January 14th, 2011 | 323 Entries

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323 Entries for “whim”

  1. Whim. Whimper. Hmm whimsical? What does whim mean? “Whim mean.” women. haha. that’s funny. mean whimen. that’s so weird. whimisical mean whimin.

    By Julian Spangler on 01.15.2011

  2. On a whim, I left the foreshore and walked down the old alleyway. It ran straight down the hill, its cobbles rough and lined with cracks. Importantly it ran away from the waterfront, where she waited.

    By nick ward URL on 01.15.2011

  3. On a whim, I implanted this idea into my mind that I would wait for the someone. On a whim, I opened my notebook and started bawling. On a whim, I scribbled across the lines of clarity and ended up somewhere completely cluttered.

    By jenna URL on 01.15.2011