July 22nd, 2011 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “ticket”

  1. ticket ticket hurt hands
    the knife edge of paper
    because I couldn’t hold it straight
    because you wouldn’t let me
    because i left that night
    ink dripped
    i am
    i am
    tears ticket
    i cut myself
    blood and tears and i am

    By Kitsu Tatterdemalion URL on 07.23.2011

  2. a ticket is something you get to go somewhere. something you need in order to transport to some where other than you are now. you can use a ticket to go on a plane, a train, or some other

    By carli URL on 07.23.2011

  3. one small piece of parchment,
    printed with some words
    is actually much more than that.
    it holds the end of an era,
    of the story that so many grew up with.
    this is what i thought as i purchased
    my harry potter 7: part 2 ticket.
    so small yet so important :)

    By bluejaysfly URL on 07.23.2011

  4. I walked into the alley after work like usual. I always enjoy walking through alleys. They’re quiet except for the people who hangout in alleys for other reasons. As I was walking I saw a small envelope on the ground. I walked up to it thinking not much of it.

    By Nikki on 07.23.2011

  5. I did this once. I did this twice. I bought a ticket! oh how nice. I’ll attend the main event and plan my night accordingly. Who could know I’d meet the band and how this night rewarded me!

    By Nikki Voltaic URL on 07.23.2011

  6. I hopped in the cab, desperately wishing that traffic would let up so I could reach the airport in time. My ticket was bugging me in a my jacket pocket, the windows were not tinted well, and I was hungover terribly so.

    By Lindsay on 07.23.2011

  7. Are so expensive. I have to take out a Mortgage just to buy one. I like the fact that they are long and thin and made of paper. I use mine to get on the bus and into the cinema. I don’t like them when I lose them or when I get them wet in the rain. I would like to have more tickets for free rather than have to buy for them

    By Netty on 07.23.2011

  8. Arthur Weasley was so amazed when the stile ate the ticket.

    By suriti on 07.23.2011

  9. it sounds like something you would get in nyc because you are parking on the wrong side of the road why do they do that people are probably so confused and thats not ok because when you stress over simple things like that i feel like your whole life will be stressfull i feel like somethimes the people in nyc are so stressed out and biusy like just calm and destress and let live because it s so crazy to live your life like that

    By Coral Dowsland on 07.23.2011

  10. air plain.
    my best friend moving to cloumbia.
    me being supper lonely.
    wow i hate tickets.
    But not all tickets.
    I like tickets to concerts.
    free tickets are the best
    like my free ticket to moe.
    that was sweet.

    By Emilly URL on 07.23.2011

  11. every time i go about doing things i see a ticket. its a ticket to allow me to pass thru my obstacles or a ticket deeming me you are in trouble…but @ least have learned and valued the essence of the ticket. it will always lead you somewhere, it’s just used as encouragement.

    By Jesse on 07.23.2011

  12. It was a rainy afternoon, when I went to the train station. Waiting in line with a book tucked under my shoulder I looked up to see the going rate of the tickets. A round trip to Chicago was only one hundred dollars, and suddenly I didn’t want a round trip.

    By Nicole on 07.23.2011

  13. It had been 10 years. He worried. Worried that things would be different, that no one would remember him, that he’d gotten old, fat, bald, and boring. Worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He lied to himself though. He told himself he was worried about seeing his friends, when he was really worried about seeing his father’s dead body.

    By Braxus URL on 07.23.2011

  14. I still have my ticket to the fair. Shiloh and I were going to go together and ride the spinning cups until we threw up, eat an obscene amount of cotton candy, and try to win goldfish. Then Tucker asked me and I said yes. I think everything is my fault.

    By trish URL on 07.23.2011

  15. money, will take you to places, travel, police, bus, train, airplane, freedom, fun, summer, theatre, music,

    By mariliis on 07.23.2011

  16. Ticket’s can be used for lots of things. There are train tickets, bus tickets, cinema tickets, concert tickets, parking tickets. LOADS AND LOADS OF THINGS NEED TICKETS.

    By Cara on 07.23.2011

  17. run home charlie, and don’t stop until you get there. don’t talk to anyone, don’t stop at all.
    I’ve got a golden ticket, my dreams, my aspirations, my eyes will marvel on everything i’ve ever imagined and more. Something as insignificant as a piece of paper has unlocked all of this.
    I’ve got a golden ticket.

    By Taylor URL on 07.23.2011

  18. “I swear, Officer–I thought that speed limit sign said 85, not 65.”

    By Laydeegodiva on 07.23.2011

  19. Ticket is the means to get into a door way. To a new world. Life is like an one-way ticket because you cannot turn back. Once you have bought and used it, you will have to face the consequences of your actions, wherever they lead.

    By Lily URL on 07.23.2011

  20. Oh, hey, I’ll have a ticket later on today, because I’m going on a plane!
    … For a direct 5+ hour ride to Portland, Oregon. Fun…
    I really, really heat planes.

    By missstar URL on 07.23.2011

  21. I’ve always wanted to get a special, hard to get ticket. I’ve never really cared much what the ticket was for, just that I had it. Something that granted me access to some great event that everyone else would be jealous of. I guess maybe I just want to not only be a part of things, but to be the thing. To have everyone else jealous of me and I’ll never have to worry about not being apart of things again.

    By Lynn on 07.23.2011

  22. “That’s the ticket!” said Fred, as we walked past the bakery with its’ fresh baked smell and cookie freshness. “The Ticket?” I asked incredulous. “Well” said Fred, “You need to get a ticket to get on the train at Chelsea.”
    “Chelsea?” I asked, “I thought that was a bun!” Fred was looking at a girl in a pink dress, and hadn’t heard a word that I had said. “Tomorrow” I said “Tomorrow, we will go to the arena and blow them all away with our magnificent sound.”
    Meanwhile the girl in the pink dress, sucking an iced-lolly, was moving toward Fred in what seemed like a slow-motion dance. She flicked her brown hair from her forehead, and smiled. Fred, weak at the knees, sank in to the nearest chair.

    By Beau on 07.23.2011

  23. I collect train tickets and cinema tickets and stick them onto my wall – they are the way to remember great moments of my life.

    By Lily on 07.23.2011

  24. Slid under the glass, as the rumbling of the wheels on the iron track carries another group of souls into the distance. Brought to the platform, validated in the mouth of the yellow machine, and clutched, like a pleasant wrinkled memory, as home slides further away.

    By mattlock URL on 07.23.2011

  25. I held the ticket in my hand that was supposed to get me far away. But I forgot about the most basic thing that I came across several times before. Wherever you go, you always take yourself with you. And that’s when I realised Id never be able to get away, ecause I’ll always take myself with me.

    By Lily on 07.23.2011

  26. u buy for movies and trains and it can be discounted for students . or on weekends. Tickets are also to see tourist attractions and tickets are for flights. you need tickets everywhere !

    By Priya on 07.23.2011

  27. She just lost it. She looked round her, but couldn’t find it. It was just like her house keys, her cats, her lovers, her moonbeams, her senses and her aspirations. The only thing that she did NOT lose were her desires, and they stalked her and sensed her coming from every corner of the street… and then she found it. Her ticket, that is. So the boarded the train and went away. But it was too late…

    By Julia URL on 07.23.2011

  28. Once when i bought a ticket, i thought it would be for a normal kind of show, a circus or some shit like that. no. no, this ticket launched me into a weird kind of dimension and i’ve been there ever since. strange, huh? i just need to find a way to get out now. and i can’t.

    By me on 07.23.2011

  29. Trying to find the way to you
    Pieces of paper like gold in my hands
    Distance is weird like that
    Makes me draw up tickets made of air
    for you
    I just want to drop this baggage here

    By Adia URL on 07.23.2011

  30. ticket to ride. ticket home. ticket clickit. clickit ticket. journey. wander. passion. life. catalyst. propulsion. moving forward. forgetting. freedom. happiness. check out. death. dying. sad. amy whinehouse

    By julia on 07.23.2011

  31. Ticket ticket what I would do for a ticket to get my to a place that is far away from here. The place where all is one and the one is all.

    By Hatfield on 07.23.2011

  32. waiting at the line for a ticket
    the route to something desired
    the key to another door
    i must have it
    of course i may be disappointed
    but how will i know unless i get that ticket

    By Rehan on 07.23.2011