September 10th, 2008 | 1,050 Entries

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1,050 Entries for “wildflower”

  1. So I was walking down the street one day and I noticed this wildflower. I thought nothing of it until that night. The wildflower continued to plague my thoughts and my dreams for weeks. Until one day, I couldn’t take it and uprooted it

    By Rob on 09.15.2008

  2. olivia is slow and cant think of anything.
    and i pretty much hate her right now.

    and wildflowers blow in the breeze of the kansas plains while bunnies are being surgeically murdered by stakkida. yay.

    By olivia and stacey on 09.15.2008

  3. My favorite wildflowers are
    the Labia Majora
    and the Labia Minora

    Tasty goodness!

    By taco lover on 09.15.2008

  4. wildflower grows in a field with other flowers. ususaly bright in colour the wildflower attracted monogomous insects such as the bee who is equipped with a stinger which can be very painful if stung by a bee so you should never dance in a field where there are wildflowers as a bee could sting you. I remember one day walking in a field and having a bee sting me on the bottom of the foot. It was the first time i felt this pain so of course i was curious as to what had caused it. I looked around for anything to explain thisa sudden sharp pang in the bottom of my foot and saw nothing. It wasn’t until i went home and told my mom that she informed mew of the bee and his stinger. Anyway, back to wiulflowers – are gorgeous and unique each one being different regardless of their species

    By Lauren on 09.15.2008

  5. yellow beauty

    By Jean on 09.15.2008

  6. a wildflower grows freely just like any human being would wish to i see it as that is everyones goal in life..to grow and learn as much as possible and live as free as they can

    By hanna on 09.15.2008

  7. the wildflower bowed and swayed in the wind. It shone in the suns delightful rays of gold, the bloom is so beautiful so very free and lovely.

    By Christine on 09.15.2008

  8. A wildflower, beauty in simplicity, growing where it finds itself. shaped by wind and rain and sun. life spinging from the ground.

    By Jay Walther on 09.15.2008

  9. I was picking wildflowers and dancing while doing so. There were a few, gorgeously white, fluffy clouds in the sky. Not a sound but the rustling of wheat. I was undeniably happy.

    By missy on 09.15.2008

  10. I absolutely love wildflowers! They are such a joyful part of creation. I find their diversity and colrs are vibrant and inspiring to a wild thing like me! There is nothing more wonderful than a bunch of freshly picked wildflowers at the first pick of the Spring selection.

    By Hope on 09.15.2008