December 28th, 2010 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “tarnished”

  1. The kettle was tarnished, but not that old. She thought it had probably been hidden there for only a couple of years. She pulled it out and reached inside. Something crackled in her hand. Her hand wrapped around a bundle and she cautiously drew it out.

    By CP URL on 12.29.2010

  2. She looked at her wrist, at the old tarnished silver bracelet that she always wore. It was a reminder of the past, of all the things that could have been. She gave a sigh. What was the use of dwelling on faded dreams? It as time to look forward – to make a new future with someone who was in her present, and not in the past.

    By CP URL on 12.29.2010

  3. i used to love one word before it was tarnished by spammers and such.to be able to write to someone and tell them i loved their writing,or strike up friendships..but then,that’s the way life is.to end highschool i went to my uncle’s in florida with my brother.my supposed best friend told my long time girlfriend and love of my life that i was going to cheat on her(the thought never even crossed my mind),then he stole fifteen hundred dollars from various members of my family.my life has been tarnished ever since.i sit in the man cave of my mind never capable of truely getting close to anyone.i don’t have the emotion to love.i’m damn good at faking it,though

    By bend @the knees on 12.29.2010

  4. “It’s tarnished” she said.

    “It’s beautiful, nonetheless,” replied Peter.

    “I’m not putting it on.” Sarah pouted.

    “I wouldn’t dream of it,” said Peter, making for the door.

    “Where are you taking it? I wasn’t serious…”

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 12.29.2010

  5. My complexion is tarnished
    my exposure to heartbreak
    has done this to me.
    One day i will beam again,
    this I truly believe.

    By carmen16 URL on 12.29.2010

  6. It was big and bright and powerful, but as time went on its tarnished origin overcame the initial allure.

    By Scott URL on 12.29.2010

  7. The silver has tarneshed on the candle sticks
    The gold has tarneshed on the rings
    Many things have tarneshed over the years
    But, my darling, our love is never tarneshed
    Not now… not ever.
    We will shine forever.

    By tig6 URL on 12.29.2010

  8. I don’t know what I did to lose my respect, but I’ll just have to deal with it.
    Deal with the fact that my name is forever tarnished.

    By Amy Southard URL on 12.29.2010

  9. In band class curved in endless rows of chairs facing the pivotal source of instruction, my hands turn black. Clasped around the slim neck of my mother’s flute with my fingers hovering over the sticky keys, I glance down and notice the distinct color. My hands tarnished by the forty-year-old instrument weathering years of floating melodies and dust-flecked auditoriums as millions of eyes stared out. They knew.

    By Brittney URL on 12.29.2010

  10. I thought i was loved by him, but on night can tarnish it. he won’t stop saying lies about it. he has power over me and has tarnished my heart. I don’t know how to cope or what to do. it hurts so much.

    By Sarah on 12.29.2010

  11. worn, used, spoiled, not as good as it was previously, what can it be used for? is it still useful?

    Silver, brass

    By Bob Allen on 12.29.2010

  12. tarnished memories, trophies, gold. It gives a sense of old. Tarnished items seem to demand a reverence that the new just can not have.

    By Allison URL on 12.29.2010

  13. My reputation completely tarnished. Everything tarnished. And now I have nothing left. My love has left me, my mother has left me. All because I was tarnished. It was so easy in the beginning but now, I’m ruined. I’m tarnished.

    By Nehanzi on 12.29.2010

  14. Tarnish is a word, often followed by little noun known as “reputation”. Has your reputation been tarnished? If so it’s probably because of a simple indiscretion, a rumour or other discrepancie. Anyway, it’s a pretty big deal. So you’d better sort it out, otherwise your life will be tarnished.

    By Daniel URL on 12.29.2010

  15. Tarnished. Like the silverware in the cabinet, I am tarnished. Tarnished by what could have been and what never was. Tarnished because I feel like a young person trapped in an old body and in a different era.

    By Catherine on 12.29.2010

  16. image was tarnished because of all the hoopla about the scam.

    By Nitu on 12.29.2010

  17. Tarnished. Like the silverware in my old, broken cabinet, I am tarnished. I’ve never felt so alone or worn down, burdened by what could have been and what never was. They’ll never see me the same way. And I guess, since I am tarnished, I will never see them the same way either.

    By cking URL on 12.29.2010

  18. the tower was tarnished by the morning sun and the rain. It’s color had decayed over the years, from a shiny bronze to a burnished, dull brown. Now it was turning green with age.

    By Laura Reiter on 12.29.2010

  19. no idea what it means.. haha!

    By ale on 12.29.2010

  20. Querer

    By Yamari on 12.29.2010

  21. The tower was tarnished by years of constant rain and sun. Years ago it turned a murky brown, but now its color was becoming green. The townsfolk accepted this turn of events, but still longed for the shining tower of old.

    By Laura URL on 12.29.2010

  22. She found the bracelet in the flea market, and asked the merchant, “How much?” He said, “$7.00”. And when she took it to her car and rubbed it, she found out it was pure silver.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.29.2010

  23. “I do!”
    *50 Years Later*
    Best moment of my life, when she said “I do”. It was beautiful. And now, at her funeral I stand looking at her beautiful as ever, yet lifeless being. I look at her left hand, her wedding finger and see the tan line from wearing what I hold in my hands. Her silver and gold banded wedding ring is now tarnished after wearing it for so long…. with so much love.


    By Kylee URL on 12.29.2010

  24. i was running now, through the thick woods. I had nothing. My clothes were tarnished, and my dignity destroyed. I needed a new beginning. A new life. This is my story; my life.

    By Alex Brennan on 12.29.2010

  25. The young lady had tarnished her youth with one night of passion with the love of her life. she could see the tarnishing jewelry all around her neck. she was losing the touch of innocence. Emma was losing her mind and it was just because of one simple love act, but it was everything to her. She was not a naive girl anymore; she was the definition of a woman.

    By Ian on 12.29.2010

  26. tarnished

    By Brandy on 12.29.2010

  27. sometimes i wonder if i will ever succeed. i think to myself of the mistakes that i have commited and wonder if they will ever come to find me again. when i lay in a dark corner i am amazed at the places that i acutally do find hte light

    By elizabeth on 12.29.2010

  28. I could write a crappy poem about how tarnished my life, my heart and my feelings are like most people probably will… but I’ll spare you guys the agony :) screw the rules I have green hair!

    By Lexi on 12.29.2010

  29. The gold was tarnished and Abigal wished she could clean it. As hard as she scrubbed it wouldn’t become clean. One day, when she was old and dying she found the locket again and realized that as she learned it became cleaner and cleaner.

    By Evie on 12.29.2010

  30. I had a camp cabin leader when I was in middle school, her name was Sarah I think. And at the end of the week she gave us all her AIM. it was Tarnishedgem. or something close. We, the campers, completely idolized her.

    By Kate URL on 12.29.2010

  31. dead, laid out in the sun with the brass leaking towards the finely cut grass. paralyzed, eyes locked above with the indifference of a beating heart. tarnished, broken, never fully alive.

    By Caroline on 12.29.2010

  32. Makes me think of old and rusty things that were beautiful once, and are in their own way if you look closely enough. Like old ladies – like Miss Havisham. The precious metal underneath is still worth the time, and worth displaying.

    By valerie rose on 12.29.2010

  33. The tarnished brass ball was held in balance by a burlap bag of sand. Who knows what could have happened if that bag of sand were not there…

    By Ski on 12.29.2010

  34. An elderly woman sipping tea peering through a lace curtain.

    By Hellen on 12.29.2010