August 3rd, 2015

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46 Responses to “eventful”

  1. One morning i wanted to take my Dog lucky for a walk. when we were walking down the street luc

    By Gwyndolyn on 08.04.2015

  2. It wasn’t supposed to be a super busy day. It didn’t start as a day to remember. And then someone slammed into him. “Sorry,” a voice said before proceeding to curse someone off. He stared in that direction wondering who the voice belonged to.

    By Isidora on 08.04.2015

  3. un-
    eventful is a falsehood,
    fabricated by your sedated mind
    in order to convince yourself
    you’ve lived less than you
    would’ve liked

    because even as you think about the
    many facets of each day you
    also remember the
    blank moments,
    the spaces in between breaths and
    the moments where the laughter died from your face,
    smile slipping off

    By Eliza on 08.04.2015

  4. fasting. the morning becomes evening. every heart beat becomes louder. every breath becomes an event. harder. the time goes by. fasting. a moment of moments stitched together on an empty stomach – why? why because must, why because have to, why because preparation.

    By XcC on 08.04.2015

  5. No events today. No execution. Who’ll die tomorrow when the sun is still out? When the sun still cares? We’ll see nighttime before we see hope. We’ll be fine when we’ve realized the lying mouths.

    By Hm. on 08.04.2015

  6. Tom, you see, that’s all I have for you. I’m sorry it wasn’t what you thought, but, well, at least we can laugh at how eventful this little adventure has been. It’s been nice, Tom, but I’ve got to go.

    By HRJwrites on 08.04.2015