December 29th, 2010 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “wishing”

  1. Wishing and pleading
    begging and crying
    only to be near you.

    By carmen16 URL on 12.30.2010

  2. When I find myself wishing something that I know that sometimes is unpossible to come true, then I wonder what else I can wish for that would become true for real.

    By Pearl on 12.30.2010

  3. Wishing leads to dissappointment.
    If you don’t expect something
    to happen
    then…. uhm

    i dont know, just something i noticed.

    By Brendan Rooney on 12.30.2010

  4. I wish I were a good girl, but I’m past that now. I have often wondered what it must be like, those others, those good girls, in their boring dresses, their dumb hair, their dull eyes gazing out on life. But that’s not me, and that’s not how I can be.

    By Horace Torys URL on 12.30.2010

  5. The problem with wishing is if you really wish hard enough, if you truly make yourself believe, if you dig deep you can turn a granule of hope into a mountain of magic that you come to rely on, and if you do all that you’re still just as likely to not have your wish granted. Maybe even more likely since you spent all your time wishing and none of it trying to make it happen. It’s like hope but with even less activity.

    By Rob URL on 12.30.2010

  6. “Wishing will get you nowhere, son.”
    And so i was raised by my bootstraps,
    I plowed the fields,
    i tilled the land,
    and at night i lay, looking up at the heavens

    By Brendan Mark URL on 12.30.2010

  7. Opening the drawer, she found a light shining in the back. She smiled, and wished all her dreams to come true. Looking out the window now, she discovered it was a beautiful day. Though overcast, the melting snow looked like decorative frosting on the ground. The sun seemed to grin onto the earth. Everything felt perfect. Then she woke up.

    By Alex URL on 12.30.2010

  8. wishing can create some incredible thoughts in your mind…..but it can also cause some heartache. wishing can lead to dreams, and hopes, and eventually to goals and something bigger than once thought. what starts as a simple wish, can amount to an amazing accomplishment.

    By Jenn URL on 12.30.2010

  9. Wishing for a fire to burn down the house so that I could finally move out without having to tell my parents that Living With Homophobes Is Like Living Among Ashes Already not that I would tell them that because it would have no context what with the house not having burned down as it was going to have to do if I was going to communicate ANYTHING to them.

    By Edith URL on 12.30.2010

  10. He looked again at the coin he was holding. One wish would make it all go away, right? He remembered that Louise was standing there with him and he took a deep breath “I wish that I were an elephant again”, he said before he could change his mind.

    By Aenea URL on 12.30.2010

  11. i was wishing and hoping that i would be home on time. i hardly ever am, but today was different. i couldn’t miss her first steps. her mother would be so disappointed. she wouldn’t show it, of course, but i’d feel it.

    By Andrew Walker on 12.30.2010

  12. I am wishing to have a wonderful life with the man that I love. I would appreciate and wish for my life to be as successful and fulfilling as I strive for it to be i love Steven with all of my heart and i want us to be happy forever together!(:

    By Rina URL on 12.30.2010

  13. wishing wallows on the wonderful waterfront. Under the skies of yesterandtomorrow I see naught. Hope lingers under a tree with one leaf, and i can’t help but stop to wonder why. Hwy wish when wishing wishes you werent.

    I wish therefore I am. I hope you wish and am here with me. Wish oh wish. Wish for better and worse. I wish for wishing and better tomorrows. What is better? I am good

    By Nick on 12.30.2010

  14. There was once a time when I thought wishing could amount to anything. I thought if you made a wish there was some power which could hear you and grant you what you wanted, maybe if you were good and deserved it – this being apparently being both god and Santa at the same time. Keep in mind the capitalization – as a kid I had my priorities in order.

    By Ryan Duggan on 12.30.2010

  15. They say you should wish upon a shooting star, however I never felt comfortable about that. My father was an astronaut in the 70’s. One night we looked up at what we thought was a shooting star, yet it turned out to be my dad’s failing space ship.

    By CB_Radio URL on 12.30.2010

  16. and so… it never came true. as hard as he closed his eyes, as hard as he blew, it never came true.

    By Roberto Manjarrez URL on 12.30.2010

  17. all good for everyone and everything in any time.

    By mep on 12.30.2010

  18. I spent so much time wishing for stuff, I get too busy actually doing the work required to achieve the dream. When I’m not wishing, I’m fearing the success. How do I overcome this?

    By SueO URL on 12.30.2010

  19. I wish you would text me right now.

    By lilldeh URL on 12.30.2010

  20. I am wishing that the days would become warmer, and the the flowers would bloom. I am wishing that my days were simpler and more free. Free to bring the joy to my heart that is so blocked by obligation and stress that I cannot release my mind to the wonders around me…

    By Anna on 12.30.2010

  21. I’m sitting here,
    And it isn’t doing me any good.

    I need to stop caring whether
    You’ll ever
    Look at me like you look at her.

    I need to stop wishing
    And caring
    And dreaming
    And hoping…

    Because in the end it comes to nothing.

    By Little Shark URL on 12.30.2010

  22. I kept on wishing…wishing for something to happen. Maybe not anything spectacular, of useful…just something. Something other than this dead everyday nothingness I lived through. I wished on the stars and on the time of day, but it never occurred to me to wish on the wishing well until a foggy day in April.

    By Mia URL on 12.30.2010

  23. I kept on wishing…wishing for something to happen. Maybe not anything spectacular, or useful…just something. Something other than this dead everyday nothingness I lived through. I wished on the stars and on the time of day, but it never occurred to me to wish on the wishing well until a foggy day in April.

    By Mia URL on 12.30.2010

  24. I wish I was a fish, a singin’ in the water but if I was an eland, then I could be made into a beautiful bust and placed on a wall some where in Kentucky. I’m no hunter but I’ve supported my share of killing by eating sandwiches.

    By Marcus on 12.30.2010

  25. I was wishing you would come. I was wishing you’d walk through the door and every time it opened i held my breath and closed my eyes and said your name. I was wishing you woul be there when I opened them, smiling and walking towards me and grabbing my hand and kissing me. But when I opened my eyes there was just the door.

    By Ophelia on 12.30.2010

  26. She wished she could be somewhere else. Someone different. Someone special. But instead she was as plane Jane as they come. She wished every night before she went to bed for something special to happen to here. That was until she fell down that hole after that stupid rodent.

    By Nicole URL on 12.30.2010

  27. i wish i was a ballerina. i wish i could fly. i wish my parents cared. i wish i lived in a big city. everybody wishes. i wish alot. its fun to wish sometimes and daydream but alot of the time it just makes people depressed. do you believe in fairytales?

    By Andrea on 12.30.2010

  28. What can I say? Wishing is something I do every day, wishing I had a different life, where I’m not just a wage slave, but can do something really fulfilling that will make life seem worth living. Too depressing? Wishing makes it not so and gives hope to me even in my blackest moments.

    By embarrassed on 12.30.2010

  29. i wish i had a car
    wishing you were here right now
    wishing is a tough thing..
    knowing that it wont come true ,
    its just a chance..
    its a hope
    and belief.we all wish we were here to c this

    By asdas on 12.30.2010

  30. “I wish… more than anything… more than life…” Ever seen Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters? I watched it in a theater class and instantly fell in love. I’m not talking love in the mushy gushy sense, but love as in a life-changing, my-life-would-not-be-complete-without-it sense. Act I closes with a “they all lived happily ever after” while ACT II begins with “Yeah, right, dream on Disney losers.”

    By Brittney URL on 12.30.2010

  31. I’m wishing there were a place for me to escape. A place to dive into that would be the opposite of my world. I wish for a place where my dreams can become reality.

    By Elise URL on 12.30.2010

  32. She stood over the well, eyes half lidded, hands folded beneath her chin. Please, she thought. Please let him live…

    By Allison URL on 12.30.2010

  33. She stood over the well, eyes half lidded, hands folded beneath her chin. Please, she thought. Please let him live… Tears escaped her, trickling down into the dark water beneath and blurring her small reflection.

    By Allison URL on 12.30.2010

  34. People wish for things that they know they can’t have. If they could have it, they would have gotten it already. It’s a subconscious plea for someone else to go out and get it for you. Stop wishing and do something!

    By S on 12.30.2010

  35. i was wishing for a puppy and some stuff. but everyone wishes and they dont alwaysget waht they want but its ok. we all wish for something. its all fun to wish but it doesnt mean you will get it

    By becca on 12.30.2010

  36. Ohhh I wish I wish upon a star….that there was more time in the day. More time to enjoy what I have, I realize now. It kind of scares the crap out of me. Wishing is whimsical, but fantastical…I wish everyday for something new, and something amazing.

    By EmilyFo URL on 12.30.2010

  37. I’m wishing for a pony, a pretzel and a pin, to take to my mother on the south side of the Flynn. She has wanted a pony since she was a girl, to ride to courthouse square, where, with my father she would dance with ribbons there. A pretzel so she wouldn’t hunger, for she’s hungered for so long. A pin to burst the bubbles she sees of my father’s memories. So you see, I’m not wishing for myself, just a dream to make my mother happy, so she may gather up her broken wings and fly, once more.

    By Brittany on 12.30.2010

  38. Wishing, hoping, praying… it was all I could remember doing. How long had I been fighting this harsh reality?
    I stared in the mirror, coldly observing my stolen body, as I did every night. It was not mine; it had never been mine, and I despised every inch of it. Even now my consciousness burned at the awareness of these loathsome bones.
    There would be no shooting stars tonight, I thought bitterly.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 12.30.2010

  39. wishing is necessary. wishing means having dreams and want them to come true. it is the combination of having dreams and having hope. essential for life, essential for progress, essential for success. it is essential for happiness. so be wishful.

    By Kay on 12.30.2010