August 28th, 2015

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28 Responses to “kept”

  1. She kept her heart inside the cage, tightly locked away. It was out of reach, out of touch, out of sight by everyone else that have met her, and she preferred it that way. Without her knowing, it already hardened like a rock, and there was no way she could ever turn it back into the warm thing it once was.

    Until he came to her life and charm her with his smile.

    By Randompeepur on 08.28.2015

  2. We kept our love a secret, tucked under sheets, sealed in cardboard boxes, locked in black plastic safes with cheap keys that were easy to break and easier to lose. When we walked past each other in the hallways, we did not touch – no brushing of fingers, no rubbing of elbows, no knocking of knees. Yet the current between us was so strong that sometimes I would jolt, as if shocked by something collecting static, and I was so scared that somebody would notice the way my muscles tensed and my breath fled my body every time I saw you.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.28.2015

  3. I kept the key to his heart, safe, where I couldn’t find it. He deserved better than a rotten heart, a pulsing stone to the core. I couldn’t give him sweet love, golden nectar, aphrodisiac. I couldn’t. All I could do was love him.

    By Pelumi on 08.28.2015

  4. i kept trying and trying but i failed so i dusted my self off and kept trying until i finally got it so if u mess up just keep trying and that is everything u have to do in life to succeed

    By Sparkles on 08.28.2015

  5. I have kept my mouth shut when I have felt like screaming. I have kept too many secrets. I have kept broken things together when I should have let them fall apart. I have kept my heart

    By GEDteacher on 08.28.2015

  6. I kept the memories of you, as much as I wanted to forget, I couldn’t bare to let go, to completely forget. I never let go of the hope that it would go back to the way it was, that you would come back to me, and never leave. But I was wrong.

    By sam on 08.28.2015

  7. Kept means to keep. Humans like to keep things, material things, in order to be happy and it confuses me sometimes. Why not love a person, why love something that can’t love you back, that won’t matter when you’re gone, that won’t matter a year after you use it. Keeping things is weird, and I don’t want to keep anything.

    By Rheanna on 08.28.2015

  8. I kept thinking that there had to be more than this. I couldn’t sit here any longer and try to decide what the future had in store for me.

    By Maddie on 08.28.2015

  9. She kept the scrap of paper in her pocket for a long time, and then she forgot to take it out before putting her jeans through the wash. She forgot several times, in fact, and she only ever let go of the one thing she felt proved that Amelia was ever alive, her only way to prove they had known each other, when it had been dissolved by Tide detergent.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 08.28.2015

  10. waiting for the bruises to heal from the realm of the tales
    he once told
    over and over again

    the man with the guitar
    with the tired eyes
    that won’t sleep a wink
    through out the night

    By Sasha on 08.28.2015

  11. waiting for the bruises to heal from the realm of the tales
    he once told
    over and over again

    the man with the guitar
    with the tired eyes
    that won’t sleep a wink
    through out the night

    he sank ‘
    sinking ships
    in my head

    forever gone
    deep in the grave
    of now my tired

    By sasha on 08.28.2015

  12. One I kept this hideous shirt.. I thought it would look really great but it looked disgusting. I looked like a fat lard. Never keep something that makes you feel gross.. Because you’re fabulous always! Always keep what makes you shine. Love yourself. Out with the bad.

    By Kayla on 08.28.2015

  13. I kept a piece of clothing that made me feel disgusting. I don’t know why. You should never keep anything that brings down your self worth. Your self worth is everything. Always love yourself and keep things around you that give you life. Keep something that gives you a purpose. I haven’t kept anything thats been really good for me before.

    By Kayla on 08.28.2015

  14. She kept almost every gift she had ever been given. From presents exchanged between friends in grade school to her graduation presents, she had a hoard in her closet of everything. There was one thing that stood out from the rest of the items

    By Cricket on 08.28.2015

  15. I kept everything that he had ever given me, the notes, the birthday cards, and felt mad at myself whenever I remembered that I had thrown away the puzzle I got from him from my birthday. That was before he died, of course. I often found myself looking for the same puzzle in stores.

    By emma on 08.28.2015

  16. People you love should be kept close to your heart; if they don’t love you in return, they should be kept away from your heart, as far as memory will let you keep them. That is not always a safe distance, though.

    By Nyla on 08.28.2015

  17. they sewed my asshole closed
    and kept feeding me
    and feeding me
    and feeding me
    and feeding me
    wutang feeding me forever

    By reallyupsetting on 08.28.2015

  18. She was a well kept woman. As close to being spoiled as one who was loved by a mommy’s boy could be. She had kept her blade well hidden, however, the desire and urge to spill blood was worn upon her lip like a background dancers lip gloss.

    By melodyroop URL on 08.28.2015

  19. She kept looking over her shoulder. She was certain that she saw something. Maybe it was him….maybe it was the other one.
    “God”, she prayed “Don’t let it be the other him”. She wouldn’t be able to stand it if it where the other him.
    “I’m not going back to the asylum, not for that.”

    By Katie on 08.29.2015

  20. It was Fall, and it was the season of war.
    “Do you remember the war?” She asked him.
    “Less and less.” He replied.
    As they walk through the rubble that was once their homes just days ago before the raid, she recalled his fascination for airplanes and the times he told her that he wanted to enlist for the Army to fight for his country. She had kept his aviator goggles–it was his guarantee to her that he’ll come back–before he left to lend a hand to the townsfolk that were the victims of war.
    Moments later, the raid came like a thief in the night. And it took everyone she knew in this town, including him.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.29.2015

  21. I have kept the memories of you within my heart. I’m not sure if I can ever let them go. I have kept the pain inside of my heart. Although I want to let it go. I have kept the love inside of my heart. I’m not sure if I will ever let it go. Kept

    By Amber on 08.29.2015

  22. She kept it in a box. The box was old, rusty, and wooden. She wasn’t sure wether to open it or not. Did she really want to relive her past and bring it all up again? Maybe her past was best kept buried. She didn’t need anyone knowing about it did she? She just be

    By Amy Rush Da Silva on 08.29.2015

  23. I have kept myself in the best physical and mental shape possible and it keeps on getting better. Lives are made by being the best person you can so that you can have the best life possible.

    By trkstr67 on 08.29.2015

  24. She maintained composure. She looked straight ahead and didn’t blink. He looked down eventually, embarrassed. Gotcha. She pursed her lips and looked back down at her computer, continuing, not giving him the satisfaction of her reaction. Keep on keeping on and all that.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.29.2015

  25. I kept everything that my father had when he passed away a few months ago. All of the money, all of his belongings, and everything else. He didn’t write a will and the rest of the family hasn’t contacted me.

    By odaniel on 08.29.2015

  26. The house was a bastion of cleanliness against the outside world. No must, dust or mold were ever allowed to enter its halls and rooms. The aggressive vacuuming, washing, and sanitization effectively warded off the occasional straggler that made it in on boots and shoes, and the humans who filled them, and the air filter quite effectively warded out the odd stray pollen.
    This was my work. I was a warrior of cleanliness and I took pride in my job.

    By terradi on 08.29.2015

  27. He kept her heart and she kept his. Both of them had their hearts held out at their palms, waiting for the right moment to drop and break it. Soon enough, the hearts would be thrown into the cold floor or squished with the power from their palms.

    They couldn’t keep their love forever.

    By Randompeepur on 08.29.2015

  28. Kept.

    I gave him my heart, thinking he would give his in return. Instead, he kept mine and I never had his.

    By weakmoments on 08.29.2015