March 20th, 2014

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68 Responses to “values”

  1. I learned of the different values. The ones you keep and the ones that you have to let go sometimes, or the ones that require a pinch of leniency.

    By umbazachika URL on 03.20.2014

  2. I believe in things
    I know thats like saying you have no morals
    but it sure seems that way sometimes
    you can be so inconsiderate, selfish
    all that matters to you is… you.
    and I’m done wasting my time caring about people who don’t care about me

    By Josh Miller on 03.20.2014

  3. His values consisted of one definition: pride. He based everything off of it. Nothing was done unless it was an affirmation of his accomplishments. After all, the only thing he had was himself.

    By musicrazi URL on 03.20.2014

  4. “…Death gives meaning to our lives. it gives value and importance to time. time would become meaningless if there were too much of it.”
    -Ray Kurzweil

    By Josh Miller on 03.20.2014

  5. Values.
    Everyone has them.
    Someone will value something higher ethnic gold
    Whereas another will consider it lower than trash.
    You’re aware of the fact that we do this with materialistic things
    But do you know that more often than not
    We do the same exact thing
    With people?

    By Crystal Winchester on 03.20.2014

  6. Value are such an interesting thing. They change so frequently. Sometimes I sit an wonder how my values would be changed if I had grown up in a different state, in a home that wasn’t broken, or with another family entirely. Yeah, values are weird.

    By Samantha URL on 03.20.2014

  7. Something in the way the years move by, I think it grows and grows
    And if the sun refused to shine, I think we know how this one goes

    But I –
    No, I –
    I don’t know how it will flow

    If the die pairs snake eyes, will I know what to do
    And if you look to me, will I have the answers too

    But I –
    No, I –
    I don’t know how it’ll play

    Out that way
    Out that way
    Out that way

    If the words are soaked, would we still talk the same
    And if I change as I will do, will you still love me true

    But I –
    No, I –
    I will never forget your name

    But this value is my cue
    I can be halved in two

    Into this way
    Into this way
    Into this way

    When I think about you too
    Only when I think about you

    By Intuition URL on 03.20.2014

  8. values are the basic and fundamental stone of one’s life. values are very important in a family. values are an important part of indian way of life. children should learn them early in life and respect it.

    By arpit goel on 03.20.2014

  9. I value many things. I value my life, I value my freedom, I value my family and friends. But I think, the one thing more valuable than any other to me, is my perception of the world. It is what defines me what makes me me; it is what lets me discern issues of morality, and to navigate the webs of truth and lies. In a world where language is far too crude to define anything, perception is the one thing that lets me know justice and grace, forgiveness and joy, beauty and love.

    Is it no wonder that I value perception so?

    By Rai URL on 03.21.2014

  10. If we can’t agree on anything then what’s the point? How about this: there are no truly evil people. Your hitlers and your Genghis Khans only thought they were doing the right thing, no?

    By DigusBickus URL on 03.21.2014

  11. If our values are the same, we have the freedom to argue as much as we do. We know that at the core of our beings, we stand united. And unity, my dear, makes a great deal more difference than your friends like to believe.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.21.2014

  12. There was a time when values were respected and sought after. Today it is a challenge to find men of fortitude and acumen that will stand up and honour they vows to aim for only the best and to follow the right path to success.

    By victor URL on 03.21.2014

  13. Although they’re always fighting eachother, every religion has the same basic values. We each strive to live in harmony with ourselves, eachother and the world we live in. SO what does it matter what comes next? Let’s just try and survive this right here.

    By Dominique on 03.21.2014

  14. I still believe in old fashioned values. A pity not everyone does….

    By Alexandra URL on 03.21.2014

  15. As a general unspoken rule Cyril doesn’t have much say when it comes to the less than ethical means executing and disposing of certain jobs.

    “Oh, sure. Made him squeal for a while. Just like I promised, hah.” He doesn’t have values- he doesn’t need them to be exceptionally good at his job,. “No, I’ll accept the second half in paper. Don’t go tip-toeing around this now, dolly.”

    Many of his jobs consist of vague, wealthy nobodies with families somewhere probably overseas, inheritances tucked away in waistcoats and picture frames set ablaze. Sometimes they’ll have kids. “That’s it. You have it here in a jiffy, dolly. Comprende?”

    As a general rule, Cyril shouldn’t really care how he kills someone, so long as by the end of the night there is one less person adrift in Melbourne. And yet, he’s always had his own way of doing things- his own style. Cyril does not confuse that with values, especially here when he steps over the unconscious body and looks for the butcher’s knife.

    By kristen URL on 03.21.2014

  16. What I know of values began with my mother and half eaten sandwiches. With things left to rot. And it ended with my loving her more than myself. Saving my own dreams for another life because we hadn’t yet chewed through hers.

    By Ralueke Ikejiani on 03.21.2014

  17. He sat there on that bench watching the charade as if he was not their scapegoat. They had stripped him of his dignity, that had been easy enough. They had taken everything he owned and had demolished his reputation. The events of the past six weeks had completely unravelled twenty years of hard slog. As he took stock of the losses he calculated that he had only two things left; the truth and an unwavering set of values. The truth, as it turned out, was of no value at all, so he turned his mind to what his mother had taught him – focus on the things you can control and don’t give up until you’re dead.

    By pip333 URL on 03.21.2014

  18. She sat back. What about her values and morals? The position she was asked to take screamed of denying everything she believed. But, she didn’t want to do it. Even though the money would help her out of debt for sure.

    By Savannah on 03.21.2014

  19. She kept them hidden underneath a mask of political correctness. She frowned at all the right things and protested every slight. But her internal monologue was filthy and full of the worst sort of vitriol.

    By Soft URL on 03.21.2014

  20. everything is determined by its values
    action, dress, even statues
    they are all in
    and will never ever have been

    the law of time you said
    for me it’s the law of the head lead
    but where are you ?
    waiting your half brew stew?

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 03.21.2014

  21. She values his friendship. But perhaps that’s lead him to believe that she wants more from him. He certainly has gotten more flirtatious, even though she only thinks she’s being friendly. She wonders how bad it will get when she finally has to tell him they can only be friends.

    By Sericite URL on 03.21.2014

  22. I really don’t have any values. At least, not anymore. Not since I killed my family. You can’t afford values if you’re a mass murderer. And sadly, I know what I’m talking about…

    By Horst on 03.21.2014

  23. The worth of a man
    Is not decided in gold or silver
    But through the efforts of his mind
    -famous author.

    Simon cast the book aside before he had begun.
    This was not going to teach him how to conquer the world.
    For that, he must look inside himself.

    By Siege URL on 03.21.2014

  24. Oneword Clever

    Sharp intellect, quick wit,
    lick then spit into her clit
    dip dip
    the tip tip
    so she drip drips
    A marked man, machine and monster.
    That mark will cost her,
    accost her, sexual assault?
    Not my fault.
    Be a gyp, do it and regret
    the threat of your first hit.
    Slap the tears off her ears’

    Did she hear it?
    Nah, she’s deaf and blind,
    didn’t know she’d been cryin,
    But you know she felt hit,


    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 03.21.2014

  25. He hugged his daughter and looked at his wife, then jumped into the river.

    By herhar URL on 03.21.2014

  26. Family values, what kind of values do you have? Everybody has different values.
    They make us who we are. Good or bad values.

    Sometimes we learn them from someplace else, from somebody else. They are things to live by.

    By roze_princess URL on 03.21.2014

  27. The worth of something. Opinion. The things I value most are food, love and explosions. The undeniable truth is that humans

    By FarrowTheHuman URL on 03.21.2014

  28. Today is the day I become a man– high hoped and gleaming with shiny newness that comes with thinking you know what’s best in the world, what’s right. A sense of entitlement that wreathes your crown– you are the golden boy.

    By pulchritude URL on 03.21.2014