January 19th, 2016

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70 Responses to “bunch”

  1. Lately my time has been a mass of self doubt and measuring my self worth.
    Never knowing where I am, or where I’m going.
    All I know is that I love to write, and I think I deserve the joy of writing, and the discovery that comes with it.

    By Christie on 01.19.2016

  2. There was a bunch of spiders in her hair. She almost did not care: it was not the hair she had still on her head, it was the strands that had been ripped away from her scalp in the midst of the fight. She preferred not to think about how her head looked now — probably atrociously uneven. What got her full attention, instead, was how the spiders seemed to eat away at her fallen hair, like they were famished. She hoped they would not like the taste of it — the taste of her.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 01.19.2016

  3. Last I heard, a whole bunch of kids took over the abandoned drugstore on the corner of Main and Turk. Made it their home, apparently. Yeah. Yeah, they brought in mattresses and snuck food through the vents and ceiling, and they got themselves their own space now. They don’t pay rent to whoever owns it, and I ain’t seen no owner of nothing since the store closed down. Never bothered to call the police on ’em – I just leave ’em be.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.19.2016

  4. grapes, people crowds of people and lots of flowers and hair and ribbons in a bunch on someones head. People gathered around in large groups are called a bunch too. Ropes and ladders are in bunches as well as carrots and other veggies are in a bunch. Clothes bunch up too

    By laurel URL on 01.19.2016

  5. All these noises
    All these sights
    They are all better with you by my side
    All these emotions
    All these feelings
    They are all better when I’m feeling them with you
    Our adventures will take us places
    To places that only people dream of
    Our time will come
    Let’s not worry about it, my dear
    Let’s enjoy what we get to hear
    Let’s enjoy what we get to see
    Side by side
    Let’s enjoy what we get to feel
    Let’s enjoy what we have
    Side by side.
    And no one will ever be able to take away our memories.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 01.19.2016

  6. a bunch of brunches. pta mothers at a brunch. a bunch of pta mothers at a brunch. murderous pta mothers at a brunch. why are they murderous? because pam stole their cupcakes for the bake sale

    By dillenthevillain on 01.19.2016

  7. The little began boy ran out of the store with a bunch of grapes in his hand ; the store keeper was yelling all types of things at him but the boy didn’t care. He just ran.

    By skyler69 on 01.19.2016

  8. There were so many of them. Bunches of little groups. They looked sort of like monkeys but I was not to be exactly sure on what they really were.

    By Kemarie on 01.19.2016

  9. I was watching primary election on TV to decide that who am I going to vote in next election. But, I was getting more confused. I was wondering that is it some inherit fault in me that I am unable to separate truth from lie or everybody have to struggle so hard to reach the truth. Because, Truth is always covered by bunch of lies and u have to work hard to uncover it.

    By yas on 01.19.2016

  10. A bunch of dogs escaped, letting the girl alone with a couple of new kids on the rescue center. She didn’t know what to do or who to talk to, she just knew she had made a mistake.

    By Valen on 01.19.2016

  11. inspire

    By tmbgikia on 01.19.2016

  12. like a frickin bunch of stupid ass tadpoles
    they were
    young and not even ready to swim on their own
    yet belching and boasting about flies
    and jump distance
    ugh she stabbed another
    worm with her hook
    and threw it forcefully into the dark

    By Kairn on 01.19.2016

  13. bunching up emotions.
    trying to figure them out all together maybe the best way is to seperate them into single emotions and deal with how they make you feel instead of the larger picture which is what i so often do. you can feel one way towards someone and not feel another. they are separate emotions.

    By pia campagna on 01.19.2016

  14. ok

    By pia campagna on 01.19.2016

  15. olivia is annoying me a bunch, but i love her a bunch. she is a bunch of crap, but all her bunch is worth it. bunches of love in our bunch

    By meg on 01.19.2016

  16. Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are, standing in a row. Now, wouldn;t you wonder why I was lining these coconuts up? Well, obviously, you know that I think they are lovely. Why not line them up, you assume I think.

    By Amy URL on 01.19.2016

  17. mom goes to the grocery store
    turns a corner to see bananas on sale
    potassium is good for you, she thinks
    maybe it’ll cure the illness in your head
    so she buys a bunch

    By MarinadeMaterial on 01.19.2016

  18. bunch like bunch of sticks like fag,
    don’t know why fag became such a negative word
    fag bag tag wag

    one letter away from brunch

    of flowers of hay
    horses and farms

    By swan z. on 01.19.2016

  19. She was just a bunch in a crowd. Buy yet, he saw her. She was actually noticed. They fell in love and he bought her a bunch of flowers on their first date. Then, they had a bunch of kids. The whole house was filled with bunches of loves. As he lay on his death bed he realized he had to tell his wife he cheated on her with the neighbor. After his sin was confessed, his old ratty wife said: “Don’t get your panties in a bunch…I cheated on you for the neighbors too!”

    By Jaidyn on 01.19.2016

  20. I love bunches of shopping, swimming, tv shows, sports, and dancing. A bunch of tv shows I love are pretty little liars, hit the floor, finding carter, degrassi, criminal minds, Chicago PD. Bunches of pretty f

    By Sasha on 01.19.2016

  21. there are a bunch of people bunch of fruits bunch of leaves bunch of trees
    bunch sounds like lunch which makes me hungry
    brunch also comes into mind for some reason
    bunch of grapes also comes
    when things are grouped it is referred to as bunch

    By Aaron Ofori on 01.19.2016

  22. Bunch. Bunchy. Brunchy. I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. I’ve become much worse at writing lately. Maybe because I haven’t been practicing as much as I should. Disney on the brain and my failures. Hopefully I can come up with a bunch of new things to write about and improve.

    By tooembarrassedtoshare on 01.19.2016

  23. I bunch up his shirt in my hand and hold it like he’s dangling from a cliff.

    “Let. Go. Of. Me.” He says through clenched teeth, tugging my hands from him gently.

    “No,” I say, crying as the sheet slips from my hands a bit, “Dustin, no, it’s not-”

    He’d freed himself and made it to the door, and as he pulled it open and looked back at me he sneered, “Please, don’t ruin your moment by soiling it with something as dramatic as ‘it’s not what it looks like’, Jessie.”

    By DeionDakota on 01.19.2016

  24. flowers, the roses i bought you for your birthday one year. you kept my note along with the dead roses. i remember i wrote something like “this is only the beginning, shine your light always” it was corny but it was how i really felt. i wanted you to see the potential i saw. genuine humanity has become too rare… it surprises us and catches us off guard. how sad that is

    By Yasmine URL on 01.19.2016

  25. It was a bunch of pickets that lined the fence this time. It didn’t worry her as much as the protesters and their mean glares, though. She shielded her child’s eyes as they walked outside with the sleeve of her baggy sweater, lunchbox in hand. THey stepped into the black suburban. She sighed as she stared into the rearview mirror.

    By meowme on 01.19.2016

  26. The bunch of bananas were heavy, but we carried them anyways.

    We were hungry, but we didn’t eat them. We were lonely, but we didn’t comfort each other. We accepted our lives as punishments and carried our load. Then we retreated, like from a loss, but from a game we couldn’t play.

    By Jake on 01.20.2016

  27. There was a bunch of people in front of the house.
    She wondered what they were waiting for?
    Not her, she hoped!

    By Bluered on 01.20.2016

  28. they are some bunch of friends

    By Frederikke Hansen on 01.20.2016

  29. Augustus Waters, Issac and Hazel are a bunch of good friends.

    By Anne Sofie on 01.20.2016

  30. I don’t know whats really a bunch is, but i like to talk this word. Bunch is kind of luck, and seems to be a england word. Exemple, we are going to the brunch this afternoon.

    By Bruno Andrade on 01.20.2016

  31. A boy I like gave me a bunch of flowers. This bunch of flowers was exceptionally nice. I am thinking of a bunch of bananas.

    By S Klaassen on 01.20.2016

  32. Tied together, all of those worries formed a formidable bunch, each seeming to magnify the other. They seemed overwhelming so I decided to pluck each one out and pretend the others didn’t exist.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 01.20.2016

  33. There were flowers everywhere.
    she had in no way prepared for this.
    seeing her mother lying in a casket, that she had prepared herself for.
    4 years of cancer is a long time.
    but the flowers and the people bunched together and everywhere–that took her breath away.

    By chelsea wallace on 01.20.2016

  34. A bunch? what is a bunch? A bunch could be a grouping of items, a group of friends perhaps? It’s a weird word if I am honest. What about the Brady bunch? They were a pretty crazy family weren’t they.

    By Hannah S Beaulieu on 01.20.2016

  35. I have a bunch of friends, a big bunch, all around the world. Moving from London made me realise how many of these friends are close to me and how many truly make the effort to have me in their life. In Greece, friendships seem different, less casual and more real. They even take longer to make friends here, which seems to result in more meaningful friendships

    By lberry on 01.20.2016

  36. Bunches of flowers, small ones, huge over-the-top mountains of flowers. Love them all. White roses in boxes are my favourite. Not that they are even classed as a bunch. Lillies i cannot stand. Why are we so different, even in our flower choice?

    By lberry on 01.20.2016

  37. There’s a bunch of things I could write…but I didn’t, because a bunch of issues came across my journey, which led to a bunch emotions regarding the

    By Bradley on 01.20.2016

  38. A bunch of roses littered the play area, strewn about as if there had been a rose parade. But the kids… there were no sign of them.

    By Cate Write on 01.20.2016

  39. Bunched fabric
    banana-yellow and
    puckered seer-
    suckered all
    and round
    garbled bubbles
    of baby

    I wish I could breathe
    that version of you
    in just one




    By dinamspice URL on 01.20.2016

  40. I’ve got nothing
    but a bunch
    of problems
    held in my hand
    like a bouquet
    I breathe them in
    and have to marvel
    at the complication
    of it all.

    By mutecalliope on 01.20.2016