January 15th, 2011 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “edition”

  1. You have to look and find the spots in each book where there have been mispelled words. Each one will have been revised several times, and its only when you find the errors that you have hit gold.

    By Dana on 01.16.2011

  2. It was the fourth edition of his novel, and yet he still wasn’t pleased. He’d stayed up all last night, trying to get that one sentence on page five hundred-twenty-three right, but it just wouldn’t work. He couldn’t make the words “ornamental” and “tree” work together without it sounding like Christmas. But, no matter how many times he checked the dictionary, he couldn’t find anything else to work.

    By Coral URL on 01.16.2011

  3. this is the 1st addition of my oneword response to “edition”, who wants to buy the rights to the republish it?

    By Stephen Veith URL on 01.16.2011

  4. this is the 1st addition of my oneword response to “edition”, who wants to buy the rights to the republish it?

    By Stephen Veith URL on 01.16.2011

  5. First edition of Little House on the Prairie is apparently the most difficult one to find. They have been making it easier and easier to read, easier for children to comprehend, just to make some money. Little House on the Prairie actually used to be a pretty sophisticated piece of literature, from what my English teacher told me. But now it’s dumbed down. She said it was like the rest of America, that we just try to make things easier- I thought that was kind of a rude thing to say.

    By annie URL on 01.16.2011

  6. There was a new edition out. It was a soft blue cover with pale pages and black writing. Sarah compared it to the ancient volume with leather pages and an old brown cover. Times had changed indeed…

    By daddyscowgirl94 on 01.16.2011

  7. She found a first edition Faulkner at the bottom of the pile of books. It was signed too. What should she do? Try to buy it without the owner noticing? Or just slip it into her backpack?

    By wemuma URL on 01.16.2011

  8. A limited edition baseball card. I never knew I would care so much about one. It was the last present uncle Todd gave me before he passed from cancer last June. I miss him so much. I think about the day he gave me the card and smile.

    By Ava Anders URL on 01.16.2011

  9. I think authors should be allowed one chance to write about the subject of their choice. If they think of more to add on the subject, write a whole new book, not just revise and submit it again!

    By Crystal on 01.16.2011

  10. numbers of copies of a book. a specific style of a book; magazine; ect.

    By okay on 01.16.2011

  11. sports edition, new edition editions of books limited edition barbies and dolls, means they are special, means they are sacred and rare editions give a sense of power and nobility to items that probably dont deserve it fuck editions fuck items that are special that is all

    By braidie on 01.16.2011

  12. Großartiges Meisterwerk. Das war alles was ich dachte als ich es in den Händen hielt. Gesammelte Werke,Gedichte, Poesien der schönsten Frauen unseres Planeten. Was will man mehr. Was kann mein Herz auch nur mehr wollen.

    By Karsten Bork on 01.16.2011

  13. The newest edition was pretty good. Edition is edit but with tion at the end of it. But who knows what the tion is. Okay, I’m sure people do, it’s a suffix of some sort… I think. I don’t know, English was nevermy forte despite the fact the it’s my first language. It’s hard to keep writing like this.

    By Kyla on 01.16.2011

  14. The first and the second edition. Why do we need second editions? Out of all editions, shouldn’t there just be one? How many editions can there be? The most I have heard of is like 5th edition. I mean the highest edition…or how do you say it? There are also limited editions. I wonder what makes an edition limited. If there are, say five hundred million copies of an edition, and no more, is it then limited?

    By Folke on 01.16.2011