January 12th, 2016

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84 Responses to “rural”

  1. I live in a beautiful rural area. It snows, and the snows cover the rolling hills, the trees, the fences that line the fields, the barns, and even the tip of my nose. Rural life is wonderful.

    By Patrice on 01.13.2016

  2. I don’t know what rural means. Ugh, I’m so stupid. I should’ve gone to school. My English is becoming worse…

    By baer on 01.13.2016

  3. You live in the suburbs or even further away. Sometimes you don’t even have Internet.
    You drive tractors or snowmobile. air is pure !

    By Fred Lavoie on 01.13.2016

  4. Rural means you can see the stars in the night sky, without a hint of smog. Rural means getting a lift to school in the back of a trailer. Rural means knowing your neighbours. Rural means your neighbours knowing you.

    And rural means safety, because crime rates are lower. But rural means terror, because country roads are long and winding.

    By RoseThingamajig on 01.13.2016