January 13th, 2016

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131 Responses to “confident”

  1. I was perfectly confident that today would be new. I was mistaken.

    By Chandler Lynch on 01.15.2016

  2. She held an era of confidence about her. Such beauty and elegance. People strive to be her. They wanted her attention, her touch, and her love. She was confident about herself. She knew you wanted her. She wanted you to, but she would never let you know. She was confident that you would come to her. She walked and talked with every ounce of confidence. She is beautiful.

    By Alex Smith on 01.15.2016

  3. i lack confidence. I wish that i had more, I don’t really know how to get it when i keep dismissing good vibes that come to me. I can act confident, but am I really?

    By Michele URL on 01.15.2016

  4. “Game face, bro,” Danny whispered to Alex, who looked as shaky as a new lamb. He grimaced as the glassy wet look of his partner. “I swear to god, if you cry…” The unsaid threat had the desired effect. Alex cleared his throat, shook fear off like unwanted rain, raised the gun higher, and recited his lines to the wide-eyed cashier before him.

    By Soft URL on 01.15.2016

  5. Hazel said to Gus “you thik you are so confident”
    Gus said “no, I am just awesome”

    By wendi on 01.15.2016

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    By shambhu URL on 01.15.2016

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    By shambhu URL on 01.15.2016

  8. the girl was confident that she would get a horse for her birthday and she did and loved it forever

    By MackenzieD. URL on 01.15.2016

  9. Swollen chest, shoulders back, misunderstood for arrogance.

    By pastor dan on 01.15.2016

  10. He stood looking into the distance, clearly absorbed in thought. Outside, he exuded a confident air. Inside, he quaked, unsure. Questioning. Wondering.

    By rachelgi on 01.15.2016

  11. I am so confident what is confident about? I am the best words for you to have asd

    By John on 01.15.2016