August 27th, 2015

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49 Responses to “bound”

  1. The book bound in leather, shall it weather better than one wound with silk? And if it were carved in stone or bone or horn or inked on fiber? Etched in plastic or glass? Hard wired? Meaning embedded in particles? I’m sure there is an answer depending on upon situation.

    By Intuition on 08.28.2015

  2. “it’s bound to happen, bro,”

    “what is bound to happen? and don’t you bro me,”

    luhan snickers, sehun is indeed too naive for this journey. this deadly journey.

    By luhan on 08.28.2015

  3. She felt the ties of their relationship for the first time. The restraints were never something she had noticed before, but now it was evident. She could feel the tension whenever she would breathe, or even more tightly whenever HE would breathe.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.28.2015

  4. She was bound to a pole which she estimated was 400 feet above her, she guessed it was pretty far down into the ground too.

    By Miss Madelle on 08.28.2015

  5. Across the field he came, springing and bounding as if he had never seen something so glorious before. His mouth hung agape, strands of saliva catching the wind before disappearing into the world. A tennis call clutched firmly in his teeth.

    Oh what a loyal boy he was.

    My special special brother, I should go get his meds for him.

    By Michael Thompson on 08.28.2015

  6. Have you ever felt like your entire stomach was dowsed in ice?

    Maybe it felt like your heart dropped down past your feet until you couldn’t feel anything but hopelessness and fear?

    Or maybe you feel a phantom pain piercing your very core, even.

    Now, he felt all of those and so, so much more as he gazed at the brunet that was bound to the wall, covered in so much dirt and blood that the only part where his beautiful skin could be seen was where the tears had run down his face.

    It was like everything had paused as their eyes met for the first time in weeks.

    By A Paper Flower on 08.28.2015

  7. Mary was bound to a tree in the middle of a forest with rope, and had no hope of ever getting free. One day, a young adventurer named Jake found Mary. He took out a small knife and cut her loose.
    “What is your name?” Jake said curiously.
    “Mary.” She stated simply.
    The two people felt a connection upon meeting.
    “Mary. We were bound to meet.” Jake said.

    By Alisha on 08.28.2015

  8. I gaze out across the crystalline blue waters, adjusting the telescope. I’m bound for the land of my dreams, a life of adventure and mystique. I know to expect both placid and torrential waters ahead. But when has that ever stopped me?

    By Shr on 08.28.2015

  9. It bounded me and him together…it kept us sane. The cuff of strength, power and love; the thing that held us together even when we desperately needed to be away from each other.

    By Bailey on 08.28.2015