March 19th, 2014

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77 Responses to “active”

  1. My mind is an active fiend. It never stops, it never slows, it never takes a breath. It’s always running, running,, running away from where I want it to be. My body is lazy, it needs a break. My mind says, “No”. I want to sleep. I want to dream. I want to explore. Please slow down, mind. For you are slowly killing me.

    By Maggie URL on 03.19.2014

  2. The last time the cells had been active, and Melissa had crouched over the microscope until her back ached, unable to tear her gaze away from their splitting and multiplying.

    By mrsmig on 03.19.2014

  3. Active. What does it mean to be active? Is it only physical? Just because I don’t go to the gym doesn’t mean I’m not active. My brain is active. My emotions are active. More active than my body will every be. More movement that I will ever complete.

    By Sarah on 03.19.2014

  4. Activity is important. The activity in itself is useless-someday it won’t matter, or it will never be applicable, but activity is exercise. Exercise of the mind, body, brain, spirit, intellect–whatever it may affect it’s important. Letting these areas go stagnant with bouts of television and brainless sources or wire, that’s what kills.

    By Fuji on 03.19.2014

  5. I wish I was a more active force in my own life. It’s funny. I keep wanting change, but I keep moving along as if change was something that would happen to me rather than something that I make happen. You’d think I’d have learned that by now. But here we are. I’m passive. Not active.

    By Sericite on 03.19.2014

  6. staying active is a matter of realizing when to let it go; when to allow complete and total relaxation to blur the fine lines of your goals.

    By Alex Light URL on 03.19.2014

  7. Her body may have been broken but her mind remained strong and active. Spending her days divided between the library and the alchemists’ laboratory, Delena vowed that her twisted legs would not hamper her ability to help rule, help GUIDE, her people.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.19.2014

  8. I am not as active as I would like to be. I would like to be in better shape and the only way I know that I can get that way is to get up and start exercising I want to be able to one day run in a marathon that is one of my dreams. I would like to be more active in church with my family. I know that I need to get up and just go. I like to be active with my children and I know that somtimes I am too tired to do so. I think that being active means that you have a get up and go.

    By scarlett Blackwell on 03.19.2014

  9. Active. Active volcanoes. Active minds. Active hearts. Active pens. Active trains. Active me, active you, time to act, time to react, time to redact, to make a pact, to do something, now, even when, you don’t know how. Reactive. Proactive. Activate your self.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.19.2014

  10. He set the timer having checked the fuse.

    By smr on 03.19.2014

  11. His brain was too active and there was nothing he could do about it. No meditation, no music, no book could keep his mind from traveling to the end of the world and then back around the other way. That was, nothing could stop his thoughts until he met her. She filled his mind and sent him back to a calmer place, a place where things were more simple and all he had to do was smile to know he was alive.

    By Emily on 03.19.2014

  12. I was so active today!
    I ate
    I Slept
    I watched tv
    I ate again
    I played video games
    I went to sleep.

    By edinabrownie on 03.19.2014

  13. You are such an active member in my mind, I can only hope I dance through your thoughts even half as delicately.

    By Madison on 03.19.2014

  14. From within her chrome-plated head, I hear a furious whirring. That must mean that she’s activated and ready for action. I stand there for a moment, unsure of what to do. I wave my hand in front of her eyes, and she stares at me like I’m a rude tourist in a foreign country.

    By asavas on 03.19.2014

  15. When my mom told me I wasn’t being active enough, I countered with a morning sprint with zombies roaring in my earphones. When she told me I needed to cool down once in a while, I literally dunked my head under running water in the sink. I always liked to mess with my mom like that – since she never seemed satisfied with my state of mind or lack of equilibrium, I took her advice as literally as possible. Needless to say, she liked talking more to my husband than to me after a while.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.19.2014

  16. Always moving
    Can’t stop, can’t even think about stopping
    Don’t look back
    If you stay busy you won’t have to think
    Don’t have to remember
    Stay active
    Stay mobile
    Fitness and outward appearances will impress
    Don’t stop to think
    Keep going
    Always moving

    By Naomi on 03.19.2014

  17. Jocelyn came home from a hard day at the office, as the captain of her team within a reputable company, such as JP Morgan, it’s only natural she’s exhausted. With all the chaos that ensued at the office today she’s relieved to come home to some peace and quiet.

    She flips through a light novel she’s been reading on and off, but she can’t seem to get into it anymore than she did a month ago. Jocelyn’s ready to call it a night and goes down to the living room, she turns towards a small rectangular screen and taps in a number. “SECURITY NOW ACTIVE.” At ease, she heads towards her bedroom heeding the calls from her therapeutic mattress.

    Jocelyn stops. She hears a feint tapping beneath her and moves slowly back into the living room. The curtains twist and turn as it’s now apparent that the front door has been breached. There’s a loud thump and her body’s frozen solid, breathing is near impossible, and thoughts are racing. The glass screen on her wall, that use to give her a sense of security, has now been partially shattered. The screen on the security console flickers a word as a last ditched effort of warning Jocelyn. “A-C-T.” Jocelyn pivots and runs…

    By stimjim on 03.19.2014

  18. running around screaming, thats what i used to do when i was a kid. Some say i was pretty active, i think i was something more exaggerated than that, maybe mental. Yeah that works.

    By alexburford on 03.19.2014

  19. It was sports day. 2009. I was 11. i was in the 100m sprint. Jessica Handbag was racing against me. She was INSANE. Apparently she once ran the 50m in 4 seconds – well, rumour has it. But now it was my turn, my turn to show Akrington High what i was made of. BANG! The gun went. Jessica shot off like a cheetah who has been aggressively force fed Red Bull since birth. Not me though. Nope, not me. Not poor Richard Cramptwin. I crapped in my lycra and fell within the first 6m. Probably because of all the energy bars i ate on the bus here – granola laxatives.

    By Francis Plummer on 03.19.2014

  20. active run! zip faster than light running through the moon i cant even see im so fast run through my hair run through you knees inm so god damn active ive lost it damn where my keys

    By cam URL on 03.19.2014

  21. the shadow slid over the grass turning it into active entity
    what crap

    By Zahra Aamer on 03.19.2014

  22. Clementine, that was her fucking name. There she was, lerking on the patio, leaking like a burst pipe on a hot summers day. Why did she do it? What had I done? All I know is that while I ran towards her she pulled a face I could only describe as a banana being squished into a nerds’ mouth, yeah it was fucking gross. As I continued to run towards her she soiled herself again, helpless, screaming for attention. That’s the last time I’ll give my daughter lucazade

    By George Talboys on 03.19.2014

  23. Surely, we are binary… like stars, or twins,
    or soul mates that have yet to open their eyes
    to see more
    than a sea, or a rock,
    or a world.

    Perhaps, because we are living,
    we may evolve and change our edges
    to fit along the tombs within each other,
    though we may be pieces too vast for numbers,
    or for pities left; plaguing.

    Let us be defective, not preordained,
    to lose each other
    in the jungle of secrets and veins,
    for I would rather be free will
    than the shadow puppet of some destiny,
    more pupil-wool than that of sheep
    and less known than that of even gods or man.

    Surely, we are what we make ourselves.

    By Pandatry on 03.19.2014

  24. i feel so active i feel like a bomb and a sex fiend and a shell shelter a sacrifice i have been doing things and thinking things and wanting things and making things but then i realized i cant im not okay dont feel dont feel just do to need, not to feel, need need need to be active not to feel active activate myself

    By Sage URL on 03.19.2014

  25. The guinea pig rustled and writhed beneath the blanket. She reached up to flick something off the computer screen, and Charlie dove from the armpit escape. Into the light, be free!

    She scooped him up and plopped him back in her lap because his escape could be completed. “They’re supposed to be diurnal, but I’m not so sure.”

    By Yona on 03.19.2014

  26. sport, not lazy, tired, sweat, community, family, work, relax, outside, climbing, sweat, water, healthy, with others, fulfilled, happy, social, friendship, relationship, going, busy, time, work, activity, hobby, work, thinking, balance, needs balance, physical, alive, living, moving, running,

    By Andrea on 03.19.2014

  27. “Looks pretty radioactive,” Rouge said, twisting her lips.
    He glanced back at the screen. “Not radioactive. Just toxic.”
    “If I didn’t know any better I’d say we had a murder on our hands.”
    Shadow grunted. “A killer. We need to track him down.”
    “No kidding.”

    By 709 on 03.19.2014

  28. actively i hate you
    passively i don’t
    i just dawdle in my glares because
    what’s the point of wasting
    my ounces of energy on you
    they are hard earned
    and hard spent
    dislike is a calorie counter
    it eats away at you and
    chews and chomps your
    your legs grow thin
    and your eyes

    By sevenwords on 03.19.2014

  29. a man and his horse jumped over the stack of hay. it wasn’t impressive. it didn’t impress me. it just caught me, and that’s hard to do. there’s something about that man, or maybe even that horse, that just seemed out of place. like a diamond in the rough, but not in that cliched way.

    By Lyra URL on 03.19.2014

  30. i like to mope and read books

    By Lyra URL on 03.19.2014

  31. In the seven years he had been an active member, he had never actually done anything to harm anyone, just some training exercises and a lot of talk. But he knew that his past would come back to haunt him one day, and now it seemed that day was at hand.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.19.2014

  32. I am active, try to active, want to active. In the act of doing something. Where does that take us and what do we do? Can’t see an end to this, just a mindless maze like a rat caught in a trap. Just to be active, to keep going to move without reason. Where does it end, what do I do and why am I still going. Sometimes this is exactly not what I am – active. I’m active enough on this word that’s for certain.

    By Protean on 03.19.2014

  33. I’ve never really been an active person always hiding in corners and trying to blend in with walls.Never really reaching my potential.

    By Emma on 03.19.2014

  34. I’ve never been an active child. At least, not what they could see. Not outside of my mind. That’s where worlds were born. They may not count, but they were what they are now; a world to me.

    By Ivana Fish on 03.19.2014

  35. That was the key, he said. He kept busy. ‘When I Got Busy I Got Better.’ Meeting Makers Make It. Etc. Busy in recovery work, busy in life improvement, busy in building self esteem and confidence. It was about staying active, he said. That’s how anyone got anywhere they were trying to go, by going.

    By DMM URL on 03.19.2014

  36. use yourself your mind your body your soul

    apathy entropy disuse decay

    is sin

    use me if you must

    By Jem Page URL on 03.19.2014

  37. running across the beach
    sunligfht bleaches the hair
    salty snake tresses whip away
    and the rocks embed themselves into souls

    By summer on 03.19.2014

  38. I took another turn in the bend of the track. My Dr had told me I needed to remain active and to keep up the good work. Today was the hardest day yet. My feet hurt, and my lungs were tired. But I knew that in being active I would stay the course and end up healthier.

    By Savannah on 03.19.2014

  39. My mind was always active. I would compare it to a gala thrown by Gatsby himself. Trumpet sounds would mix with orange cherries and the bubbles of champagne would break the surface with voices all I can think is that the meniscus is the top of a liquid and noble gases expand infinitely and… don’t you see… the gala has begun.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 03.19.2014

  40. “But therein lies the problem, see? Most, if not all of the agents on this list are inactive.” Sara glanced up at her boss, brows furrowed as she clutched the heavily redacted sheet of paper. “How are we supposed to find them, much less recruit them for this mission?”

    Chester—not the ideal or his preferred name as the head of a huge corporation, but he’d have to live with it—rubbed his chin as he sat down next to her. “I’ve managed to contact a few of them but most of them have done a good job at staying hidden. But we need them, Sara. And I’m counting on you to get the task done.”

    The blonde smiled. “Of course. You know I’d do anything for you.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.19.2014