December 30th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “split”

  1. She was my heart’s desire. She was the greatest dream my heart had ever dreamed. She was the one for me.

    Only for me.

    That’s why she should never have left me. Now she will never leave anyone again.

    By Stefan on 12.31.2010

  2. the tree fell, split by the creatures great power. the impact sent a shiver through the ground, knocking me from my hiding place to lay prone before the beast.

    By james on 12.31.2010

  3. my heart has been split a few times. although never equally. i was always the one witht he smaller half. ive come to terms with it though. im waiting for the day when i can choose which half of the split with.

    By jj on 12.31.2010

  4. Splitting an atom is deadly,
    But splitting a heart is worse.

    By Brendan Mark URL on 12.31.2010

  5. split some wood split the tab on the banana split we split. Watching that dude do the splits makes me nervous hopefully his pants wont split.

    By Luvlylici URL on 12.31.2010

  6. up. i wish i could do the splits. if i could do the splits i’d be really flexible and then i could use that to impress people. it would be my party trick and if i’m drunk i can just do it all the time.

    By Pamela on 12.31.2010

  7. At the ice cream store I ordered a banana split from the tall waitress. She wants me to call her split in half Stephanie…I don’t like that name, I brings me down. Once my banana split came I smiled and thanked split in half Stephanie.

    By Baiey on 12.31.2010

  8. it was just a week ago when he told me he was leaving. something in my chest lept.

    By jenn mapp URL on 12.31.2010

  9. They saw her falling, like an angel sans the wings. And her arms, small black lines against the sky, spread outwards, legs stretched to their potential; and she continued to descend. If she screamed anything they could not hear her, the last gasping words stolen; and if she cried, her tears were quickly wiped away by the cold, embracing winds. They watched, necks cramping, eyes squinting, mouths hanging open. She was no longer suspended in air, she was flowing steadily towards them, 9.8 seconds precisely. Head split open on the sidewalk, heart broken on impact. It was almost like heaven, imperceptibly quick; a dream.

    By Megan URL on 12.31.2010

  10. Am i supposed to write about the word? Split. Splitting up. Bananas split. But then again, so do other people. Splitting up. It makes me sad to see people splitting up. Friends. Couples. Parents. But maybe if we all just ate a banana split and talked things over everything would be ok.

    By Felicia URL on 12.31.2010

  11. They’d been together for a long time, but now they realized it was time to end things. Splitting up was the only way to go. They no longer made each other happy, and really- wasn’t that the point of a romantic relationship? It seemed it was time to split…but that didn’t mean they had to like it.

    By Sarah on 12.31.2010

  12. Stomach ache is my one word – actually that’s two, but it’s the thing on my mind right now. Which is pathetic given that it’s New Years Eve. Must be my age, just not that interested in organised fun anymore…Tonight, I’ll be at home, watching TV, maybe with some Champers and I’ll be very happy :-)

    By Alex Cap URL on 12.31.2010

  13. I like banana splits. I work at Dairy Queen and we serve these glorious ice cream treats. Many old people prefer them. Young kids don’t like the nasty pineapple that covers the middle section, so I think that’s why they don’t prefer it very much. I also think that kids these days only like things that are convenient, so if you know Dairy Queen treats, you can guess that Blizzards are most popular.

    By Chelsey on 12.31.2010

  14. up eith my boyfriend because I cannot even GET one. Only McKAy nasty HIDE likes me. I had a really cool dream last night and ever addictions come to you nin your dreams. ….I miss Hope and love shopping tonight will be fun with Bryson I like hin. He;’s a pretty cool kid and the funnest person to date, like ever, ecxecpt he’s MORMON/ but I guess that’s okay. I love ym rooma nd and my bed and my sheets, my bed is amazing, so soz sosososos AMAZING and I love interior design. I’m gonna fail chenmistyr and never be able to go to college, not having the means yto go to college is my biggest fesar, ever. What if they don’t want me, what if I don’t have the money?>? What if mom and Melvin don’t want to pay? Mel is nasty, a grosold man, and he’s annioying, oh, so , annyong. I’m a very bad typer, and an awful tryper….typist. My best frind Hope can type really fast. I thought I would only have 60 seconds for this shit. Why am I still typing?>?!?! Shouldn’t you have stopped me from fyping about SPLIT by now?

    By Micah Kamiah on 12.31.2010

  15. Knee deep in water, the ‘crik’ runs high on a stormy day, chainsaw buzzin’, cutting and throwing branches, logs, to become stumps … flannel shirts, the smell of a fire burning, cigar embers, waiting to make cords out of split stumps. Home.

    By Greg Scott URL on 12.31.2010

  16. A split is a separation between two things that just weren’t meant to be, some force out there did not want those two to be so it caused those two to separate. One believes that it is destiny that they were meant to be together but in reality they were meant to never stay together.

    By William on 12.31.2010

  17. dividing of two things. means that those things were once one. split parents. banana split. can be joyous or heartbreaking…depends on the relationship of that which splits.

    By Stephanie on 12.31.2010

  18. just i can say that i dont know the meaning of this word!!!! i dont know what to write!

    By narges on 12.31.2010