December 29th, 2010 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “wishing”

  1. She sits and waits for something more, alone behind a closed door.
    Never had she ever known-for greatness was never shown.
    Her life was such a bore waiting for that which she may adore.

    By elora URL on 12.30.2010

  2. It occurred to me, not too long ago, that wishing for things to happen was a ridiculous waste of time. It wouldn’t ever make them happen, it was just daydreaming. The only way to have a life is to get out there and create one for yourself. If you find yourself wishing for something to happen, you need to do it.

    By Jennifer on 12.30.2010

  3. i was wishing that o could get out of office right now and maybe watch a movie better still go out to some place like Rajghat which is my favourite place in Delhi and enjoy the beautiful weather. In January you dont have to wish that you were at a place likeshimla beacause Delhi becomes like Shimla.

    By Deepak Chawla on 12.30.2010

  4. for a better body and pretty face, upon a star, to be someone else, for a guy that will appreciate me will recognize my value and see me for what i am…a nice girl. to be happy. thats all

    By Untitled on 12.30.2010

  5. creativity. to imagine. to dream. even though as people we may have our differences but we share the ability to dream, to wish.i wish he would notice me. and he that didnt have a girlfirend :-/

    By Daydreamer on 12.30.2010

  6. i’m wishing for the same thing every day. every single day. i don’t even make the wish anymore, i just say, “i wish the same thing again today”. i think it’s supposed to help it come true, but to be honest, i don’t remember what i was wishing for at all anymore.

    By samantha on 12.30.2010

  7. Sometimes I wish that I could have a better life or more things but I bet there are lots of other people who wish that too. I would like to wish upon a star but I doubt it would come true. Some people wish at 11:11 in the hopes of a wish coming true, but I don’t think that would work either.

    By Ellen on 12.30.2010

  8. Sometimes I wish for impossible things… actually not I don’t I just wish for things a lot, every day in fact it is like my brain is always going forwards. I do not exist in the now ever, always longing, always hoping, always, always wanting just that little bit more then what I already have and I have a lot.

    By Julia on 12.30.2010

  9. I wish I was thin.

    By Dina on 12.30.2010

  10. I’m wishing my loved one over there in the odd land that the news keeps telling us the people that live there are evil, a safe new year.
    I’ve learned from my loved one that the people over there are not what the news tells us. They are just like you and me. They have there own worries that like we do, so this leaves the question, why is it that the news decided to make us think that those over there are extemly different when in reality, they’re our nieghbor. Hmm…… I’m wishing my loved one over there in that odd land a safe new year, even though I ranted a bit too long.

    By The Unknown URL on 12.30.2010

  11. on a star. a wish is self indulgent. a poor person’s wish is what i throw away in the bin. food that could save a starving child’s life. while i wish i could sing as good as that girl on the telly.

    By Jay North on 12.30.2010

  12. I close my eyes, to make a wish. To be Superman? To fly through the sky and feel the wind on my face. To never die, as fast as a train. Laser eyes. Cool. Or, to have a million other wishes. Clever me? Then I stop and think- More than anything I wish I could stay here with you, happy in each others arms. You are my Kryptonite. When I am with you I don’t need underpants outside my trousers. I am flying.

    By Geejay URL on 12.30.2010

  13. wishing for a new me. i wish i could be rich. I wish i could be thin. i wish i could be a mom. i wish i could be everything to my husband. i wish i could do more. i wish i could see more. i wish i could stop wishing.

    By Jen on 12.30.2010

  14. I wish alot of things. But most of all i with i could be with the love of my life… Also wish i had more time to write what i want to write… -.-‘

    Just wish i could spend forever with you.

    By Kiah URL on 12.30.2010

  15. Five AM has come and gone. I’m wishing for sleep. Two hours of laying in darkness has given way to x-hours glued to a 16″ screen. Such is my life.

    By Chelsea on 12.30.2010

  16. Wishing, it’s a foolish children’s game. What good had ever come from it? He had once wished to be successful. Now he was alone in the world overrun by demons he had only dreamed of in his worst nightmares.

    By Krystal URL on 12.30.2010

  17. i wish life was easier, sometimes. challenges come and go, i know its a part of life. but sometimes don’t you ever wish you could have break from it all? let things slide on through? maybe a passage way. i wish…

    By Alicia URL on 12.30.2010

  18. A few minutes ago I noticed the time and wished I could fall asleep. Even when I close my eyes and try to make sleep happen I find myself thinking of things I need to do and wishing for things I’d like to have.

    By Lizette URL on 12.30.2010

  19. Jeg ville ønske, at verden var et bedre sted. Det siger jeg. Jeg ville ønske, at jeg var et bedre menneske. Det ønsker jeg. Jeg ville ønske, verden var bedst mod mig. Det mener jeg.

    By Camilla on 12.30.2010

  20. I wish to be happy. I spend a lot of time wishing and not actually doing anything though. Why is this? I guess because I’m lazy. I need to start actually making things happen. I guess that’s my 2011 news years’s resolution. Let’s hope this works out. I’m done wishing. Let’s be happy.

    By Eric Santiago on 12.30.2010

  21. He is the midnight news
    that I watch when I cannot sleep.

    I’m wishing I won’t ever have to change the channel.

    By Crystal URL on 12.30.2010

  22. stars, people wish on stars even when they have beautiful things right in front of them, sometimes people are silly with wishings, i am so as well. we wish for things that will do us no good. we wish for trivial things like a new car or better hair or more money.

    By abigail on 12.30.2010

  23. easy this – my daughter is expecting identical twins. All i wish for is for all three to be safe and well. forget riches, posh holidays – I just wish for the chaos that will come with healthy twins.

    By joey URL on 12.30.2010

  24. i wish i was perfect. i wish i could make him happy without flaws. allll i want is to not want anymore, for my wishes and needs to come true. i can’t handle this. i’m so far from perfect i feel hopeless. i don’t want to die, but i want to overcome this sadness. fuck. i am sorry. i don’t want to be sorry anymore, i’m sick of that too. i love you brandon.

    By emily on 12.30.2010

  25. When I was small my grandmother used to take me to a park near our house. In the park was a wishing-well. The bronze coins in the bottom of the well glistened under the water in the morning light.

    By Pilgrim on 12.30.2010

  26. Sitting , wishing, waiting, if that were any good I’d be with the “one” by now, driving my own canary yellow beetle, traveling around the world and rubbing shoulders with the who’s who. If wishes were hippogriffs, would ride

    By Kimberly URL on 12.30.2010

  27. Sitting , wishing, waiting, if that were any good I’d be with the “one” by now, driving my own canary yellow beetle, traveling around the world and rubbing shoulders with the who’s who. If wishes were hippogriffs, I would ride

    By Kimberly URL on 12.30.2010

  28. Wishing had never got her anywhere, had it? So why was she again indulging in this faithless notion? But aren’t we humans supposed to wish, dream, experience, LIVE? Is it not these things that make us quintessentially just that…human?

    By Sana on 12.30.2010

  29. Wishing has always been the undoing of man. Cleopatra wished for eternal beauty, Alexander wished for world conquest, Machiavelli wished for intellectual supremacy, Martin Luther King wished for equality. There’s it, at work everywhere, every time….this “wishing” business.

    By Sana URL on 12.30.2010

  30. I’m a very wishful person. I have so many things I want. The thing I want the most is to be with this girl. She makes me so happy and I can’t have her. So I’m wishing that I could be with her again. I’m just always filled with disappointment when we try to hang out, because something always happens and I’m left heart broken. And I hate it so much.

    By bahernandez12 URL on 12.30.2010

  31. Close your eyes, and feel stars and diamonds prickle your eyelashes. Make up false stories and acts from plays in which your wishes come to life.

    1,2,3. Concentrate.

    Materialising in a burst of gold and fuzzy blue. Don’t do it too often, it makes the heart ache for want of wanting and wishing.

    By Amy URL on 12.30.2010

  32. I keep wishing for God to do amazing things in and through us. I want to see our church grow. I want to see countless souls saved. But as great as these things are, I need to lay down my wants and seek to simply glorify God; then God will do what He wants.

    By Chris Huff URL on 12.30.2010

  33. I wish the world would be more nice and then i mean the poeple on it of course . I wish we could understand each other better and be more nice to each other. If we could be more open and kwetsbaar we could see each other struggeling and maybe we could even help them.Everyone is the same inside, we are not very different except culture, education, religion etc. but that doesn’t matter in fact. I believe we can, and i wish i could prove it!

    By Manon URL on 12.30.2010

  34. Drowned pennies lingered at the bottom of the fibreglass well, their carcasses a testament to the superstition of a thousand unfulfilled wishes. Funny though that no direct profit was ever made by this enterprise, it was just a way of keeping peoples dreams alive so they could keep wishing for more- the consumer dream.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 12.30.2010

  35. She threw the coin into the wishing well. Then she threw herself in, instantly making her wish come true.

    By wemuma URL on 12.30.2010

  36. wells of thoughts swim wreckless across a scummy pond men with their fishing forget the art of wishing and rather chase salted spiced and scaled funny fish forever. we are forever the forgotten dreams of sand bar angels and the elegant hope of some crustacean captured in a rising net

    By Wesley on 12.30.2010


    By CASEY on 12.30.2010

  38. הי יש לי כלב שקוראים לו סנוו הוא אוהב לאכול הרבה דברים והוא מסוג גולדן רטריור פעם גם היתה לי כלבה בשם אנג’י היא היתה רוטווילר

    By עתליה on 12.30.2010

  39. Wishing is more destructive than violence. Violence is a creative force, wishing generates no tangible output.

    By Catherine Kavanagh on 12.30.2010

  40. that you were here with me
    that I was thinner
    that the weather was warmer
    that the world was at peace
    for things that cannot be
    my life away

    By Mary Lynn on 12.30.2010