January 13th, 2016

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131 Responses to “confident”

  1. Something lost to the masses
    we are sheep herded toward the pens we know as labels
    a label in itself
    confident, a lie we try to be when we are scared

    By Veronica Good on 01.14.2016

  2. its hard to be confidente these days ecause this media helps you to change yourself and be more like models etc, but i dont even think ths is good or prettyier, but still i do it.

    By Rebeca on 01.14.2016

  3. i really don’t know.

    By Rebeca on 01.14.2016

  4. what’s wrong of being confident?

    By gouveabeca on 01.14.2016

  5. This is something I wish I was. Especially now that I’m applying to jobs. Friends tell me that I should stop cutting myself down, stop doubting my ability to go for the top places and positions. “There’s no harm in trying!” they tell me. Except time. And the blow to my confidence when nothing comes of them.

    By Writer on 01.14.2016

  6. Listen is my word for the year. I need to listen to God more when he speaks to me. When I quiet. Slow to speak. James 19:1.

    By Bgforbes53 on 01.14.2016

  7. Fast to Listen, Slow to Speak, and slow to Anger. James19:1

    By Bgforbes53 on 01.14.2016

  8. it’s an adjective that define a person who thinks can make something probably or exactly.

    By Yan Leonardo on 01.14.2016

  9. He swore that one day he would try to be more confident. But today is not that day. He sees her and she sees him and at the back of his mind, the question, tantalising and seductive, does she really SEE me like I really see her.

    By sam on 01.14.2016

  10. It’s an adjective that define a person who thinks can do just something certainly.

    By sim on 01.14.2016

  11. I am confident that this year will evolve and grow as my confidence grows. I am in a place where to believe in the power of God in my life is to believe in me, that true confidence is then God given. A true gift is the relationship that God gives me.

    By John on 01.14.2016

  12. To have a strong sense of self. To believe in your decisions and not have doubt. To be able to not be intimidated by others.

    By Sheree Juarez on 01.14.2016

  13. To have a strong sense of your self. To not doubt your actions or decisions. To not be intimidated by others. To have strong beliefs and not be swayed by others.

    By Sheree Juarez on 01.14.2016

  14. To be strong……

    By Sheree Juarez on 01.14.2016

  15. I am confident that I am not a writer. :) I hope to write better one day but I lack the discipline to become a full fledged writer.

    By typi3auti2 on 01.14.2016

  16. what laughter does this require?
    to what end do i aspire?
    too much too wit to whit why not
    considering confidence confidently
    combustable constraint constraining
    to training inaning insane me
    confident in that at least
    i’ll never remember what it’s like
    spiral spires speck dust speck roughage

    By matt on 01.14.2016

  17. Something you are forcing me to become. How can I not be confident when your constant praises are circling round my head. “You’re so smart. You’re so beautiful. I am so in love with who you are.” I had nothing like this before. How much confidence you have brought me.

    By Abby URL on 01.14.2016

  18. how could i know? she wore bold colours, her hair was a style ahead of the time. it exuded confidence. she seemed sure of herself. “I like your hat.” she said. was she flirting? the question played on my mind for the rest of the day. i couldn’t get her face, her blonde wavy hair out of my mind.

    By Ellaandlara on 01.14.2016

  19. We were comfy with each other.
    We were comfortable together.
    We were an old sofa with peeling leather.
    It was perfect.

    By Lizzie Little URL on 01.15.2016

  20. We told each other secrets in confidence.
    Confident that we wouldn’t tell.

    By Lizzie Little URL on 01.15.2016

  21. Feeling confident, I skipped downstairs. On the table was an ogre. Suddenly, I felt less confident, the ogre having chased away my bravery. However, I still had my strength, so I chased him away.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 01.15.2016

  22. i dont’ know what’s the meaning about confident.

    By lengt on 01.15.2016

  23. i am confident of myself

    By Roger on 01.15.2016

  24. one moment it’s there, the next moment it’s gone. confident can be good, confident can be bad. it may allow you to do things you want to do, but it may also allow you to do things you shouldn’t do. more is less, less is more. how do you see it?

    By Vic Rose on 01.15.2016

  25. strong
    knows oneself

    By j on 01.15.2016

  26. Didn’t I just do this? Ugh, STOP REPEATING WORDS! Jeez, what do I even—oh, I know! Let’s talk about a

    By Bradley on 01.15.2016

  27. It felt as if nothing else mattered. It felt as if she could do anything. She threw her head back and laughed because in movies women were constantly throwing their heads back and laughing, like Julia Roberts.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.15.2016

  28. I already did this word, but I suppose I’ll have to do it again. Confidence may be mistaken by some for arrogance. Tony Stark is arrogant, but Emma Swan is confident.

    By Amber on 01.15.2016

  29. I would love to be confident in juggling. I would love to be confident enough to juggle in the circus in front of a large audience. I need to practise lots to build up my confidence. One day I

    By fiona on 01.15.2016

  30. Confidence. What is it like to have confidence? Someone fill me in, because at this point I am clueless.

    By aprilemmons on 01.15.2016

  31. Oh my gosh is this what I need or what, it is like someone from above is looking at for me, this is what I must be to accomplish my goals and to ultimately live a happy life. It’s me.

    By Rick O'Brien on 01.15.2016

  32. She walks with her head held high, nothing that anyone says will change her mind. She stands out in a crowd. She is confident with herself.

    By dennis on 01.15.2016

  33. I am confident I can’t do this in sixty seconds.

    By Tanner Kasinger on 01.15.2016

  34. something I wish I had more of, something I see people struggle with it, and something I see people fake.

    By natalee on 01.15.2016

  35. Confidence is a hardly obtained feature. A popular song on the radio. This sucks but I don’t really know what to say. What’s wrong with being confident?

    By Hannah on 01.15.2016

  36. I had confident yesterday haha so.. Whether you have too much of it or too little, confidence can be a blessing and a curse.

    By j a i d y n on 01.15.2016

  37. I already wrote about this word. See earlier post. :)

    By Melissa on 01.15.2016

  38. strong. trusting. confidence. self-esteem

    By phoneaddict on 01.15.2016

  39. wefouhvcnsfklxcvhjnbifvubsfkvjb

    – a song by Demi Lovato

    By cowmom on 01.15.2016

  40. That smile always pissed me off. Like the swagger under his feet, the smirk he kept in the corner of his mouth was infuriating. All mighty, all powerful. All confident. I don’t know if I hated him because of his arrogance or my lack of it.

    By L. Bainbridge on 01.15.2016