May 28th, 2015

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54 Responses to “faded”

  1. jeans dreams you’re not as bright as you used to be strung out washed up will you regain your shine or will youdisappear you will be full of holes soon and i’ll have to buy new you dull son of a bitch shall i polish you or restore you i’m not sure which would do the trick if either but i can’t handle grey-tones anymore

    By d00l on 05.29.2015

  2. That was it. It was over almost as soon as it started, although it lasted just over 2 years. He loved her but she was no longer interested by his goofy smile and jokes. She was interested in, “more serious men” instead of the “silly boy” who was, indeed, very seriously in love with her.

    By Maureen URL on 05.29.2015

  3. god loves us so much. so do what’s right in his eyes. and love your neighbors. we need to help others. just as God helps us. some day he will restor the earth. and the anointed will go to hevan and ruil with Jesus. And we should all remember to never drift away from what’s right.
    Gods name is Jehovah
    Gods sons name is Jesus
    Jehovah gives us holly spirit when the time is write
    Love Jehovah and Jesus with all your heart

    By Mikayla URL on 05.29.2015

  4. I wanted something and left the room
    now I’m standing here
    for some reason.

    I had a thought,
    I think it was a good idea…
    Wait, what was that again?

    There’s, like…. something that I was
    going to say…
    Hold on… what was it?
    Never mind.

    By asavas on 05.29.2015

  5. its really sad how forgotten ive become over such a short period of time. im not even your shadow anymore. the sun refuses to acknowledge my existence. i have no reflection in the water. ive become a ghost of who i used to be.

    By KABY on 05.29.2015

  6. a shadow;
    a ghost, I have faded out of your view.
    Reduced to a supporting character –
    a background presence
    in the epic that is your life.

    where once I stood, I am now see through.
    Perhaps it was my opacity that you liked from the start.

    By Pearl on 05.29.2015

  7. she faded into the background. she’s always been pretty good at it—-fading. only now did it have a bearing on the bigger picture. only now did she fade into obscurity. only now did the fade hinder. it has always helped, or so she thought.

    By Safon on 05.29.2015

  8. It wasn’t that simple. What was she expecting, him to just poof from existence? He wasn’t a background character and his whole career was spent building up this reputation. Who was she to judge him? She didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. Chris sighed and suddenly nodded, that’s what he always did. He just accepted it.

    By Donovan on 05.29.2015

  9. The light faded from the room, as the candle, that had burned for so long went dim. She let out a whimper. No light. Gone. But there was noise. A small slithery noise, getting louder, closer.

    By Michaela Lydon on 05.29.2015

  10. All three of her suits, the only wardrobe she had left in the world, had faded. When she looked in the mirror she could have sworn her skin and hair had gone the same route. Living at the end of the world is hell on one’s vanity.

    By SK on 05.29.2015

  11. What do I think about the word faded. Does this freaking diary have a wordcounter? No? That makes me mad. Allright, I guess I will go on time. The word faded is very subtle, very nice. It means a gradual change. Or not just a change, but a gradual disappearance. I guess that it can be both positive and negative, depending on what disappears. It’s quite surprising that we feel that gradual change is better than abrupt change. Though on the other hand, it has often been established that people are quite afraid of change. Am I? I don’t think so. I don’t like doing things that I don’t like, and change that will force me to do that frustrates me. But change that can be either bad or good isn’t like that. To be honest, I quite welcome change. Maybe that’s the problem.

    I welcome change because it’s a chance to do better, to do it right this time. But why would I need change to do better? Isn’t it better to do better from the moment you decide to do so? Probably. But also a lot scarier. It means that you have so much more mess to clean up, as well as no proper clean slate. And yet, you probably shouldn’t wait for change to change yourselves. Because you easily mess up, and then the situation will have to change again.

    No, It’s better to try to change even if you messed up, even if you’re stuck in a bad situation. After all, this will provide more opportunities, and more chance on succes.

    Back to fade. It also reminds me of the option in windows movie maker. It’s quite corny, and a pretty big hint that you have no clue what you’re doing. Yet old movies have used it properly and classily. Corny things scare us, because it can so easily go wrong. It’s hard to do right. But if you do it right, do you get more braggin rights? Probably not. It’s just a decent use of an over-used tool. But it’s also dangerous to try too many new things, it will leave your reader stranded, and worse, will make you seem arrogant.

    By marrit on 05.29.2015

  12. Faded, things that seem very important and devastating to you will fade away with time. Should one think of this doing everything and react or just react for the moment. We should react for the moment and not think of this so we are not getting faded in society.

    By Shanmuga on 05.29.2015

  13. Her soul faded into the sea along with her secrets and memories. It was a healing day. The sun faded into the horizon, leaving its amber streaks as a reminder that what she was and would forever be…

    By gi on 05.29.2015

  14. She walked across the floor barefoot. The glass cut into her sole but she did not care. The sheet at the other edge of the room had her captive. The dark red stain, faded now, showed her mother.

    By Ian Finlay on 05.29.2015