September 15th, 2008 | 1,323 Entries

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1,323 Entries for “proud”

  1. Proud. The feeling that you get every time you gaze opon the face of our american flag. The same feeling a father experiences when his son wins a track award. The same feeling a family feels when their son or daughter tells them that they are going to support their country and go to war to protect it. By looking at our beautiful flag, we experience a feeling that can only be described as the word ‘Proud’.

    By Libby Duff on 09.23.2008

  2. She told me she was proud of hitting her teacher, she didn’t care what anyone thought. He was an asshole; he tried to molest her. The day came when she walked into class with her fists ready, and this was the way her class started everyday for 6 months. Then he tried to touch her, and she hit him. In the throat, with knuckles bared, and she told me she was proud.

    By David on 09.23.2008

  3. I am proud of being me. .I think pride is a great thing, I am proud of my kids my parents my family . Thank you for everything, and I mean everything. I woul dbe here with out any of you.
    Love you

    By Mark on 09.23.2008