January 13th, 2011 | 385 Entries

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385 Entries for “summer”

  1. Pensacola, FL is one of my favorite places in the world. Pulling into the Pensacola Beach parking lot underneath the large beach ball and seeing the clear blue sky contrasted with the crystal blue water is one of the best moments I have all year. And the white sand!

    By Kristen URL on 01.14.2011

  2. A time when friends sip tea and spend time relaxing in the sun. A time when happier and warmer memories come to mind. Not the sad and lonely memories of yesterday.

    By Haley Nicole on 01.14.2011

  3. this is a time where you can just be. summer is for relaxing, swimming, late nights with friends, taking every moment in. its for summer jobs and you time. summer’s sunlight just takes you away and lets you reach a place of ultimate relaxation. here’s to that summer attitude that we all know we have.

    By Dara Orland on 01.14.2011

  4. Warm thick air. Fresh cut grass. Baseball. Snowcones. Swimming pools. The lake. The beach. Tan skin. Long jogs in the evening. Summer holds my most favorite things.

    By Bethe URL on 01.14.2011

  5. The time of the year in which all of my happiest memories have derived from. Summer is the time in which one can feel the warmth of the sun on their bare skin, and remember that feeling distinctly.

    By Haley Nicole URL on 01.14.2011

  6. “Winter spring summer or falllll
    all you’ve got to do is call”

    the sun, beating down on your tan, shriveled body. Your hair growing increasingly lighter. The good times are made here. This is where the magic really happens. Where you learn to live, laugh and love all in one season. It’s truly a season of love. (cue music.)

    By Rachel O'Grady on 01.14.2011

  7. Summer is the best time of the year, other than Christmas. Its the only time where I can do whatever I want to without being nagged by homework, school, or parents. I usually go play in the park or go swimming, but being an only child, I developed a strong anti-social thing, and I enjoy hanging out with myself, and not my friends, much to my parents dismay.

    By N600XL URL on 01.14.2011

  8. summmer funer lone john runner
    may the force take whatever it needs to satisfy the beaches and the trees and let he who shall not cower inherit the jupiters love socks
    fool me once, say it again and I will fool you zero

    By cor on 01.14.2011

  9. The summer’s night made it humid and stuffy. She opened a couple of her windows. a big breeze blew in and she felt the wind tear at her hair. It knocked over the porcelain elephant vase in the corner. It shattered on the parlor floor.

    By Lina URL on 01.14.2011

  10. i was in malaysia it was summer yay sorry bim still a g3 kid this sentance is not a good one please dont read it please 200 times bye

    By adlina on 01.14.2011

  11. sun, love, sea, relaxing. I just love summer. In the summer time when the weather is hot…

    By Tugba on 01.14.2011

  12. summer. what a wonderful time of the year, even though here the sun in burning, the tan you were hoping would get off in these two months only gets worse. it still ends up being the best time of the year. family and friends. quality time with no tension or stress. nothing to do. just a good time with those you love.

    By Nwas on 01.14.2011

  13. In the summertime, when the weather is hot… Love, sun, sea, birds, butterflies… So adorable a season it is.

    By Elenora URL on 01.14.2011

  14. its just a warm feeling. the feeling lasts for a few months, and all inside of it is just happiness, warmth, joy, comfort. but once the last month ends, so does the happiness, warmth, joy, and comfort.

    By Courtney on 01.14.2011

  15. Ahh the bliss of summer. Warm rays of sun, beaming down and making your skin feel tingly. The cool breezes and the loud, booming thunderstorms that only happen this time of year. I do love summer – until it gets too hot. Then I retreat away into the dark coolness of my home, closing away the heat with dark curtains, basking in the blast of my 75F degree air conditioning. Ahh summer, will you join us again soon?

    By Jeran URL on 01.14.2011

  16. Summer. He usually hated it for the sun was always burning his skin and the heat made him crazy but that summer, then, was something different. Something special.

    By piitou URL on 01.14.2011

  17. I dreamed she told me times flies, for as summer light was gentle and warm winter never went…

    By Lauren on 01.14.2011

  18. This summer I will be seeing my favorite childhood band: the Backstreet Boys. We’re spending tons of money to go from Minnesota to Chicago, IL just to see BSB. Yes, we’re serious. No, we’re not going to make fun. We truly love the Backstreet Boys. This is gonna be f-ing awesome!

    By Steph URL on 01.14.2011

  19. a hot sunny day at the beach. my perfect summer had just began. i sat in my short skirt and lay on the cold sand that tingled between my toes. melted icecream soothed my throat and i let the wavs touch my body and cool it. aahh, the warmth. a summer which would give me the perfect tan i wanted.

    By annum on 01.14.2011

  20. Last night there was a boy who climbed through my window, and he smelled like cut grass and the ocean and he touched the window and it left a slippery smudge, and I looked through the smudge and the moon was distorted and my breath hitched.

    By HDF URL on 01.14.2011

  21. I miss summer. Last summer was one of the best summer breaks I had ever had. It was basically “infinite.” My 3 best friends and I would constantly hang out. And this was before all the drama and crazy irritating shit started happening. It was just us. Always together. Happy. And now it’s totally screwed up.

    By Shane Honkanen on 01.14.2011

  22. hot sweating, dreaming in the grass, chasing clouds, believe in endless summer fun, no school, awesome friends, crazy times, light breeze, pine trees and green leaves A breath of freshness, enjoy nature, go hiking, bbq outside, that’s the way it is. go do it, no holding back in the sunshine. laughing and running in the sprinkler.

    By mythandra URL on 01.14.2011

  23. last summer, you ruined my life.
    you made me better.
    you made me laugh.
    you made me cry.
    our little rendezvous in the back of the theater
    was nothing to you, but everything to me.
    sometimes i miss you.
    but my overall feeling is “fuck you” (:

    By Nikole URL on 01.14.2011

  24. what a bright summer it was. hand in hand we walked, neither giving a chance to talk. we laughed in the crisp, blue air. sand was cold and feet were bare. made so many memories which we caught on photographs but couldn’t catch the laughs that now echo my in my heart. how i long to sit with you on a summer day. hand in hand just you and me.

    By annum on 01.14.2011

  25. summer
    a seashell
    a footprint in the sand
    a house by the beach and dune grass
    and running in a white sun dress with the wind in my hair
    and sand or grass warm beneath my toes
    then lunch on a porch
    with salad and lemonade
    and lastly
    maybe fireworks late at night

    By Ali on 01.14.2011