January 20th, 2016

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62 Responses to “craftsmanship”

  1. The desk was beautiful. There was no other word for it. Any other adjective would have ordained it with too much or too little at the same time. Beauty. Plain and simple. She ran her hand over the grain of the wood and looked around the shop. She peered through the antiques, searching for someone who might work here.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.21.2016

  2. Today I feel good and sad cause my jetpack broke but I’m going to build something better an flying machine to take me to the clouds boom baby I did it I call my work craftsmanship right I don’t know who am I who are you my mind ahhhh boommmmm explosion.

    By Elian Rivera on 01.21.2016

  3. I think of Tim. Old world style. Careful attention to detail. Pixels carefully honed with the same craftsmanship of an finish carpenter. Pride in his work and care for his client.

    By rachelgi on 01.21.2016

  4. well, it bothers me about the man. the man didnt make everything. he may be crafty, he may have even built the ship, but the waves that keep it afloat, the storm that could ravage the vessel, the skies, oh that is mother nature.

    By Jung on 01.21.2016

  5. craftsmanship is a posh word for making things with attention

    By Jung on 01.21.2016

  6. I have very good craftsmanship. I do a lot of art stuff and I like painting and doing things with wood. I also like drawing and making things.

    By Em on 01.21.2016

  7. Craftsmanship. People working. People working hard, like an old white haired man in a shack in a peasant’s town. 1860s. Making a barn for his horses. Is a barn craftsmanship, or rather the items in the barn? Makes me think of the time we went to amish country with the girl scouts.

    By Betty on 01.21.2016

  8. Craftsmanship is a very important skill. I like to build things.

    By Katy on 01.21.2016

  9. Exquisite craftsmanship, I thought, as I hefted the wooden spatula. It had a comforting weight in my hand, and the burnished dark gloss caught the light and made it dance.

    “Isn’t it a bad idea to use wood for something that will be touching hot pans?” I asked.

    “Well certainly,” replied the salesman, “Only if you’re into using it that way, of course.”

    “What other way could I possibly use it?”

    “Oh sir,” he said, laughing. “How very much you have to learn.”

    By Chris URL on 01.21.2016

  10. She breathed in deeply. The shop smelled of oil, wood, and something she couldn’t name. Sage perhaps. When she opened her eyes, she found the owner’s beautiful steel grey eyes sizing her up. Her face grew hot and she grasping the nearest thing to her. “I love your shop. Your craftsmanship is remarkable,” she exclaimed, caressing the hard wood. The man chuckled. “Uh, thanks? But I didn’t make that…that’s just the counter.”

    By Soft URL on 01.21.2016

  11. The item is done by someone with ability that is better than average. Craftsmanship is a unique skill.

    By Regina Ivie on 01.21.2016

  12. the man had excellant craftmanship on the block carvingshe demonstrated excellent joy for his work

    By MackenzieD. URL on 01.21.2016

  13. As the young girl looked at all the handmade toys, she noticed that the craftsmanship wasn’t shabby, they wouldn’t break easily. She saw one a small horse toy that looked as nice as a professionally made toy, she decided to buy this horse toy. Her luck was great.

    By Soul on 01.21.2016

  14. It wasn’t perfect; not bad, but not quite good either. I guess it would fall under between satisfactory and needs-a-little-more-polish for it to be quality work. But she didn’t mind the blemishes, as long as it meant something sentimental, or has some history attached to it, that’s good enough for her to buy such subpar furniture and cramp it in along with her other subpar furniture on his subpar living room of his subpar house.

    By nom de luc URL on 01.21.2016

  15. craftsmanship is when your very good at craftinng something. People who have good craftmanship are builers and electriticans.

    By emma on 01.21.2016

  16. “Very nice. Yes, very nice.” He ran his withered hand up and down the finished wood, admiring the craftsmanship and detail. The salesman had no idea that he was just buying time for his associate to help himself to the merchandise near the exit.

    By asavas on 01.21.2016

  17. There’s a difference between doing something well and making it look like a work of art.

    You want to know the difference?

    Sit closer.

    It’s making it look effortless. It’s pretending it wasn’t a big thing to write the novel. You sit and make something out of nothing. Like a god.

    By john on 01.21.2016

  18. The man handed me a beautiful cross,it was the best craftmaship I had ever seen.

    By skyler69 on 01.21.2016

  19. Craftsmanship is somebody with a certain skill, like engineering or a carpenter or even a certain skill in sports.

    By george on 01.21.2016

  20. Someone who is good at making something. They are an expert in their field. I think of woodwork but really it could be anything that they can make with their hands. And create. Not just follow directions but think outside the book and create something beautiful and unique. Something they are good at.

    By Megan Clapper on 01.21.2016

  21. Craftsmanship initially sounds super official, but I like to imagine each person in the universe holding their own craft. One need not fit their “craft” into some special category, but each of our lives hold some unique craft. Each of us have a craft. Each of us sail that ship of life. All of us.

    By binnyyy on 01.21.2016

  22. Thats wonderful craftsmanship – she said
    Thank you – he said

    By Steve O URL on 01.21.2016