August 26th, 2015

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56 Responses to “stem”

  1. Be careful and don’t get poked by the thorns on Rose stem. The stem of a Rose has sharp thorns and they hurt when you get poked by them

    By Becca Seale on 08.27.2015

  2. The stem was very green on my roses I love to trim the stem from my roses

    By prettybrowneyes48 on 08.27.2015

  3. The first thing that come to my mind is stemmcells, and all the crazy-backassed opinions people have about it. Then my mind quickly gums to where do things “stem” from. Everything we do, create, think, stems from…where?

    By Rachael on 08.27.2015

  4. The flowers were made of glass. Stretching on for what seemed like miles in the sunlight, they carpeted the world with a glittering delicacy, catching the glow and holding it within their translucent hearts as if it had been born there. There were thousands– a sea of jubilant fragility.
    Moved to silence, the traveler knelt to inspect a single rose more closely, awestruck by the hues. The perfectly-formed leaves were a luminous green; the petals were richly red, glossy and deep. Other flowers shone just as gloriously all around him– here, a blue to rival the sky; here, a yellow as vivid as joy… here, a triumphant violet, a stunning pink, a white as glossy as the moon on water.
    He gently brushed his calloused brown fingers along an emerald stem, smooth as an ocean stone, and a tender smile crinkled his face. What wonders. What a beautiful place.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.27.2015

  5. Stems on flowers and different types of plants are very interesting the store water and help the plant grow.

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.27.2015

  6. A flower has a stem stem are what hold the flower up. Stems also pass water to the flower part. Stems are an important part of nature, without stems flowers would lay on the ground and would die, due to lack of sunlight water and getting squished.

    By Nadia on 08.27.2015

  7. The stem of a plant can be seen when you look at flowers, ferns, etc. A tree does not have a stem however, but they do have something called a trunk! I see that a lot of people have gotten this mixed up.

    By Becky on 08.27.2015

  8. If I pull the stems, you can make a daisy chain. Our lives can be linked like the stems of a flower crown.

    By Court URL on 08.27.2015

  9. Billy showed emotion through clenched fists and body kicks. In fits of rage, he was known to black out and come to his senses after the bloodshed was done. When the social worker came to take him away, his father muttered something about bad apples. Billy just eyed the old man with a wry smile, “Oh yeah? Must’ve been the soil I was rooted from.”

    By Soft URL on 08.27.2015

  10. from here
    to there
    and back again
    going deep
    going tall
    and neither
    from the centre
    comes the edges
    and without the edges
    there is no centre

    the base, the core, the fundament
    without the extremities
    is just a stick

    By Benjie on 08.27.2015

  11. The stem of the world tree broke through the earth at 6 am on an otherwise typical Sunday morning. Later, some would see some Christian symbology here, clinging to their established beliefs in spite of this new evidence. Clara, however, knew better. She knew that these days were named after those who sat at the foot of the tree, even though the rest of the world had forgotten.

    By beth on 08.27.2015

  12. I think of stem as the stem on flower. Rose or Daisy.

    By Jeremiah on 08.27.2015

  13. the stem of plant is like the back bone of a human. without it we have no way to stand on are own and the same for a plant.

    By wern on 08.27.2015

  14. The stem of a plant is its sole link to the earth, and while like many of us do seeds are lain often to create remnants of the plant itself and grow from there. As we do with those we meet and influence daily. Our stem is our family, our link to this earth from which we have come.

    By benpmccann URL on 08.27.2015

  15. The stem of their love was strong like a root, and they were always happy.

    That was, until the girl looked around and noticed how different and wide the world is. The boy did none of that, he preferred to stay in the comfort zone as the girl venture out and meet new people and experience new stuff. New feelings bloomed, and love was forgotten by the two of them as they separated.

    By Randompeepur on 08.27.2015

  16. It lies at the whole of us. At our core. That bit of forever which nestles at the center of our bodies in this life, and outlives the mere mortal flesh which we wrap ourselves in and obsess about, that we decorate and worship and abuse and love.
    That stem of us, the beginning of our being, it is untouchable by our present, and it will continue long after our bodies have crumbled to dust.

    By terradi on 08.27.2015