August 2nd, 2015

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52 Responses to “perspective”

  1. Everyone has their own unique perspective. It’s important to remember that. Everyone’s shoes are on for a purpose. If you want to understand someone else’s perspective, step into their shoes. Empathize. Why do they see the world as they do?

    By Mistress Quickly on 08.03.2015

  2. Perspective are viewing the same situation in a different way. I had a tough time recovering from my appendectomy when I was in junior year of college but instead of viewing the surgery as a misfit or an ugly cosmetic flaw, I was able to view it as a battlescar– changing my perspective to see the situation as something that I successfully been through and still kept my grades high.

    By Anya10 on 08.03.2015

  3. its all a matter of perspective sweetheart. It may seem like the world is dreary right now, but try and look at things from a different angle. This road you are walking, its bumpy, its up hill, its dark, but it is the only road to that oasis over there. The real key is to learn how to enjoy the bumps

    By Trista URL on 08.03.2015

  4. It’s amazing how we can both look at a thing and not see the same thing. What makes your view so different? Experience I guess.

    By mamaestes on 08.03.2015

  5. Perspective, why are you making it hard for some unlucky people to even think about you?

    By Alice Shina on 08.03.2015

  6. You broke my heart on a Tuesday morning.

    I was stumbling out of our apartment, hair askew, backpack weighing down my left shoulder. There was still cereal in my mouth, and then I ran into you.

    You called me ridiculous and clumsy and lovely, wrapped my hair in a ponytail, and laughed so beautifully that then I knew.

    I just stood there, knowing love did not exist outside of this.

    By Anna Meursault on 08.03.2015

  7. Describes the way people look at different situations. Seeing something in a certain way based on your personal experiences. Understanding something in a certain way because of your past experiences. The way one views the world. Seeing the glass half full or half empty.

    By Marissa on 08.03.2015

  8. I hate the way I see this world
    Please don’t judge
    I would just wish
    You can see the way I see
    But then again
    We’re just human
    Please don’t judge
    Please don’t see the way I see
    I would hate for you
    To go through all that
    After all
    It’s just my perspective

    By Eddie on 08.03.2015

  9. Perspective can be like a shattered mirror. Many cracked fragments all looking off into different directions. None of them being untrue.

    By Brent on 08.03.2015

  10. Perspecting qualifiers try to find a way into the golden era. Knock the dust, leave the children alone and find a place where you can detatch. From the sticky webs spun across town. From the drowning bottom feeders. Go forth.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.03.2015

  11. Shadows shifted from one end of the room to another. I saw a roaring lion, chasing, running, free. When I looked again the shapes moved. There stood before me a frightened deer. Hesitating. I stepped forward and squinted. He ran from me. Word spun around me creating butterflies, doves and firebirds. Every time I turned, it was a different picture surrounding me.

    By Emily on 08.03.2015

  12. here or there
    it doesn’t care
    reality wears
    too many masks to count
    and they’ll swear
    you’re always wrong
    and never cared

    but not from where I’m standing

    By katiekieran URL on 08.03.2015