July 21st, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “violet”

  1. Roses are red, but violets are blue. Except they’re not really blue, they’re violet. Violet is a colour. It’s kind of blue, but also kind of purple. That’s violet.

    By Madeline on 07.21.2011

  2. I knew a woman named Violet three years ago. She had tattoos all over her body and her hair was the color of a peach. I always wished I knew why her parents named her Violet, but she died before I could find out. It was a shame, because she brought beauty to the town of George West, Texas.

    By Carrie URL on 07.21.2011

  3. a purple ray of light shone through the attic window of my grandfather’s house. I stared at the purple light illuminating thousands of tiny particles of dust.

    By C. on 07.21.2011

  4. Purple flowers. A violent shade of ordinary things.The V in the beginning shows its violent beauy. The way the flower stands out in the middle of a boquet the way it shines brightly against the blues reds and yellows.

    By Caelan on 07.21.2011

  5. roses and violets surrounding a raised dais upon which you lay. I can’t stand it. I honestly want to rip you from there, cart you away like a demon. You were mine and now I’ve lost you for good. I don’t understand.

    By Anastasia on 07.21.2011

  6. Taylor went to the beauty salon one day, and she wanted to get her eyes dyed. At first she wanted them to be a piercing blue, but in the end they were not. When the lady was finished, Taylor realized that her eyes were shut. When she opened her eyes, they surprised her. They weren’t blue, but another color. Violet.

    By Kat on 07.21.2011

  7. Dripping in the empty bucket, shades of love splattered across the floor. Lust tangling in the air. Light emanating from every seam of reality. In this moment the glory of our touch is felt by the dance around us, sending waves of violet silence into each breath.

    By Will Creates URL on 07.21.2011

  8. Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake violet. Only buy REAL violet. Never again trusted with the money? YOU. I mean-!? Fake-!? VIOLET-!? WHAT YOU WERE THINKING? How many times of take wrong thing and come back unsurprised at reaction to make you correct this peculiar behavior? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 07.21.2011

  9. violet. gay rights. purple. i think of crayons. look at that, i just shifted from fragments to first person. wasn’t that nifty? violet. i think of love. not blue. because roses are red, but violets AREN’T blue.

    By C. on 07.21.2011

  10. The color of her eyes was unique like a flower growing in field – untamed and wild. Her eyes were violet and lovely.She loved the smell of fresh baked cookies and new cars.

    By Stacy on 07.21.2011

  11. Wish wash wish wash. You never make any sense and all you ever do is change your mind. I have all the memories of you i’ll need for a lifetime.
    Love, Violet

    By Katie URL on 07.21.2011

  12. Violet flowers dotting the road
    A boy and girl stroll by
    “For you” he says
    She blushes softly.

    By AsTallAsCliffs URL on 07.21.2011

  13. Violet buregarde was a character in Willy Wonka’s factory I do believe, and I can’t remember much about her except that she met an untimely end, like most of the other characters except for Charlie. Roald certainly had a macabre edge to him, and it seemed to resonate with many children out there.

    By DaveC URL on 07.21.2011

  14. roses are red and violets are blue. but i think they are closer to purple. beautiful flower none the less. I had a violet cake once, the color not the flavor. I think violet is a great color for a wall. In my bedroom. Very relaxing.

    By Shikole URL on 07.21.2011

  15. “I don’t think I remember…” She trailed off, debating to herself whether or not she should say this. He stood, patiently, waiting. “I don’t remember the last time we kissed…”

    She was sagging, mentally and emotionally… she seemed completely put out. She was pale and she couldn’t help but think that he noticed how red rimmed her eyes were.

    “It’s silly, I know.” She laughed, trying to rid the area of the thick poignancy. “It’s just, I’m trying to remember something that made me smile and all I can think about is-”

    “It was a Saturday.” He interrupted. She started and looked up at him, straightening her back just so. “It was a Saturday, I remember, because I kissed you when you told me we could stay in bed for two days straight and never leave. Your hair smelled like violets and your lips were soft. Before…”

    She nodded; she didn’t need anymore reminding of the recent fallout. The huge misunderstanding that lead them both to doing uncharacteristic and harmful things to one another.

    “I wish I could take it back. I wish I could erase the past week and just start over from where we were kissing and never let you leave.” She whispered. Her vulnerability was heart breaking to him, and he stepped forward, trying his hardest to resist the temptation to wrap her in his safe embrace and rid her of the world she was stuck in.

    “I know.”

    But he couldn’t. Not anymore. Things had changed.

    Everything had changed.

    By Elin MacRae on 07.21.2011

  16. Violet is a gorgeous woman. She has auburn hair and broad hips. Her favourite colour is swamp green and her favourite item of clothing is an old pair of black leather boots. Her smile is enticing and her blue eyes sparkle when she turns her smile to me. Oh how I miss Violet.

    By herby URL on 07.21.2011

  17. violet is a color similar to purple. it is also the color of most unicorns. unicorns are very beastly. some enjoy eating your insides and liking your face. i love violet because it reminds me of unicorns.

    By delia on 07.21.2011

  18. She stared at the violet sky and remembered a time when all things were possible. She remembered the fairies and the dreams woven like cornsilk braids under the autumn sun…

    By Jackie on 07.21.2011

  19. Why is the color purple also called violet? How can one color have two different names I never understood why. Violet is a pretty color though.

    By Miranda on 07.21.2011

  20. The color of the morning sky is why I exist in this world. So what if your wife slept with another man. So what is your kids never see you. So what if you never became what you wanted to be. That beautiful violet blue sky makes all my worries disappear into the great abyss.

    By Camille URL on 07.21.2011

  21. quite boring if you ask me, I like many colors but this isnn’t one of them, maybe if it was blue…or just red… but I prefere black anyway, the best colors are the most simple ones like black & white.

    By juanita on 07.21.2011

  22. She stared at the flowers on her mother’s kitchen table. Just two days ago she remembered sitting there while her mother put them in the vase. Her mother was always good at placing flowers.

    Now, she was alone and her mother was gone.

    And the violets wilted.

    By Leticia URL on 07.21.2011

  23. purple, flower, beautiful, sexy, dainty, perfume, nature, summer, spring, tara, dress, woman, girl, boat, fragile, water, soft,

    By tara on 07.21.2011

  24. The light struck the violets in the corner, making them glow bright. The rest of the room dulled next to them. All the lavenders and light pinks turned to grays and whites. The door that was once a dark blue was now pitch black. It was like the violets stole the color from the rest of the room to power their brilliance. I couldn’t resist sitting and staring at them. They had my full attention, until someone knocked on the door. I jumped, being sucked out of the flowers’ attraction. “It’s me. We need to talk,” I heard him say. I got up cautiously and flattened my dress. He was the person I looked forward to seeing every day and every night. When I went to bed, I was wrapped in his arms. When I woke up in the morning, it was for him. I opened the door, and he smiled. His happiness was infectious. In his hand he held my favorite flowers. “You can never have too many,” He said. “Violets.”

    By Amy URL on 07.21.2011

  25. violet is purple. roses are red, violets are blue. sugar is sweet and i love you. violet is the best colored pencil color. purp de durp. yeaaa purple violet

    By baillie w URL on 07.21.2011

  26. Her name was Violet. She was a very quiet and resrved girl, she mostly kept to herself. However she radiated happiness and warmth, everyone that was blessed to be in her prescene instantly felt better about themselves. She was as beautiful as the flower, and as elegant as a ballerina. Her lush hair hung over her shoulder, in a velevt black curtian. All admired Violet, but none dare to speak to her. See Violet was a bit different, she was deaf. No one in the community could sign, or even attempt to sign.
    Violet was alone

    By Alyssa on 07.21.2011

  27. the violets in the back were moved moved then removed it’s sad really that a flower so beautiful can’t stand the occasional sun burst or flood such life taking but at the same time breath taking events they took the life of our violets

    By C. Ritchie URL on 07.21.2011

  28. preety, name, horse,

    By sree on 07.21.2011

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    By torin URL on 07.21.2011

  30. Lips stained by the cheap gloss of her trade clashed with a skimpy violet dress as it sought to imitate real clothing despite having a greater resemblance to paint.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.21.2011

  31. I came across an old VHS video cassette tape of you the other day and I had to sit down and watch it. There you were, in your prime, in all your glory. You were on fire and you didn’t care if it hair-lipped the world. Wherever you are tonight…whatever chair you sit in…I hope you still feel that fearless. I hope you’re still on fire.

    By sometimesboy URL on 07.21.2011

  32. violet is a lovely word but it’s hard to rhyme it. People say roses are red, violets are blue…but violets are violet…it doesn’t make sense. But it’s a lovely word and I like. I think people’s eyes should be more colors…like violet or magenta or periwinkle! Wouldn’t it be cool if cats and dogs were violet?

    By Sarah on 07.21.2011

  33. The violets in the meadow cast an illuminous purple glow that danced circles in the shadows it cast across her laughing face. He reached up and caressed her cheek, looked deep in her eyes and saw all the possibility of what could be.

    By Kathryn on 07.21.2011

  34. the sweet smell of spring lives within our hearts.
    the unrelenting waves of blossoming passion stirs.
    whoever enters this place embraces the peace
    of truly equal societies.
    Smell the violets.
    smell the roses.
    Smell the freedom
    that lives within us.

    By keylessone URL on 07.21.2011

  35. my favorite color. i like it. a lot. like a lot a lot. and i love it too. like a lot. a lot a lot. too much for my own good. it’s almost purple. but not really. um yeah. it’s very pretty. i like. a lot. like a lot a lot.

    By christine on 07.21.2011

  36. Violet. Ha, I thought this said violent, but that was last time’s word. Right now, the only thing that pops to my mind is that image of a smiling corgi that says, “Roses are grey, violets are grey.” Hehe, because dogs are color blind!

    By xstal URL on 07.21.2011

  37. Violet.
    One of my favorite colors. I’ve always loved it. Since I was a little girl and I saw an attractive blond woman in her twenties wearing a sparking violet shirt.

    By sam on 07.21.2011

  38. honey in the cupboard, crystallised.

    By robyn URL on 07.21.2011

  39. I don’t have a favorite flower, so I tend to draw on the favorites of the people I know. My grandmother loved violets, which makes it all too easy for me to say that I do too.

    By Aaron McVeigh URL on 07.21.2011

  40. Unbecoming and rich. Her face a collection of fragments; made violet over the years she has gasped of lack of oxygen and reddened her face and painted it back in ceaseless vanity. The effect was magnificent. Never before had one seen a face so strange; so palely magnificent from a lifetime spent in attempting to correct the moments that make life itself.

    By Cillian Crowley URL on 07.21.2011