September 6th, 2008 | 874 Entries

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874 Entries for “brick”

  1. I stuck a brick into the mortar and waited for it to dry. I hadn’t been in the building trade that long but I was pretty sure this was the thorough way to go about things – one brick at a time. That was how you made houses that lasted.

    By David Jackson on 09.10.2008

  2. a piece of the wall, worthless alone except as a weapon — but together capable of erecting

    By Jim Wilkinson on 09.10.2008

  3. Brick buildings are never very fun. I should know, I go to school in one. They’re almost always old and decrepit and falling apart. Plus the ivy that grows on them is totally sketchy! I mean all sorts of little creepers could be lurking there.

    By Alexi on 09.10.2008

  4. Loving life has never hurt as much as a brick in the face.

    By allen on 09.10.2008

  5. walls that divide me from the rest of the world I cant see the other side what their lives are like only my side. i wish I could atleast peak over somtimes. See how perfect their lives really arent

    By claire on 09.10.2008

  6. brick is the word, brick is the one of many that hold up this house. brick is how some would describe the enormous log I befouled the toilet with. It slid out dark and treacle like, almost in the vein of a brick of resin, a 9 bar. The smell of course was so bad one would probably need to brick up the door..

    By gwilym on 09.10.2008

  7. there in buildings and ali g says he’ll lay a brick in his film but thinks it means poo because maybe thats what they call it in london but i just call it poo. Maybe they just poo on streets. I would rather use a toilet and good toilet paper. Like Andrex or charmen, Have you noticed that the good toilet paper is advertised by animals?

    By Paul Neary on 09.10.2008

  8. Where did it come from? While digging in 350 million year old ordivician shale we pulled out this perfectly formed brick obviously man made. How?

    By matt on 09.10.2008

  9. the brick patio was covered with moss from too many rains and was slippery to attemp to walk on it. I avoided the temtation and chose to navigate the mud instead. it took only a few minutes to find the gate entrance.

    By anita on 09.10.2008

  10. the skin of a Gala apple beneath her teeth
    in her bed of worms and dirt
    she burrows in the tune of sunken hopes
    a rope convanent
    with the aftermath of a bite too many

    By Hannah Wells on 09.10.2008

  11. i threw a brick at my girlfriend she got really pissed off but by this point she was on the ground and I was on my way out the door. It will all be okay I had a sack over my head so she didn’t know it was me

    By Laura on 09.10.2008

  12. Bricks are cool. I like the color. I want a brick arch in my house. I can’t afford one, maybe I’ll paint one. I saw it done once…it was pretty cool. Breaking things with bricks is cool too!

    By Scott on 09.10.2008

  13. a brick is made of clay and falls on me like water from a fountain crushing hard against my skin and making me bleed red like the brick. the pain is joy beneath my skin as i cry out tears of joy for the knowledge that i can feel the life surging through my veins. hot and fiery like brick.

    By nessa on 09.10.2008

  14. Bricks are used to make many things including houses and chimneys. They are held together with some sort of cement that is pasted in between each other and left to dry. They originated from dried mud in many ancient civilizations and are a necessary part of today’s architecture.

    By Ridge Ray on 09.10.2008

  15. all in all you’re just another brick in the wall…pink floyd is awesome :)

    By Spectre on 09.10.2008

  16. It’s usually a reddish browning colour, they’re used in buildings as they retain the heat quite well and keep cool in summer. Brick is also a game you can play, the brick game on portable devices. I’m not very good at it personally.

    By soleary on 09.10.2008

  17. The bricks and mortar of the house were collapsing. Everything was collapsing. The plants had seeped into the building and had cracked the once

    By Tom on 09.10.2008

  18. red hard boiled bloody building dust hot breakable roof loose

    By isaac on 09.10.2008

  19. The brick house was firm and red, so very red.
    It didn’t look very safe. And it wasn’t because it looked like it might fall, cos like I said..It was firm.
    I just didn’t think going inside would be safe..
    You never know what might be in there..

    By Salma on 09.10.2008

  20. it fell hard on me. not literally a brick, but it felt like one. never in my wildest imagination would i ever imagine words so heavy spoken to me. did they not realize the consequences? of what this could mean for my future?

    By alia on 09.10.2008

  21. bricks are used in building houses. there are a lot of different sized bricks and they are all just fabulous. they might scratch you if you brush your knuckles against them roughly. bricks is the title of a song i like. bricked his shot!oh hell he swatted the ball away! how embarrassing!

    By Michael Orendorff on 09.10.2008

  22. My word is brick, and thus brick my word is. Bricks are red. They are a pretty, firetruck type…brick red.

    Yes sir, I like bricks.

    My friend Nathan, he likes bricks. Likes them lots, see?

    And he’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.


    By Britt on 09.10.2008

  23. An animal similar to a buffalo, but not a buffalo was sitting on a piece of inflatable furniture. I was a zebu or a humped cattle from India. I am not really from India. I have never been, but when I put on the zebus suit my biography changed. There was a man in the hall cleaning the floors. The animal similar to a buffalo, but not a buffalo was no longer sitting on a piece of inflatable furniture. It was sitting on a piece of deflated furniture. The man cleaning the floors looked at the animal similar to the buffalo, but not a buffalo. That night he would tell his family, “I saw a buffalo today.”

    By mark on 09.10.2008

  24. brick like the wall i see when im with you because i hate the way we’re different. do i try or does it be. maybe its not there. im making a metaphor for a metaphor. i dont know. sometimes i cant.

    By dante on 09.10.2008

  25. bricks are covering my house and my heart and the way I look at you when you say brick I see red I see blood I taste cement and smell progress I could make this redder and redder if I wanted but I like it how it is.

    By et on 09.10.2008

  26. so many around, not enough cheese to do it. too many. no cheese. the crackers fall like crazy, but one thing strikes me funny, the look of them hitting the floor. something erotic, something very familiar.

    By Bob on 09.10.2008

  27. My house is red brick. I’ve been away from home for about 2 weeks now and I don’t remember the exact shade anymore. No other bricks hold any meaning.

    By Raddishh on 09.10.2008

  28. red bricks, mobile phones a few years ago – my mum had a mobile phone sony erickson – at the time it was really cool but she kept it for ages and by then it truly was uncool and a BRICK.
    i like red brick colour crayons – i had one as a child.
    adverts painted in the bricks from olden times also fascinate me ones advertising garage and dry cleaners and reliable estate agents. Even coca cola – adverts written in bricks. I don’t know if they painted the actual bricks or used coloured bricks to make that particular thing.

    By Rhodri Brady on 09.10.2008

  29. red
    painful when it falls on you
    rhymes with sick
    and prick
    and the name Rick
    is made of a mineral

    By Rosali on 09.10.2008

  30. The unfledged bird sat on the brick
    wondering if it’s life is it.
    Just a rat the unfledged bird is attack by the light,
    and how it must see other’s leave.

    By Richard on 09.10.2008

  31. fell out of the sky, on my head, under the heavens, lifted me up, took me down. I can’t feel.

    By jboogie on 09.10.2008

  32. A souless time. An emotional state. No wondering here. Eyes, brick-like. Never breaking. Features as stone. You’ll never know her. She’ll never give in. Try. Try to break her. You will lose. Sadly.

    By Anonymous on 09.10.2008

  33. A souless time. An emotional state. No wondering here. Eyes, brick-like. Never breaking. Features as stone. You’ll never know her. She’ll never give in. Try. Try to break her. You will lose. Sadly.

    By Anonymous on 09.10.2008

  34. The brick fell from the sky
    the brick made the building
    the brick didn’t know why
    the brick meant for building
    the brick fell to earth
    the brick had its worth
    the brick never cries
    the brick never dies
    the brick never lies
    the brick never flies

    By disslord on 09.10.2008