August 3rd, 2015

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46 Responses to “eventful”

  1. Sometimes I think my life is uneventful
    my aunt being murdered
    my uncle being murdered
    And then I realize it’s not
    And I’m grateful that it’s not moreso.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 08.03.2015

  2. Today i read a book about love and i like much. I hope buy new books about love.

    By juliana on 08.03.2015

  3. I dont know that is eventful.

    By juliana on 08.03.2015

  4. it wasn’t eventful, i lied in bed all day puking and studying my vomit as if it were tea leaves left in the bottom of the cup.

    By reallyupsetting on 08.03.2015

  5. It’s been an eventful day to say the least. It began, as usual, with my daily cup of coffee, and a plate of bacon and eggs. Two eggs over easy, three pieces of extra crispy bacon-almost burnt. But that’s the way I like it. It all went down hill after that last bite.

    By Josh on 08.03.2015

  6. There was a girl who despaired, “I just want a simple, lukewarm life.” So many people claimed to agree, saying they preferred not to get involved in complicated situations. But they didn’t understand the girl’s true plight, that she didn’t want to force herself into the real world,” and for her, I cried because I knew.

    By Ashi URL on 08.03.2015

  7. Another day and nothing eventful to speak of. When am I going to get out of this place? Where can I go that I won’t feel dusty and tired? How much longer before I wake up feeling new?

    By Shane on 08.03.2015

  8. this describes everything – everything is always happening relatively – I make it happen or am constantly thinking about making it happen – always happening

    By gander on 08.03.2015

  9. Despite his highest hopes, once he left for Africa his love life become entirely less eventful. There was no shortage of natural beauty to enjoy, in the landscape, the sky, the faces of the people in the market; but there was no one on that entire continent who was willing to lie their body next to his, stroke his head and tell him that they wanted him.

    By bb333 on 08.03.2015

  10. Today was a rather eventful day. I took Hope to meet her mother and on the way, we stopped by my school. I discovered that I needed to be at the school to meet some of the parents, so after I dropped Hope off with her mother, I went to a store to buy a new outfit that was better suited for me to wear

    By Debbie on 08.03.2015

  11. The event was not particularly eventful. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, their frosted jewels swaying slightly in the air. Champagne abounded, and several fountains decorated the large hall. And yet, almost no one was speaking or laughing or doing anything other than staring at the small computers in their hands.

    By CatchTheWind on 08.03.2015

  12. Nothing has happened. Nothing will happen. You hope. You pray. That something will. But, as usual nothing does. You pace around, your feet eating away at the wooden floor. Waiting for something. Anything to happen. But nothing does. And nothing ever will.

    By Sapphire on 08.03.2015

  13. A event. Is made of many. Being eventful it is orchestrated my the possibility of encounters.

    By Michal on 08.03.2015

  14. It was a boring and unordinary day in the household of the fatsos. Annie, spread out on the couch like a cat, recuperated from a long day of eating hamburgers. Susddenly, a GIGANTIC PIzZA APPEARED ON TOP OF HER. Annie died. the end. it’s been a long day and i haven’t written in ages pls have my sincere apologies

    By Eva URL on 08.03.2015

  15. The past few days had been, eventful. For lack of better term. All the planning and preparation. It was a lot. And she still wasn’t sure this was what she wanted. She would do anything for him. But she still liked the quieter occasion better. It wasn’t until she found the one. The perfect fit. And finally, everything became real. And finally it was something she actually, wanted. Something she kind of needed. They say the dress is sometimes the most important part. The one thing the bride needs to find, on her own. And this was it. This was the dress.

    By Meg on 08.03.2015

  16. “Well,” remarked Sadie. “That was…eventful.”

    “You’re telling me?” I scoffed, refilling my glass. Whiskey never tasted so good to me. And normally, I hated the stuff.

    “Yeah, I’m telling you,” replied my wife with a sly smile. “First, your mother decides the best birthday present for me is a King James version of the Bible. Next, your brother gets himself a broken toe from kicking the table in his anger. After that, the stereotypical uncle showed up…”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.03.2015

  17. What an eventful night.
    Well, if you would call it eventful.
    But, usually, an explosion in the middle of a party would be considered eventful.
    But, of course, it seemed to happen way to often for Tyler’s liking.

    By killerkoala987 on 08.03.2015

  18. The course of my life changed when you kissed me in the pantry. It was unexpected. And delicious. What we may have hoped for was a brilliant love affair, sordid and wild. What we got was one eventful weekend and then the crumbling of our respective marriages.

    By bb333 on 08.03.2015

  19. the moment he pulled away as my train was about to leave. It could have happened, it didn’t. the moment I opened my degree results and saw the number, eventful. the moment I realised my father had been living with another woman for two years before the divorce, eventful.

    By holly on 08.03.2015

  20. forget fun for nothing for us
    for that which never was
    i never thought about the love people talk about
    my life was eventful enough
    then you came into view
    i got to being blue
    you and i
    lost in the fire
    lonely nights
    i’ll never be the man you want me to be
    i’ll be happier just being me.

    By matt on 08.03.2015

  21. Life is so eventful unless your me, i sit around playing games but even that is eventful, with games so much stuff just happens.

    By chris URL on 08.03.2015

  22. Eventful they forgot the capital!

    By chris URL on 08.03.2015

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    By Furqan on 08.03.2015

  24. i have definetly had an eventful week from my brother knocking up his girlfriend to babysitting and dads coming back! she’s been gone for 2 months and i miss her like crazy were going to have a sleepover when she gets back all the love as always xxxx this is cool btw hahahahahahah

    By Lauren on 08.03.2015

  25. Today was an eventful day. Well the morning at least. We came to work and the network was down. For me, my phone wouldn’t connect, no skype, no emails, no shared drives. What was I supposed to do. So I took an early coffee break. Unfortunately I think most of the company did as well. The coffee line was very long. Other than that. Not very eventful.

    By Pei Pei on 08.04.2015

  26. My mother’s funeral was quite eventful and I heard so many interesting stories about her. I didn’t know she was that type of teacher who would leave behind a lasting impression to every student she had taught.

    By Alice Shina on 08.04.2015

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    By osama on 08.04.2015

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    By claudia on 08.04.2015

  29. This morning has felt eventful for me. My motivation to get up and work has been at an all-time low because of different scheduling conflicts, and then I receive an email of yet another cancellation. I don’t know if that’s considered eventful, but I feel like I haven’t been given a break of having a real schedule and being able to get real work done. It’s been all about rescheduling work that will eventually get canceled. Lame.

    By Christie URL on 08.04.2015

  30. Our prior engagement was rather eventful. I remember the high columns and glass beams. The swirls of the lady dancer’s dresses as well as their glossy tresses. And down to the last glass that was toasted to close the ball and all of our warm wishes and condolences.

    By Jace Aurora on 08.04.2015

  31. Your life can be a very eventful one….good or bad. But it’s up to you. You have control of your life if you want it. And why wouldn’t you want control of your life, anyways? I know I want it. And I do.

    By trkstr67 on 08.04.2015

  32. You’ve been sitting the same seat for over two hours, listening to same hymns, calls for prayer, and the preacher chastise you and the rest of your not-really-friends about their human flaws. It’s hard keeping your eyes open, but you manage by sneaking peeks at the couple three pews up and across the aisle. The woman’s blush is visible, even from here, and her husband’s left hand keeps jerking. Dear Lord, indeed.

    By Soft URL on 08.04.2015

  33. piercing the placidness
    of the everyday grind.
    Shaking that Groundhog’s Day movie
    Shattering your tunnel vision,
    forcing you to see that maybe every moment is special.
    Maybe every single moment is worth paying attention to.

    By NuSol URL on 08.04.2015

  34. The foiled days of overcoming office burnout have come and gone and a second, heightened stage of burnout is in progress, the most challenging one of all, for it lives in the home, it breathes life away with its driving days of strictly deadlined events, and it waits, smiling, behind every deluge of words for the day I cross over the line

    By Nada on 08.04.2015

  35. Well is that what we want? I think not, sometimes eventful is just stressful, and an uneventful day is full of wonderful quiet revelations and understated gifts

    By geraldine URL on 08.04.2015

  36. how eventful/ i have no idea even how to use this word in a sentence. so yes how eventful, i don’t use this word much at all.

    By bb urni on 08.04.2015

  37. Sometimes the worse things can happen in the most uneventful day. My next door neighbor was at home making potato and egg tacos when she learned her brother passed away. From non-eventful to eventful, I suppose. Do you ever wonder about that? When you wake up anything can happen.

    By Mistress Quickly on 08.04.2015

  38. My life has started over. In a way, this can happen to someone many times over their lifetime.I do not believe that you just live just one life and then its over. You go through so many stages, and periods of growth where you live many lives. You are never the same person because of everything you learn and overcome. I am sure not one person can tell me that they are the same person from when they were in elementary school…..or even high school. How many people you become, how much you grow, what you decide to learn from is all up to you, and only you. It’s a choice you make. Who you let into your life is probably one of the toughest choices to make. They can be the breaking point for you or they can turn your life around for the good. And you’ll never know for sure what that person will be for you till it’s too late. But what a learning experience it will be. This next chapter for me is one I’ve been through before, but now with a different person. This person has changed my life; they’ve made the biggest impact that I never expected. The greatest thing you can do is open up your heart to someone, and with them doing the same, you not only create life together but a new life emerges. My life has started over.

    By Kari on 08.04.2015

  39. It’s not easy to live when you’re drowning in sound. Keeping your head above the music is the first step, but of course it’s harder than it looks. The music is eventful and lingering and—sticky in that way that it sticks to your ears and makes it hard to hear anything else.

    By Geoff on 08.04.2015

  40. Those 3 days with my best friend were eventful. We haven’t seen each other for 5 years and when we knew we only had 3 days together, we quickly planned the itinerary. After hugging when we met up, we proceeded to having lunch, watching a movie, a stroll by the park, a super early breakfast at the market, visiting our old schools, grabbing some local desserts, shopping, etc. Most of all, we got to spend time together talking about absolutely everything, just like old times.

    By abigail rae on 08.04.2015