March 14th, 2011 | 711 Entries

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711 Entries for “wander”

  1. She wandered through the maze rather calmly. A sense of peace and solitude was a comfort to her as she made her way through the shadows of the tall shrubbery that shaded her from the harsh sun.

    By Poop on 03.14.2011

  2. i wander alone, knowing not where im going. Blindly walking down a path with no signs, no markers. No attachment to anyone around. i guess thats all i know how to do, wander, that is. i guess thats all i know how to be, a wanderer, i suppose.

    By mitchell valine on 03.14.2011

  3. Where are you going? Wander through the garden. Wander through the woods or the jungle. Wander through your imagination or through mine. Wonder as you wander. Explore everywhere and everything.

    By connielynn URL on 03.14.2011

  4. i wander all around thinking about my future….i wander down streets that i should go down, but sometimes I just dont care….i wander through darkness and light…whereever these streets lead me, I do not know. i dont know anything. i dont know where i am going, which is why i wander….far away from where i should be….far away from life.

    By Lauren on 03.14.2011

  5. I wander around the forests in my mind every night. Lost in the brilliance cutting through the doubts and watching shooting neurons like stars bring it all to life. Night is where ideas thrive and creativity flourishes. Don’t sleep, you’re missing out on the brilliance of a dark night and a vivid mind.

    By Gabby Bess URL on 03.14.2011

  6. I just did this one but okay. Wandering is fun except when you get abducted by Aliens (I just listened to Katy Peery, duh) and Zach likes to do it a lot, which is okay because he gets his deepest thoughts in and thinks and makes the world Zach’s world which I like because he includes me in it. Yeah.

    By Sloane URL on 03.14.2011

  7. what is wandering? it sounds like confusion. to wander aimlessly throughout the world? in search of something? isn’t to wander to look without purpose? i will find my purpose.

    By briana on 03.14.2011

  8. My mind wanders, especially when I need it the most. Such as right this minute. So much I’d love to do, but I can’t think straight

    By nwellnitz URL on 03.14.2011

  9. I wander the streets at dusk. Above me, the lights of the city are starting to turn on and stand out in bright contrast to the orange-red-yellow sky. I like to watch the sunset and sunrise – not because of the movement of the sun, but because of the slow appearance and disappearance of the stars as they stretch out into the sky. It’s better, somehow, when it’s cold. I can see the frost from my breath rising into the air. It will touch the changing colors of the sky and there’s nothing I need to do to make it happen and be part of what’s all around me. Today’s been a good day. And tomorrow will be a good morning.

    By RVG URL on 03.14.2011

  10. I wander aimlessly as I am told nothing but the truth. These words circle endless around me, maneuvering until I can’t walk anymore. I don’t know where or who I am, but I wander until my feet are content.

    By Summer URL on 03.14.2011

  11. U wandered past the coffee shop for the fifth time. My courage hadn’t grown but my nervousness had. Just how could I say what was crushing my my ability to think clearly. Hell, that doesn’t even make sense. This box feels like it is electrified and yet I can’t stop touching it to make it is still there.

    By Mark Tisdale URL on 03.14.2011

  12. I like to wander around the streets and I want to think about the world and what everything means and what is my direction but if I’m wandering is it aimlessly or is it with direction and purpose. I would really like to know what it all means to the world to myself, to everyone that I know.

    By Niki on 03.14.2011

  13. I love to wander. Throughout the various passages of my mind, the various corridors of the outdoors and nature. Wandering is similar to wondering, which is another beautiful feeling. it is a feeling of insignificance. It is freeing, and it breathes easy. It is curiosity at its purest.

    By Austin on 03.14.2011

  14. She wandered down the railroad tracks, they eventually brought her over the water. She walked carefully, still afraid of losing her footing. Her heart raced for the first time with the anxiety she had when she first saw him. She kept following the tracks till she reached the tree. The rope hung down, waiting for her. She took off all her clothes, she wanted to be bare – free. Before she knew it she was swinging. She let out a scream as she fell into the water with a splash. The ropeswing swung back and forth like it was waving for her to come return.

    By Delilah URL on 03.14.2011

  15. I wandered into the dessert with a beaver named ted. He refused to let me barrow his bowling ball which was the reason we ended up there in the first place. Stupid Beaver.

    By Leilani on 03.14.2011

  16. As I wander the streets lonesome and cold. I felt a sense of fallaciousness with a notion of nausea.

    By Mayra URL on 03.14.2011

  17. She wandered down the railroad tracks that eventually brought her over the water. She walked carefully, still afraid of losing her footing. Her heart raced with anxiety. She kept following the tracks till she reached the tree. The rope hung down – waiting for her. She took off all her clothes. She wanted to be bare – free. She walked to the rope. Before she knew it she was swinging. She let out a scream as she fell into the water with a splash. When se looked up the ropeswing swung back and forth like it was waving for her to return.

    By Delilah URL on 03.14.2011

  18. Wandering is part of probably 50% of my before I die list.
    Something seems so magical about just seeing where the world takes you.

    By Kally URL on 03.14.2011

  19. The wanderer.
    Meandering carelessly.
    Turning randomly.
    No end in mind.

    By Ally URL on 03.14.2011

  20. Sometimes I don’t quite know where I am going. I think that I know my life, and am in control of my destiny; I am wrong.

    By Drone on 03.14.2011

  21. i wander down the street moving quickly with my feet through the woods and the trees i wander freely through a field and through my mind dont wonder about the time i wander down the streets of the city and look at the buildings as they tower over me.

    By Alex McPeak on 03.14.2011

  22. I am exhausted and as I stand here shouting, thirty five pairs of eyes wander about avoiding my attention. Clap clap-Clap clap clap. Ne-Ne, Sangsaengnim!

    By Susannah URL on 03.14.2011

  23. I wander just for you. I will never wander that way. wandering is dangerous. wandering is wonderful. Im walking in a winter wanderland! I love how wanderful you are!!

    By melissa on 03.14.2011

  24. i wonder as i wander.

    By susanna URL on 03.14.2011

  25. I often wonder what its like to wander through life. Maybe i should stop wondering about wandering and let my mind rest. after all, its the mind that truly gets to wander, and the body is usually at rest. or is it?

    By Ashley on 03.14.2011

  26. I feel the ultimate maturation is not to stop wandering through life, but to come to the realization that one is and always is wandering. To pride in it, to relish and embrace it, to take comfort in this fact rather than be anxious about it, to take advantage of it by leaping at opportunities, jumping into passions, surrounding oneself with all sorts of wonderful people, and committing to personal enjoyment and fulfillment. Wander deliciously.

    By =) URL on 03.14.2011

  27. and she wandered away from him.
    He let her go.
    it started raining and her face became wet.
    tears perhaps.
    she threw her phone to the ground.
    he cheated on her for the last time.

    By MJ URL on 03.14.2011

  28. I wander through the forest with tears hitting my shoes. I looked around, trying to look back, at who was following me. Someone was following me. I could hear them laughing from afar. I kept walking at a steady pace, like somehow that would keep me safe.

    By Nicole on 03.14.2011

  29. I’m wandering through life. Aren’t we all? Just going wherever circumstances lead us, flying on a plane, walking down the street smoking, just staying in hotels and whatnots. Wandering in and out of relationships, people coming and going out of our lives as if wandering is so normal. Wandering as I wonder whether I’ve wandered too far…

    By India on 03.14.2011

  30. i wonder as i wander

    By susanna URL on 03.14.2011

  31. Roam if you want too, in the woods, in the hills, in your mind. Wander Wander, ponder ponder, look over yonder, there’s a farmer.

    By Brian Jensen URL on 03.14.2011

  32. I wander through this field, looking for my home. I search for the truth and always end up alone. How long this lasts I do not know. Forever maybe. I hope it is not so.

    By TaraD URL on 03.14.2011

  33. The night sky is pitch but lit with stars. Lost, not sure where to go. Fall upon the cold soil below. Opening in the woods. where will it take me. Where will it end?

    By whileshestumbles URL on 03.14.2011

  34. nomadic imagination not knowing where youre going just looking for something to inspire you looking for something new something stable something you can trust wandering through the desert looking for the eternal sunshine or a spotless mind wander wander wonder not wonder wander in search of something

    By heidi on 03.14.2011

  35. I wondered while I wandered, over hills and through some woods, but not to my grandmother’s house. I did not meet a wolf and get eaten, no, I just wandered through some meadows, tasted flowers and plants, smelled roses, sat, and thought awhile. It was a beautiful day.

    By Emily on 03.14.2011

  36. To go from one place to another… without knowing what you are doing or where you are going.
    I think of strolling through a beautiful park at sunset.
    Andar in Spanish I believe.
    Wandering at lunchtime with friends. :)
    <3 <3

    By Claire Jensen URL on 03.14.2011

  37. Wander sometimes sounds like wonder, and oddly enough both happen simultaneously. Have you ever wondered as you wandered? Ha, I’m too funny.

    Yeah, not really.

    By spazzycorn URL on 03.14.2011

  38. its often that my mind wanders into different worlds. into different times. i wander into times where im not sick. not from the past, but times in the future. i imagine them all the time. i wander into moments where i am happier than i have ever been, and its not solely because im healthy- its because i fought hard and defeated something that could have stolen my life from me. and i didnt allow it to.

    By mel URL on 03.14.2011

  39. My mind wanders. Thoughts wander. Dreams are created due to a wandering mind. Wandering leads to an exciting and innovative imagination. Great things come out of wandering.

    By KMS on 03.14.2011

  40. Wandering can be a great exercise for one to do. You can go anywhere and do anything when you’re wandering. Imagine setting out with nothing to do and being able to satisfy your every whim a turn here, a twist there, cross the bridge, through the woods and more.

    By Erin on 03.14.2011