February 4th, 2016

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65 Responses to “value”

  1. Sometimes the true values of things isn’t on the material spectrum, but rather on the emotional one. I find more value on sentimental things, that carry me places where I can feel all sorts of things, versus being stuck with a single item with a material value that is probably absurd..

    By Gabriella Melo on 02.05.2016

  2. I have a watch that has an incredible value, and a house with a extremely more high value than the watch, but not as much as my plane.

    By D.A.T guy on 02.05.2016

  3. “Value? What’s the value?”
    “The value isn’t what I decide; it’s how much it’s worth to you.”

    By pastor dan on 02.05.2016

  4. this is what they taught you that the value of a woman is:
    the size of her breasts, the brightness of her eyes,
    the way her smile forms, not too big but not too small
    these are everything, and there’s nothing else.

    By bridget on 02.05.2016

  5. Value. Value is something that people search for in themselves all the time. They look for it in their work. They look for it in their accomplishments. They even look in their family. Value is important to everyone whether they admit it or not. What do you find value in?

    By Alexis on 02.05.2016

  6. lots of things have value. whether its your life or just a object. many people think others have value in them. personally i think everyone has value in some form. even simple objects, they mean so much and have much value to me.

    By destiny on 02.05.2016

  7. Gathering in the staffroom, for cake, kind words, and hugs. Another success story, another good day, another moment in life to cherish. I look around and take it in; you see I have been suffering, struggling, sinking into a depression. I have been here before, but I will never go so far again, I know the value of life, and I will not leave it.

    While I glance from smiling face to smiling face, I try and ‘be in the moment’ and appreciate all that there is. It is not a perfect workplace, it is a little large, many of us, myself included, do not know the woman we are celebrating today.

    She says “She loves us and is grateful to have us”.

    Then I see it, her struggle too. As she hugs another colleague, I see the healing cuts, made a deeper red from her excitement. Scar tissue shines, and I see that she is just like me in that she struggles to see the value of life. In that struggle, when you do not want to leave, it is that guilt of the desire that is slowly killing us. I want to ask her: how long, if she has help, if I can help… but I know that if I do she will know that I know and my fear holds me back because shame, guilt and loathing can kill.

    By Haddie on 02.05.2016

  8. Value = worth = subjective = most arbitrarily used.

    By Sonia on 02.05.2016

  9. -The little things in life
    -The love you have
    -The people who care
    -The words and events the mean something to you

    Value all of them.

    By Tem on 02.05.2016

  10. The value of love. I love to know there are people who care about me. I love to know that I can trust in those people. They know who they are. They also know what I am talking about. I just want you guys to know, thank you. I love you guys! You have all made me happier.
    It’s the value of love

    By QueenBee on 02.05.2016

  11. We value so many things in life. What do you value? Is it your friends, family, or maybe even your animals. We value so many things yet sometimes we forget what the important things are.

    By Not my mom on 02.05.2016

  12. What is a value. Is it a meaning or a price. The value of something can be taken both ways. Like the value of life and the value of that mountain dew you just bought, which was only eighty-five cents.

    By Maddygeorge on 02.05.2016

  13. This is what I wrote after my sixty seconds of writers block. Thank you, and goodnight: P.S. You are valuable.

    By Undefined on 02.05.2016

  14. Value, is the most thing people want in their lives, more value that person has they feel they have accomplished everything in life if they have value. Everyday we value our lives

    By Micheal Callahan on 02.05.2016

  15. I need to stop writing about the word of the day because I have to put a numerical value on creative writing papers. I do not want to put numerical value on papers. I just want to give feedback. I don’t really believe in numbers, really. What do they mean? What’s a number, really? I have to stop now. I have to enter numbers into an online grade book. I have to go bang my head on my desk. Because I don’t care about numbers. I care about their writing. The words, their honest, gritty, beautiful words are what I value.

    By Melissa on 02.05.2016

  16. You should never let someone decide your value, only you have the price tag and marker.

    By CS on 02.05.2016

  17. I’ve always wanted to hate you.

    The things you do. The person you are. You’re too nice. You’re too perfect. Your eyes see too much value in every individual–your smiles reach a little too far.

    I can’t hate someone like that. I can’t dislike you when you stop in the middle of busy crowds in order to pick up stray wads of trash. I can’t roll my eyes when you volunteer every few nights just because you’re free and it’s the right thing to do. I can’t hate you because you’re better.

    I guess the word I’m looking for is jealous. I’m jealous of you, and that, I can hate.

    By garbage on 02.05.2016

  18. What do you value the most? Is it your friends? Is it your family? Or do you even know? I value life. Life has given me the opportunities to live to my fullest. I would never give it up for anything.

    By Brighteyes18 on 02.05.2016

  19. When we got to the diner, my boss ordered the fried chicken. It was something he’d been wanting to order since he came to this small town several years ago. Amber was sitting across the table looking skeptically at his plate. When he offered her a taste, she proclaimed that the wings at the local fast food place were better. He defended his meal by its low cost. Her rebuttal was only to say, “quality over quantity.”

    By embr URL on 02.05.2016

  20. I was nothing of value to you. I was worthless. Your love for me was never real, it was all a game. The late night phone calls, the chaste kisses in the hallways. They never meant anything. School was the hardest. The constant judgemental stares and nasty whispers. You made everyone believe it was me who broke your heart. You cut me open and then acted like you were the one bleeding.

    By Ostrich on 02.05.2016

  21. What value do you hold? Are you the off brand value, or do you possess true, deep, strong importance? Do the words and actions that complete you equal the type of value, that someone is willing to pay the full amount for, or do your lack of words and actions express the cheap, discounted value? Is your presence know? Is your presence wanted? Don’t be the great value water, be the Figi water you know you can be.

    By Hello on 02.05.2016

  22. value is about what i believe is right , it is what i think should be done by every one, it shapes who i am, and it shows how others should deal with me. people have deffirent values

    By fatima URL on 02.05.2016

  23. “What is the 5th law of Gestalt groupings?”

    “Oh, the value or the name?”


    “It’s the Law of Common Fate. But I’m intrigued by them as a whole, you should know, as #8 is especially eye catching, that is if you’ve the knack for that sort of thing.”

    By Quicksilver on 02.05.2016

  24. what is the value of a piece of jewellery? you know the answer.
    what is the value of your time? you know the answer.
    what is the value of happiness? you know the answer.
    what is the value of life? this is what most of us are living to find an answer for.

    By e.nat on 02.05.2016

  25. I feel as though this prompt is too similar to yesterday’s. Wasn’t the prompt ‘priorities’ yesterday? These are two similar, I think, as your priorities are usually intrinsically linked with what you value in life. This can be emotional or emotional values – and never underestimate the power each one can exert in your life.

    By A on 02.05.2016