pain grew stronger and my heart beat faster. I miss him.

    By MCL on 05.28.2015

  5. Stop. Please stop. Don’t leave me alone here, in this word so full of sadness and despair, left alone only with faded memories, don’t leave me.

    By heyheyyouyou on 05.28.2015

  6. Her dress was a light aqua green colour that faded into a darker shade near the ends of it. It had yellow accents and a long ribbon of the same colour around her waist. However, her jewelry was pink.

    By Nicole M. on 05.28.2015

  7. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………………………faded.

    By heyheyyouyou on 05.28.2015

  8. I sit still against the couch. My faded mind mimicking my slouched posture as my mind drifts through pictures of my youth. Nothing will come of this time, I will forget as I have always done.

    By Lauren Hutchinson on 05.28.2015

  9. The police sirens wailing towards a tragedy; a woman dead, half her head shattered by her husband’s hand, drowned out the cries of the little voice she left behind her. She had spent an eternity on the doorstep, willing herself to step off, out into another life. At some point, between trying to calm Ellie with her favourite song and bracing against the cold, her body had just relented. She found herself putting one foot in front of the other into the darkness until the the sound of her sweet baby had faded completely.

    By bb333 on 05.28.2015

  10. She held the canvas to the light and trained her eye from corner to corner. She preferred the deft touch and seductive colour of the Impressionists. These works from The Masters were painted in a time when the world was plagued by shadows, before electricity cast its glow on the world. Dark and gloomy. Bloody depressing. Still, she knew well that these were the hardest of all works to forge. It was a good match. He’d captured the tiny hole in the window. There was a softness in the edges and the flecks of white reflecting the light from the housemaid’s skin were perfectly executed. The giveaways were to be found in the detail of the wickerwork and texture of the bread and in the faded tin pot hanging on the wall.

    She turned towards her student. “No. You’ll have to start again.”

    By bb333 on 05.28.2015

  11. I faded in and out of view of my friend. I had been following her for the past hour because I was suspicious of her. She had been acting very strange all day and I wanted to get to the bottom of it, little did I know, what I would learn would change everything.

    By Erik on 05.28.2015

  12. The boy faded into the darkeness. He had no one to live for anymore. His father left when he was four, his mother died last year of cancer, and his best friend, well, he too, faded away. I guess everyone fades away somehow, someway.

    By Lea on 05.28.2015

  13. In high school, I have few close friends, At that point of time in my life, I can not even imagine a life without them. But, as each of us moved in different paths by demands of our lives, they gradually faded away from my life. This is how life is. In our life people come and fade away.

    By yas on 05.28.2015

  14. the almost grazing clouds above me looked to be faded,
    I could not decipher their words, but only mine.
    A fine line, clouds drew, between humanity and earth.
    Where were we when the orbital bliss lost itself within the black hole?
    for man is only human, all we can ask is what we know.
    A glimpse into a winebago hat allured me to think otherwise than told.

    By Milad URL on 05.28.2015

  15. The clouds are giving way to the sun; the rain has stopped and the dark clouds are fading away. The thought of another cool, rain-soaked idyllic day is faded from mind leaving only the battered soul to to struggle with another long hot day ahead.

    By sitesh swain on 05.28.2015

  16. He first noticed his hands. Looking down at them, he realised what a translucent colour they were. Then his arms, his legs, and the rest of his body. Eventually, he realised that he was going to fade away, and there was nothing he could do possibly do about it.

    “Well, that’s unfortunate,” he thought to himself. “But if there’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing I can do.”

    By Jay on 05.28.2015

  17. I have this picture of you. You snapped it on the plane before taking off to New York. You have on my favorite shirt. Flannel, washed well, faded red with a t-shirt underneath. It’s spring. Yet you always smell like summer to me. Always. I miss you.

    By Jameson URL on 05.28.2015

  18. All the recent flooding reminds me of a dream. I’m walking with my oldest daughter along a nearly dry river bed, perhaps it could be best described as run off route used to keep lake levels in check. There’s hardly any water at first. I’m on the bank angling for a sunset photo of what seems like a serene moment as my daughter is walking up a hill away from the scene, calling for me to catch up, as soon as I turn to join her the waters are released in a flash. I know it’s a dream even as the muddiness churns around my legs and tries to pull me under, I feel like a malevolent force is trying to trap me and drag me under, the water rises higher and higher as try to I keep my balance. It’s then I feel a word pushing its way to the tip of my tongue; I wake myself up, and the word, it wants to be said, but in defiance I refuse to go with the flow and utter it. After all these months, the memory of it has not faded. And whenever I doubt myself, I return to that moment when panic was overcome and rational thought brought about the change that was needed.

    By Intuition on 05.28.2015

  19. everything is gone. i dont where it went but things just slowly started to leave me. it didnt happen all at once but it happened. i lost grip of the things that i loved, enjoyed. the things that mattered to me. and i dont care anymore. i dont care that its all gone.

    By princie on 05.28.2015

  20. It’s been years since the war. It was hard at first to stop thinking about him. But now, you have three kids in school. You couldn’t remember his face. You cried and dug up photos of him.

    By furiosa on 05.28.2015

  21. I was faded coming home from a party when I saw something so strange. As my focus was fading, a distant figure was fading in and out of the street light at the corner of my block. I called out to it but as soon as I acknowledged it, there was a bright flash and it vanished. I walked back inside my house and my roommate was there, and asked me where I had been. I told him that Johnny’s party was a bust and once again there wasn’t a famous rock band there, just some friends of his dad that played the venue. They did rock, though.

    By Adam Fernandez on 05.29.2015

  22. All the colours here fade. It’s not like England, or most other places in the northern hemisphere you see onscreen. Here, if anything is left outside for more than one summer, the colour begins to disappear. The sun is harsh like that. Leave something out for a couple of summers, and the colour is sucked away entirely. Everything returns to dry, cracked white. It’s like the landscape steals the colour. With a sky as blue as this, and earth so red, there’s no room for fake colour anywhere.

    By Archanza on 05.29.2015

  23. I thought I could revive the colours of your smile. I couldn’t and you didn’t want me to either. They’re faded like the memories of you and I.

    By tericampos URL on 05.29.2015

  24. Imagination has faded. This is simply a pursuit to not think about it. But isn’t it then the elephant in the room? I have been trying to address this but like all else from my memory this too has faded. Thank you smoke plinths. Wow.

    By Kopal Mukim on 05.29.2015

  25. The faded drapes block the sunlight from entering into the room. It is probably better that way. In the darkness, it’s harder to see the cluttered desk and the coffee-stained carpets from long nights of frustration and contemplation. Though I know this is what I’ve always wanted, it’s hard to fathom why. Why the loneliness? The isolation? The written word is what I know and what I’ve always known.

    By missindustrious on 05.29.2015

  26. I wear a faded shirt but I feel comfortable
    This jeans shows a faded colour. I am OK

    By Juan Manuel on 05.29.2015

  27. I have no idea how, or why. It shouldn’t have been possible. Yet before my eyes my surroundings faded into nothing

    By Sky on 05.29.2015

  28. Faded was the sound of my jacket potato, i could not find the cheese to add on top, so i suffered in a small room fading into the background with a crazy oufit made of bananas and glitter.

    By Naddy Sane on 05.29.2015

  29. It came and went, from bright to dull, the shirt I had loved so much. It’s not right to love a shirt that much, but I couldn’t help it and over time, wash after wash, I realized that my love was starting to fade, just like the shirts brilliant colors.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 05.29.2015

  30. My dreams faded away in front of my eyes. Wait. Did it really fade or get repressed. I pulled it out three years later. Nothing fades away.

    By Sanjukta Bhaumik on 05.29.2015

  31. sometimes i feel as though all of the colours around me have faded away with the love that i shared with you, i miss the colours and i want them back in my life but i dont want you.

    By lucy bell on 05.29.2015

  32. and now the trees are dying and the sun is fading from the sky and i still miss you. Once the leaves all fall I will know then that you are forever gone.

    By lucy bell on 05.29.2015

  33. Time fades. Everything fades eventually. The universe was born to fade. Entropy will take over everything. So why worry about that little fart in the elevator?

    By AryaK on 05.29.2015

  34. Everything fades away. The prized car of yours; your loving dog; sturdy house; yuor hubby. So why worry?

    By Arya on 05.29.2015

  35. As time faded from her memory some things still remained, such as the special times of her childhood and youth. The times of joy when she played in the creeks and frolicked in the woods. The memories that meant the most and didn’t cause her pain.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.29.2015

  36. it’s there.
    years of the daily grind
    down each leg
    there, knowing everything you
    only hope you could remember
    or forget.
    Every memory
    on each leg
    of your faded jeans.

    By NuSol URL on 05.29.2015

  37. Her smile faded as she looked harder into the other girl’s eyes, “Naomi…?” she questioned, voice quavering slightly with a tinge of fear. “It’s nothing,” the taller girl replied, shaking her head as if for some personal resolution.

    By Mary on 05.29.2015

  38. Flynn always looks so faded. With his squinty eyes every time he looks at you, you can’t help but think that he is high all the time. However, there is no way that that can be true. There is just no way.

    By Acela URL on 05.29.2015

  39. The vision faded away when someone shouted my name. I turned toward the sound. “What?” I asked, angry that this person was distracting me from my thoughts. I didn’t have much time to get this problem figured out, and I was being interrupted.

    “I think we can help you,” the voice replied.

    By Blunz on 05.29.2015

  40. Memories faded, what was your name? Lifelong lovers, a romance anew. I wish I could remember you, but I can’t tell who I’m speaking to.

    By EA on 05.29.2015