May 29th, 2015

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38 Responses to “conditions”

  1. Under which conditions is one expected to keep going forward? To keep moving on? Under any condition, I expect. Under whatever condition, what other option does one have? Keep going. You got this.

    By Susannah URL on 05.29.2015

  2. At the picnic, I looked down at me feet and considered the condition of my shoes. They were soft, well-worn…grayish from city walking. I could feel the pavement through the hole in my right foot, where months of walking had worn through the sole. My foot was calloused and black in that singular spot.

    By Susannah URL on 05.29.2015

  3. Condition of my life… Under these conditions,I wake, bike, cook, eat, live, work and parent. I don’t think I will complain about these conditions, it ain’t bad.

    By AmieElizabeth on 05.29.2015

  4. There were two conditions to the contract that the general laid out for both me and my comrade. The first was this: We were expected not to deliver any information to the outside world. We could not contact anyone who lay beyond the vicinity, nor anyone who had not expressed loyalty by signing the same contract. The second was as follows: Do not, under any circumstances, draw attention to oneself in a negative, or hostile, way.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.29.2015

  5. Conditions. Everyone hates conditions. It’s the things that stop you when you should be allowed to do something. “You can do this, but there are conditions.” No one likes hearing that. It’s almost painful.

    By Bai Cousi on 05.29.2015

  6. The ice pecked at the window. After only a few minutes, the entire pane was frosted over. The wiper blades made empty zipping sounds as it moved across the ice, shifting not a particle aide.

    “Pull over!” Sandra screamed.

    “I can feel where the road is.”

    “There might still be other cars–pull over!” She opened her door–the wind whistled and whisked a few receipts off the floor out onto the highway–and peered into the ice storm, squinting to see the road.

    By Yona on 05.29.2015

  7. “Ok, so we have a deal, If you tell me what the..conditions are.”

    “Heh, so you know how to play.” He grinned,”Well, those remain to be decided.”

    By Nicole M. on 05.29.2015

  8. You’ve placed so many boundaries around us. A barbed wire tangle of conditions and expectations that leave me no room to be me. To be the person you fell in love with.

    By Jameson URL on 05.29.2015

  9. Many people told me about conditions in life that somethings need certain kinds of conditions. Mu mom and and let a phone under a few of these and i didn’t liked it but i had to agree. Now I’m super fine with it. I think that I want to live a live without these , but probbably is imposible.

    By tila on 05.29.2015

  10. I think some medical conditions are sad. we live in a world where these things define us. I don’t really know what else to say expect when I think of the word conditions I think of hospitals and death. I just read the fault in stars and that talk about the certainness of death

    By Brooke on 05.29.2015

  11. We are always affected by the conditions under which we exist. This current condition is affecting my writing and its quality. Conditions such as bad weather or low income can hinder your daily life. Therefore, conditions are a vital part of our daily lives and can be the break or make in a situation as they reflect upon the resolutions we hope to obtain.

    By Nischaijit Manesh on 05.29.2015

  12. “One on condition….”
    “…What is it?”
    “You have to go on a date with me.”
    “Well what if I don’t want you?”
    “Well, then you’re out of luck.”

    By Acela URL on 05.29.2015

  13. conditions.

    By Soumaya on 05.29.2015

  14. stardust shoulders because
    what else can hold the
    decomposition of dreams –
    the tears of desperation
    crumbling into nothing?

    By Pandatry on 05.29.2015

  15. The conditions are bleak. Currents betray the lines of mariners in their small boats. We are turned around in the channel and old Steve leans out in the fog with a pole to ward off unseen dangers. My fingers drum on the wheel and I curse the obstinate mist.

    By dan l on 05.29.2015

  16. the room was neat, with
    the objects on her desk
    all arranged neatly, as if they were on display

    the windows were drawn
    sunlight gushed in from the glass
    like a whisper of light

    a vase of flowers sat on her desk
    with the blossoms still fresh in bloom

    everything was in perfect condition
    the only thing that was imperfect
    was her…

    By pearlmilktea on 05.29.2015

  17. Everything has conditions. Everyone always talks about unconditional love, and I’ve even heard someone say that there’s no such thing as conditional love, because true love is blind to any reasoning or requirements. But I don’t believe that. Because everything has conditions. It is this order that makes sense of the universe, that gives us the structure that we need to breathe, to live.

    By Emily on 05.30.2015

  18. Dancing along between the lines, the walls of white on both sides, shiny and sterilised. Don’t cross the boundaries, don’t you dare slip. The conditions are thus: you slip, you lose.

    By Archanza on 05.30.2015

  19. In these horrible conditions, there is not much to do. I can sit inside and contemplate. I can read or get up and make myself a hot cup of tea. These torrential rains keep me from going outside, where the howling wind would blow through my thin clothes. I’m already so cold. And aside from the wind, it is so silent.

    By Lina Bean URL on 05.30.2015

  20. Había ciertas condiciones tremendamente difíciles de soportar. No todo el mundo es una super-estrella creativa capaz de inventar las palabras a la marcha del viento, no todo el mundo tiene la respuesta en un solo aliento. Así es esto

    By Alanis Lofneith on 05.30.2015

  21. They had enough provisions to last a week. The cabin was prepared to house ten people for a full seven days, and comfortably so. They would be able to ride out the bad weather, as the radio had said the storm would be gone by Saturday. That meant that the next ferry would not arrive until Monday, so they had no choice but to sit it out. They could consider their options for returning to the mainland then. But as the night approached, and daylight faded, they saw the full force of the storm manifest itself, and the conditions gradually grew worse, they realised they were in for a rough ride.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.30.2015

  22. there were certain conditions that would have to be met. She would have to be out of the apartment if the engagement were off. She would have to leave some of the things she loved and treasured, pay the security deposit, it was all conditional

    By Roy Cutler URL on 05.30.2015

  23. I scratch my arms. The conditions are in my head. Your head. I see colors that aren’t there. I see faces that don’t exist. She smiles. You can’t see it. I see the man above your head. I see the grin he gives.

    By Ashley on 05.30.2015

  24. I hear the bells. I see the smiles. I have a condition. Don’t we all. Our conditions don’t define us. Mine just shows me a world that doesn’t exist to anyone else. My smile is a response to a joke you will never hear. A smile that you will never see. My world lives on, not chained by your conditions, only my own.

    By Ashley L. on 05.30.2015

  25. Conditions, boundaries to love and happiness, to life itself. Forget conditions when you dream. Forget the reasonable doubt that your logical spouse uses to douse the fire of your imagination and hope. . .

    By c on 05.30.2015

  26. Conditions. They are rules set by someone or something. They are restrictions to what one can do. Every action by have a condition, and can prevent one from doing the action. Conditions are like secret setbacks one has to live by.

    By Anya on 05.30.2015

  27. Conditions change as people change. People change as conditions change. That’s how we keep moving. Its why life isn’t monotonous. It’s why we fight so hard for a sense of security. Because Conditions change.

    By Destiny Lester on 05.30.2015

  28. Scientists say that there are conditions needed for survival: water, oxygen;
    But what they don’t mention is love, popularity

    Or how simply surviving does not equal a life.
    A beating heart and lungs expelling carbon dioxide only prove that you’re not quite dead yet.

    Congratulations, kid.

    Because even if scientists say that survival is easy for you,
    That you have everything you need and more
    Thanks to the trees, the bees, your mum and dad
    I know that ‘optimum conditions’ are subjective

    And that surviving is the best that you can do right now.
    But you’ll be living life pretty soon.

    By Pearl on 05.30.2015

  29. I regret creating a species which plans its own destruction. Must it condition itself to learn utterly useless facts without a shred of worry for its surroundings?
    I think I need to jolt their roots one again.

    By kyungsoo on 05.30.2015

  30. “Under one condition”
    “What?” He asked her, scared.
    “You have to tell Aniah.”

    He shot up out his chair.

    “Lexie..” He began in a warning voice

    By TheMysteryOfLight on 05.30.2015

  31. Conditions! I’m tired of his demands and at last I found my tongue and told him ‘Stop treating me this way, no more conditions. I refuse to accept your tiny-weeny stupid altimatums. If you don’t like it, lump it I’ve had enough. Now, Thomas it’s time for bed – don’t you dare.

    By Glory on 05.30.2015

  32. conditions for sanity. conditions for a heart to run like a warm blooded living being. I always find it too hard to find the balance between these two sets of conditions.

    By frankster on 05.30.2015

  33. My darling little flower, you always did stand on center stage and shock everyone in the audience. You were a lovely little daisy, with powers so completely unlike any other that you were the new standard for all others to come. Conditions, no matter how awful could never deter your faith or make you any less stunning than you already were. I dont understand how you did it, but i am so glad you did.

    By Madison on 05.30.2015

  34. “Well I do have a few… conditions.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I want you here at sunset. Bring it.”
    “It? I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.”
    “You’ll figure it out.”

    By Maryn on 05.30.2015

  35. I spend all the time I have left making adjustments. Working toward an illusion of homeostasis; of contentment. Tailoring all conditions within reach as the surroundings I know become a construct of intention and projection. A confusion of puppet and audience.

    By jengel on 05.30.2015

  36. One world is where we all live.

    By Majid Dajani on 05.30.2015

  37. The conditions were falling with each passing second. Emma could hear the thunder in the distance pounding closer and closer with each breath she took. Emma counted the seconds between the time the thunder and the lightning. Five seconds. Five miles, she abbreviated. The storm is five miles away.

    By Elmo on 05.30.2015

  38. The conditions were falling with each nervous breath Emma took. Emma felt her hands begin to break from the small chip of land she was holding on to, and her fingers felt as loose and stretchy as a rubber band. Emma looked down, fear in her vision, and she realized how truly high up she was.

    By TheFluffyUnicorn on 05.30.2015