August 4th, 2015

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50 Responses to “illusion”

  1. how con i see without eyes.
    crippled by the belief of this darkness
    as all of the world

    but in the end all is ephemeral
    nothing matters except me

    By Light Blue Fox 333 on 08.05.2015

  2. Viewers from cloudy windows often meet misty people, fleeting people who melt like ice and shine like stars.

    By Me on 08.05.2015

  3. Dust is fleeting, ethereal, making shapes, a figure or an object before dispersing into nothingness.

    By Me on 08.05.2015

  4. Smiles are fleeting, are they illusions or something more substantial, a footprint of kindness on the face of a stranger? I want to believe they are more than just beautiful dreams.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.05.2015

  5. The first snow melted like icecream,
    the second washed away with the sunrise.
    The third, tell me please, could it stay for tea?
    Please, weather forecast, lie if you must.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.05.2015

  6. Don’t look at me, I am a fleeting girl, a farie being, fill your mind with more substantial things, don’t waste away on my fragile image, perfection is never real.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.05.2015

  7. The vanilla taste surprised her, it was a kind of sweetness that manages to evade sickly. It was gone as a whisper goes, and left her wondering if it was ever really there.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.05.2015

  8. whispers in the darkness leave no traces to prove they were ever there, and so were they? You can say anything in the dark, not even you have believe it was ever said.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.05.2015

  9. It was just an illusion; everything is clear now. I was only looking at my own reflection. I thought there was someone there, with me, waiting to take me away with the wind. That was when I heard the trees were telling me words, and breath by breath they spun poetry in the night.

    By Adis on 08.05.2015

  10. She couldn’t stop laughing. He didn’t understand what about his act had struck as so funny. It bothered him though he didn’t understand that either. Was she amused or mocking?

    In truth she didn’t know why either. Never did.

    By Lena on 08.05.2015