February 6th, 2016

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35 Responses to “jungle”

  1. Once I was in the jungle. There i found my peace, my bliss. The animals hid but the shades of green shown proudly, waiting for me to appreciate its beauty, accepting me into their natural existence. And now i sit, in my concrete box and dream of no airplanes above and no motion upon streets below. I dream of the jungle, my rainforest, my beauty.

    By jill URL on 02.06.2016

  2. Heat. Unrelenting heat causing sweat to pour down her body and make her armour uncomfortable. She couldn’t complain to the boys though or they’d make fun of her.

    By Robyn Shotton on 02.06.2016

  3. There was something burning deep in the jungle. Arianne could smell it, and see a faint glow far away through the trees. She made her way cautiously. Fire meant people, usually, but that didn’t mean they’d be friendly.

    By liam on 02.06.2016

  4. Deep in the jungle, the survivors huddle over the wreckage of a plane that once knew how to fly. They cook up dry entrails in a bucket over a primitive, whimpering fire. As they serve the congealed intestines in scoops, they’re put off by the smell – an odor that reminds them of something, strangely enough, from their homes. An odor of smoke and charred flesh and what used to be alive now decaying in the spoons that they bring to their mouths.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.06.2016

  5. the jungle was deep — but that was a common trait of all jungles he had visited prior to that. what was a bit unsettling in this particular jungle was neither the humidity nor the darkness of shadows, even at noon: it was the clear cut spells wrapped around barks and leaves. one could almost smell the edge of magic in here.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 02.06.2016

  6. the jungle was hay and fever all surround the tribal man stood with eyes full of a lust no man has ever peered under, under the trees the bananas hung low in mid air right in the noses of travelers who spoke no English.

    By Carlos Ramirez on 02.06.2016

  7. “Follow me into the jungle. There will be no danger, only wonder. You will find nothing terrifying, only something rewarding. The deeper you go, the more alive you become. Please, trust me. Follow me into the jungle,” the man said.
    My subconscious told me to shake my head no and run away with my tail tucked between my legs. However, my mouth betrayed me and soon enough I was moving towards him with my hand out. My body was shaking, but I was not afraid. I knew it was the right thing to do.

    By Ostrich on 02.06.2016

  8. We’ve probably all heard that “life is a jungle” but no one tells you that you’re not at the top of the food chain. We like to think we are. We–humans–are the only ones with the ability to be self-aware, right? And we think that makes us tops in the world of eat or be eaten. But it doesn’t. We’re prey to all of those lurking creatures hidden in the dark recesses of our minds. Pain, and grief and hurt and fear. And those beasts, those monsters… they eat us alive. They chew us up from the inside out.

    By Anna C. on 02.06.2016

  9. We’ve probably all heard that “life is a jungle” but no one tells you that you’re not at the top of the food chain. We like to think we are. We–humans–are the only ones with the ability to be self-aware, right? And we think that makes us tops in the world of eat or be eaten. But it doesn’t. We’re prey to all of those lurking creatures hidden in the dark recesses of our minds. Pain, and grief and hurt and fear. And those beasts, those monsters… they eat us alive. They chew us up from the inside out.

    By Anna on 02.06.2016

  10. Sal was discouraged as he sat outside by the water fountain. Behind him was the 70 story building where he once worked. Outside the day was bright, sunny and there was a slight breeze in the air carrying by the mist from the water fountain. He was sick of the corporate jungle and had quit his job so he could travel before he died.

    By suky on 02.06.2016

  11. we hear about
    the last jaguar
    (or maybe it was the cheetah/panther/leopard?)
    but we live in a stainless
    steel society
    and there’s bigger problems
    like did you see this cat video?
    it has a gun.

    By Kairn on 02.06.2016

  12. There was once a dream I had, where I was following you into the woods. I couldn’t see your face, but I could tell by your figure who you were. I trusted you. You just held your arm out behind you, and I just grabbed your hand. And I blindly went wherever it was you were trying to take me.
    Unfortunately, I woke up before it ended, and I haven’t been back since.

    By Hope Selander on 02.06.2016

  13. The jungle is a place that has beauty, mystery, damp air, and new life, but is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Some may travel in, but few make it out alive…those that make it out are more alive than when they entered.

    By Elizabeth on 02.06.2016

  14. in the deep, dark, scary, vast jungle lived a beastly creature. One particular day, their was an eerie sound eminating around the jungle. What could it be? Who is marh

    By anna on 02.06.2016

  15. The leaves dripped, and underneath the canopy, the air was cool and humid. The air was also dark, a physical kind of dark which not only excluded light but also wrapped around the heart. There were also strange noises, made from unseen life, somewhere near and somewhere far.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.06.2016

  16. The jungle is a place where different kinds of animals live and survive.

    The jungle has lions, bears, monkeys, elephants and many more.

    These days the jungle is no more than just as extinct as some animals. People are destroying the forests, the trees and everything else causing the animals lives to be deteriorated.

    By Kayth on 02.06.2016

  17. I was searching… searching far too long. She had left our village about two hours ago and had never returned. After the first hour I began to worry, After the second hour had passed, I began the searching. How could someone find their way back in such an immense forest?

    By Emily URL on 02.07.2016

  18. In the jungle there are orange tigers and red and blue parakeet birds. The river is gange greene and the air is humid and sticky. All the trees are rich and bright green.

    By EJ Sweetly URL on 02.07.2016

  19. “Welcome to the jungle” was one of my favourite songs when I was younger. I loved Guns n Roses and their concert I went to was amazing!

    By Bluered on 02.07.2016

  20. the world, the commute, daily obliteration, the MAN, the INDUSTRY, day to day death, monotony
    bored, the 9-5…show your survival instinct

    By terry benxz on 02.07.2016

  21. Jungle is a like a forest there are many animals and plants, people should preserv more it because one day i can over everybody knows it even thought nobody cares

    By le on 02.07.2016

  22. The brush was thick. Legal clauses, waiting periods, and a thorough screening made it difficult to see a clear pathway to adopting Tamara, the little girl she’d long regarded as her daughter. But her lawyer was sharper than a machete, cutting through red tape with efficiency. Within a month, Tamara was hers, both in the eyes of the law, and in spirit.

    By Soft URL on 02.07.2016

  23. The girl ran through the jungle as her responsibilities caught up with her. She thought that by escaping to this place never again would she worry about the stress of everyday life, but here she is running like there no tomorrow.

    By Ama Aasseh on 02.07.2016

  24. The deep underbrush was cool to the touch as she carefully picked her way through the foliage. How did she ever end up here? She knew exactly how. The sequence of events that brought her to this moment wasn’t a mystery. The motivation for that sequence was the thing she had yet to comprehend.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.07.2016

  25. In 2nd grade Sarah Kate had a jungle birthday party theme, and her poster was so amazing that I kept it. I think we had little tree frog invitations. So no, I’ve never had a princess girl, but a lot of slugs, worms, and tadpoles led a happier life because of her over the years.

    By daisymom on 02.07.2016

  26. “Let’s not play cloak and dagger about the jungle,” she smiles, “it’s unsettling, or do you not agree?”

    I read aloud from Chapter 3, which book is this now, I think I know. It’s hard to concentrate when noises arise in the distance: a snap, a creak, a click. Woe to the creature who doesn’t know when to fight and when to flee.

    By Quicksilver on 02.07.2016

  27. I was there in a jungle, i saw a rabbit white with red eyes it was really cute then it ran away, i went further deep inside jungle then come a tree house. I climbed the tree to find a really cute girl sitting inside the house.

    By Yashdeep Wagh on 02.07.2016

  28. There is a panic in the air as the animals surrounding the lucious greenery that can be found all around. But then a single drop of rain falls down, hitting the soft dirt on the ground. And God when it rains, it pours. The rain tumbles down in endless streams never letting up, starting a flood of emotion for the mother who cannot find her baby bird now that the rain has begun.

    By JC on 02.07.2016

  29. the jungle
    reminds me of the woman who used to play drums at my summer camp
    her drum looked like the deepest darkest greenest place in a jungle
    where the laws of physics no longer apply and magic runs through the roots of the trees

    By talia on 02.07.2016

  30. trees and green stuff and wilderness
    forests and exotic things
    nature and plants and stuff
    wild animals

    By Gabrielle on 02.07.2016

  31. I feel like im navigating a jungle without a map when it comes to you. When it comes to you I feel lost in the tangles vines of my emotions, emotions that i have never experienced before. Emotions that I had previously trimmed away with hedge trimmers, so I could make it out of this jungle without getting trapped. But not this time. This time I was too late to prune myself out…and now im scared and in the dark.

    By bonnie on 02.07.2016

  32. She never felt this small, especially now that she got lost somewhere deeper within the foliage of her own emotions. She thought, how can anyone else find her if she cannot even find herself?

    By nom de luc URL on 02.07.2016

  33. It was a long night, and really he had no idea how he got there. Angrily he swatted at a mosquito, a sigh escaped his lips. This was supposed to be an adventure not a chance for first hand experience with malaria.

    By CrandberryTea on 02.07.2016

  34. In THE jungle there are many animals , leuke elegants andapes . I
    Like spes , i think

    By Luna URL on 02.07.2016

  35. I was trying to clean out my closet – you know, the whole spring cleaning thing. I hadn’t really stepped foot into it for months, and opening the door and taking a step in was like entering an undiscovered jungle. It looked like the clothes and other various items had started to breed in their solitude, like vines and shrubs and ferns making it hard to navigate my way in.

    By Marni on 02.07.2016