February 5th, 2016

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27 Responses to “cloak”

  1. Some would say that she went under the cloak of darkness, but in fact, any time of the day was her cloak. She was so nondescript that no one noticed her, they stepped on her in crowds and bumped into her all the time. Everyone was focusing on their cell phones or their own conversations. She could do anything and not a person would notice. So that’s what she did.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.05.2016

  2. Llandorr wore a cloak of ebony, which was only slightly lighter in shade than his own skin. He had no hair on his head, but a majestic goatee crawled its way from his chin, descending in curls and spirals like dark mattress springs. He carried a staff twice his weight, and atop it shone a stone as white as his teeth, catching the glow of the moon on its smooth and pearly face.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.05.2016

  3. A cloak, vibrant blue, flutters in the night illuminated only by the wide, bright moon. It stands out among the bare, gnarled trees and dim-grey landscape.

    By lauren on 02.05.2016

  4. back in the old days people wear coats that they called cloaks and it was just their fancy way of coat and i think thats pretty cool ;) k bye lol

    By Kailey Lovelace URL on 02.05.2016

  5. a tiny glint in his eye;
    gave away the cloak
    he lay hidden beneath;
    a minor detail, “6000$ dollars a month”
    but, really, I knew it was less,
    he gave away after wiggling his pointy salesmen shoe.
    The languid lies only pile up once you narrow your own glint,
    to pronate your dollar to where it glares at you, and,
    only, you,
    reigning raining questions and remark-made mentions
    succumbs answers, the barrels in which you can tumble to a light, in
    and, at the end
    of the tunnel of your dreams!

    By Milad URL on 02.05.2016

  6. I know you like to hide within your cloak of midnight soaked dreams, but you and I both know you’d be so much happier if you could only entertain the beauties of reality when you’re awake.

    Then you’d never live anything other than joyfully.

    By Madison on 02.05.2016

  7. a cloak lie crumpled, wet on the side of the bed. a cloak that clark did not own or recognize…. did he? he dangles his feet, groggily

    By Kali Salzmann on 02.05.2016

  8. His cloak of midnight became a symbol. Anyone who had any awareness at all knew the second they saw that cloak what they were seeing. If they were just, they had met a strong ally. If they preyed on the weak, their easy pickings were at an end.

    By liam on 02.05.2016

  9. He put on his cloak as he walked down the dirty cobblestone steps. A mysterious death of a pretty young girl was on his mind. He lifted his tophat as he entered the carriage of a concerned father wanting to know the whereabouts of his son in the army. Although he should have been concerned, he could not stop staring at this father’s terrible black boils all over his arms and neck. “Looks like the plague has truly taken over.” He thinks to himself while trying not to breathe too close to him.

    By katie on 02.05.2016

  10. His cloak covered his body and parts of his face. Quiety he sneeked out of the room and left the house. His night had come!

    By Bluered on 02.06.2016

  11. His cloak covered his body and parts of his face. Quietly he sneaked out of the room and left the house. His night had come!

    By Bluered on 02.06.2016

  12. I put on my cloak of invisibility and swiftly move with the night out of sight I can barely write anymore I’m Harry Potter retarded raps poetry soaked in blood from my hands that frog teacher cut I forgot her name my life is a run on sentence so it’s only right I do it like this.

    By Done on 02.06.2016

  13. cloaked in shadow and doused in shame. covered with damp and riddled with blame. death is here.

    By rheyquaza on 02.06.2016

  14. she was dark. Cold, even. But there was a light behind her eyes, something, surely – how could anyone go through life so cold, so alone? There must be warmth. You could reach out a hand, grab the rough fabric and…
    but no, it was only the reflection of your own face staring back at you.

    By el on 02.06.2016

  15. The Jacket was a wreck, only lose stripes of something that once was So Very Important. Finn hold the once-jacket in his hands and frowned. Poe would be sad. Disappointed, maybe. He looked around the make-shift tent and sighed. Nothing to repair the jacket. Damnit.
    The weather outside was dreadful, cold and windy and Finn knew that Poe spent the whole day running around the camp. He must be freezing right now. At the exact moment, Poe walked by the tent and even far away Finn could see his… pilot shivering.
    He grabbed the first thing that he got his hands on and ran after Poe.
    Later, when they would be cuddled under the warm cloak, Finn would understand that he just stole Luke Skywalker’s Jedi robe. He panicked.
    Poe couldn’t stop laughing and pressed a kiss to Finn’s forehead.
    Suddenly it got too warm.

    By G. on 02.06.2016

  16. Hidden from view, her head swaddled in a cloak bought from a used clothing store, she held out her hand, dirty with broken nails and several cuts. She thrust it at me repeatedly.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 02.06.2016

  17. In the evening twilight the dark folds of his cloak hid his face from the questioning crowd as he slunk through the town. Market traders cried out about heir wares but he paid them no mind.

    He knew exactly where he was going. There was a long overdue visit to pay.

    Reaching his destination he pushed open the doors, ignoring the outraged looks of the cronies in the hallways.

    Stepping into the harsh light of the town halls main presence room his features became visible. dark hair, brown eyes, and a thick scar running diagonally across his face.

    “Hello Brother”

    By ACH on 02.06.2016

  18. He brushed the lint off his silk cloak and walked into the forest. There, he was surrounded by the emerald green of the trees, sparkling like gemstones in yellow patches of sunlight. The ground hibernated beneath a blanket of snow, decorated with red holly plants the way edelweiss dotted the craggy mountains of the Alps. He took a meditating breath. Then two. Nature is beautiful, he thought.

    By B.E. on 02.06.2016

  19. His brother’s cloak was usually ill-fitting. Too big by a foot at least, Erik often found himself drowning in it. But on days like this, when they had nowhere to go, all chores were done, and the weather was nice, the cloak made a nice Superman cape. And with his brother behind him, holding the ends, Erik could stretch out his arms, close his eyes, and pretend to fly.

    By Soft URL on 02.06.2016

  20. a cloak is a coat type thing. It is typically associated with bad people. Supervillans, criminals etc. They can keep you warm and are creepy looking. I think dracula wears a cloak. I could even be an invisible cloak. Isnt that awesome? You just wear is and all of a sudden you are invisible. Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak Cloak

    By abbey URL on 02.06.2016

  21. The darkness was enough clothing for her. She slipped her panties off and stood in the cool air of the lake, understanding the ocean effect for the first time since it was explained to her in elementary school. Skinny dipping has a way of bringing to light all of your vocabulary at once. “Holy shit, it’s cold.” Or not. Maybe not ALL of your vocabulary.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.06.2016

  22. type

    By Bridget Grace on 02.06.2016

  23. Renesmee, who got her silly name before the whole twilight thing, threw her cloak over her shoulders as she prepared to go out and mingle among the creatures of the night, otherwise known as her fellow college students.

    By Timn on 02.06.2016

  24. You cannot see me
    you cannot see yourself
    we cannot see each other
    we’re hiding where its safe and sound
    don’t cry darling, we will not be found
    just close your eyes, and breathe
    see what you want to see
    the lights are off
    we can go anywhere you want to, just tell me where
    take my hand, i’ll show you how easy it is to escape
    look where we are now.
    they will never be able to find us here
    it is safe and we are warm and happy
    it’s okay to smile.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 02.06.2016

  25. It feels like a cloak, that’s what this feels like
    I lie to one friend to please another
    I please another while lying to a friend
    What am I doing
    Perhaps it’s for the best, if no one gets hurt
    Perhaps the truth is for the best, in the end
    Life is full of choices, who can say which is the best
    Unknown I wander through the world
    Searching for the correct answers
    That don’t exist

    By Sam on 02.06.2016

  26. I was sitting in my chair and the guys’ cloak was a distraction to me. It was brown and had teh smell of cigarette smoke. I couldn’t stand the smell or his ugly cloak. Now, everytime I see a brown cloak I think of him and the smell.

    By melissa on 02.06.2016

  27. cloak to somthing is to a a connection to somthing are some one i really dont know what cloak means but i cloak to god

    By angelique on 02.06.2016