January 19th, 2016

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70 Responses to “bunch”

  1. “Seriously?” Adam gasped.

    “Yeah, she said she wanted to eat so.” Henry shrugged. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Adam shook his head with a grin, “Dude, you are so in.”

    Henry raised an eyebrow, “You do remember I’m gay, right?”

    By Tigerflame on 01.20.2016

  2. The were huddled in a corner, whispering. She did her best to ignore them, focusing on the words on the page in front of her. The dates and facts began to haze as her attention lazered in on the words they were saying. “Dangerous.” “Impossible.” “How could this happen?”
    She had to know what was going on.
    She made a large stretching motion and bent her head closer to them in a manner she hope was inconspicuous.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.20.2016

  3. Random thoughts crowd my mind. Bunch in the corners. Fill spaces where I long to see space. It’s full. Crammed. Thoughts stuck like a cork.

    By rachelgi on 01.20.2016

  4. I have a bunch of grapes in my fridge that I would like to eat. I also have a bunch of schoolwork that I have to do every day.

    By Emily on 01.20.2016

  5. A bunch of bananas would be great to have. They are one of my favorite fruits, a super fruit is what they are called. I could make smoothies with them. I love smoothies, and bananas make them nice and creamy and thick. I also like to chop them up and eat them in my cereal.

    By Christian on 01.20.2016

  6. A bunch of kids found themselves taking in smoke and alcohol like it was air and water, and this did not bother them at the very least. How long could you be young enough to damage yourself to your heart’s content?

    By M on 01.20.2016

  7. Bunches of bananas. I like bananas because they are awesome. Bananas are yellow.

    By k8t03 on 01.20.2016

  8. I would love to have a bunch of bananas. If i had a bunch of them, I would makes smoothies. I love smoothies. And bananas make them nice and smooth and thick. and delicious. I also like to chop them up and put them in my cereal. Chex and Bananas.

    By Christian on 01.20.2016

  9. There were a bunch of people in line at the grocery store huffing about the hold up. Kareem glared at them and tried to avert his eyes from the woman searching her torn up leather bag for money she didn’t have. A small, dirty boy next to her was staring in resignation at the red grapes waiting to be bagged. Before he could think twice, Kareem offered his credit card to the cashier. The woman thanked him profusely and her son burst into tears.

    By Soft URL on 01.20.2016

  10. There are a bunch of fandoms. Doctor who is timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly stuff. Supernatural is all about trying to get Destiel together. Sherlock is about Sherlock Holmes dying and coming back and breaking all the fans hearts over and over. All together its, Superwholock. Your welcome.

    By Caeli Wells on 01.20.2016

  11. of beuatiful flowers that were left on the porch. Margeret had no idea who sent them and since they had no note she couldnt even begin to guess. She had a secret wish for it to be the handsome shop clerk she had spoken too at the nightclub yesterday, but that seemed a little farfetched. Whoever it was seemed to know her favorite colour

    By Stephanie URL on 01.20.2016

  12. the whole bunch of teens are ready and excited for the bus to drop them off at camp
    a bunch of bananas were left on the counter all week and they turned brown

    By MackenzieD. URL on 01.20.2016

  13. I don’t know what does mean this Word, but I have to white about this. I think that mean something to use in a kitchen maybe.

    By karoliny on 01.20.2016

  14. Most guys get girls a bunch of flowers for their birthday, because they smell nice and its basically saying ” Hey, I like you.” Honey Bunches of oats is really good cereal, cause its sweet, and good…. my brother usually eats all our good cereal, cause he likes cereal and he eats alot, cause hes a big dude…and he pays to live here, so our house is basically a apartment . but he dosent pay for food, so my mom yells at him, for eating all our good cereal. cause we need some too, but he dosent care, bout us, cause he has a gf, and a nice computer.

    By Devon on 01.20.2016

  15. What a bunch of losers! That’s what came to my mind first. I know I always write this but I’m going to do it anyway – “bunch” is a noun.

    By Amber on 01.20.2016

  16. She bunched up the comforter in her hand, released it, and repeated. Comforter…yeah right. Wasn’t very comforting right now. She swore she’d never be okay after this. After losing him so suddenly

    By Nervous Energy on 01.20.2016

  17. bunch is something that is connected together, or something that is a cluster of something. A group of things, for an example a group of a papers.

    By Orianne Goodspeed URL on 01.20.2016

  18. Bunch is a fun word to say go ahead say it, its fun right? Anyways bunch can be used many different ways, it can be used for describing a stack of hay or lots of snacks or anything.

    By george on 01.20.2016

  19. A bunch of gapes hung from a vine
    A bunch of kids came and ate them

    By skyler69 on 01.20.2016

  20. Theres always just a bunch. Bunch of shit. Bunch of problems. Bunch of issues. If you want to look at it that way…
    Because theres also a bunch of love. A bunch of light. A bunch of happiness… everywhere around you. Just depends on the eyes your looking through.

    By Anya URL on 01.20.2016

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    By Mrs. Herring on 01.20.2016

  22. It bunched and began to ride up. Something about the moisture made it stick and slide further with every movement. It took all his concentration to prevent his hand from wandering behind to wrench the offending underpants out from between clenched cheeks. Marvin was not a great public speaker, PowerPoint presentations were always a nightmare.

    By BeccaJean on 01.20.2016

  23. It was raining heavily where I was hiding so I quikly got out and and started to bunch up my knok down tent and I rand off toward the cave I saw earlier.

    By AwesomePerson on 01.20.2016

  24. As he walked around the marketplace full of people he saw lots of different items sold by the bunch. He looked around searching for the item he wanted, but could not find it.
    So instead of buying the item he wanted he continued walking until he found the fruit stand, once there he asked for a bunch of banana’s. Sadly they were all out of bananas. Such was his luck that day.

    By Soul on 01.20.2016

  25. I ran quickly through the dark hall, hoping to get there in time. I was running late and, besides the fact that I still had a bunch of work to do, now I also had to deal with both this annoying cold and the anxiety that the thought of screwing things up always seemed to trigger in me. All I really wanted in that very moment was for the day to be over sooner so I could go home and get back into bed. Hopefully everything would turn out right and I would finally be able to catch a break.

    By Anaid Skylight on 01.20.2016

  26. Grapes, they are always in a bunch. A bunch is always fun. People aren’t sad when they talk about a bunch of something,

    By carol on 01.20.2016

  27. From where he was seated, Jim could hear the hateful utterances from the more vocal members of the crowd. Just as the ringleader on stage whipped the auditorium into a frenzy over the looming spectre of American decline, Jim held the fabric of his pant leg in a bunch trying to calm his nerves.

    By asavas on 01.20.2016

  28. I like a bunch of apples a day. I play minecraft a lot with my cousin. there are a bunch of bullies in the world.

    By jedikid02 on 01.20.2016

  29. bunch

    By jedikid02 on 01.20.2016

  30. global herds of hipster
    make me judge harshly
    in this endless sea
    who are we?

    By katiekieran URL on 01.20.2016