August 21st, 2016 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “upset”

  1. Discipline, Perseverance, Time for self. It takes all these to become a writer. Make sure you write every day, each book and article she read has said the same thing. She was so upset that she could not pen down a single word for a whole week !

    By JayaK on 08.21.2016

  2. upsetting me. upsetting me .. disturbed, perturbed, unsettled, disrupted. i use this word upset when i am unable to describe my emotions, but know there has been a sudden uncomfortable change, when my state of calm and content is upset. when i didn’t like something. and i felt strongly about this thing i don’t like.

    By mamochan on 08.21.2016

  3. you’de think i would be upset over him not being able to come to my party, but i was happy because instead i got a better prize than his appearance. love…

    By Fizeetoe on 08.21.2016

  4. Sometimes I get upset over stupid stuff. I am upset all the time, over every little thing. I am upset I don’t get to do what I want. I am upset that people don’t do the things I want them to do. I am upset things don’t happen the way I think they should. I need to stop being so upset all the time or my life is going to be completely upset.

    By Erica on 08.21.2016

  5. I get upset with my self when I do not think before I speak and I say things that are better left unsaid. I get upset when people leave me out.

    By Denise on 08.21.2016

  6. if for every word they had said, a ray of sunshine lit the stage, among these man-made lanterns there would be a star to outshine them all.

    but instead, there is only an empty stage

    By AM on 08.21.2016

  7. I don’t like this word. It makes me think of all the bad things that happen to people. It actually makes me feel bad inside. I really hate it when people get upset. Especially children. Although, I have started realizing that I can’t care when everyone gets upset

    By Rachel on 08.21.2016

  8. I didn’t want to lose my mind. I didn’t want to get upset. But seeing the way my town, my state, my goddamn country looked now, I was ready to go completely and irreversibly mad. I wanted to buy a one-way ticket to the other side of the world. I wanted to buy a boat and sail off into the ocean and breathe in the salty air. Anything to get me out of this circus. Anything to keep me calm.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.21.2016

  9. The feeling of upsetness is quite unpredictable, and unforeseeable.

    Sometimes it’s about trivial matters, and sometimes it’s about serious decisions. The feeling can be mild or strong, depending on the person and the situation at hand.

    By Harmony Sin on 08.21.2016

  10. Blubber is the first thing that comes to mind: the shivering of my chin that begins to look stippled with dimples as it crumbles. Upset. Being torn up inside a little is being upset.

    By Zoë-Eve URL on 08.21.2016

  11. Upset.
    Upset was her name.
    In all other ways and in all other days.
    The worry is knitted on her brows and she frowns a little bit of sadness.
    She wakes up to a frustrated sigh and her ceiling is burnt with stares.
    Upset was her name
    and she stayed the same.

    By bluesky URL on 08.21.2016

  12. She was upset again. He could tell. But unless someone knew her well, they wouldn’t know. The only thing which showed how she felt was the very tiny wrinkle on her forehead, showing her mood – that and the small flame in her eyes. But he couldn’t tell what set her off. He wished he did. It would make life easier.

    By liyasha85 on 08.21.2016

  13. Lately, all he’d been feeling was loneliness. She seemed so far away, they all did. Maybe that’s why he did what he did. Maybe that’s why he acted out in a way he never would have before. But all he knew was he’d hurt her. Made her upset.

    By Ryan on 08.22.2016

  14. I was clean. I thought I was. But my head was filled with loneliless. I couldn’t think one straight thought. I didn’t need to. I was cought up in my own world, no way out, no way in. All my life was a lie.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.22.2016

  15. “I’m not blaming you – I’m not blaming anybody! Maybe I-… I don’t know,” he buried his face in his shell-like hands and crumbled into sobs.

    By ml on 08.22.2016

  16. I am upset at you.You should not me upset at me because I did not hurt you. You hurt me feelings a lot.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.22.2016

  17. Setting up what? A tent?

    By dave on 08.22.2016

  18. Her lower lip quivered like a child so she put her hand over her mouth and slumped down in her chair. He looked skyward and spoke with upward lilts on all his sentences as if it would soften the blow. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to upset you. Can we talk about it later?”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.22.2016

  19. Get in line

    Nothing makes sense
    And even it if did
    Connecting myself to it
    Is like yelling at bees

    Work, days, people,
    More and more perverse
    Like a collection of deck chairs
    Neatly laid on an ocean liner

    There is no imminent saucer attack
    I’m in the next room
    Whispering to Roky Erickson
    On a tin can phone

    I tell him I have to go soon
    So I can change
    And find my name badge

    By david URL on 08.22.2016

  20. I hope, you are not upset, because we won’t be able to meet you next week.

    By BR on 08.22.2016

  21. “You don’t get upset like other people do,” she said. “Something small happens, like a good bye that comes too soon or a door that closes too hard and you retreat into an abyss of pain. A canyon that you always know is there and carefully spend every day walking around trying not to fall in.”

    By Erica Laurel on 08.22.2016

  22. I was upset that I had to do school.

    By Jason Adams URL on 08.22.2016

  23. I was upset went some mess with my work.

    By jamesrotties on 08.22.2016

  24. My mom was really upset when i broke the lamp. I Didn

    By Amber on 08.22.2016

  25. She shouldn’t have been upset that half of her family never mentioned her birthday. They were the half of her family that didn’t much like her anyway. She decided to focus on the good. She was thankful for the other half of her family that wished her a happy birthday and the part of her family that she knew loved her.

    By Deanna URL on 08.22.2016

  26. I am upset. Not the regular everyday version of upset. Not the angry old man on his lawn level of upset. Not the child who dropped his ice cream upset. Not even livid elf-hating dwarf upset. I am…advanced upset.

    By Place on 08.22.2016

  27. “Please don’t be like this.” He paced the room while she sat still. “I wasn’t lying to you. I wasn’t hiding anything. I just didn’t want you to be upset.”

    Finally he stopped to speak.
    “I have a son.” He smiled “How could I be upset?”

    By Phoenix URL on 08.22.2016

  28. Ky was so upset his show heifer was not feeling well. Fair was also coming up this Saturday and e was afraid he could not go !

    By Sydney on 08.22.2016

  29. Strength leaves me and I wipe my mouth, and wipe again, to erase my wriggling lips… My face and my mind churn, frothy, and orifices are stuffed up.

    By Zoe URL on 08.22.2016

  30. something that i am some times some things just arent what they told me they were going to be and I don’t know why they didn’t tell me, I think I could have handled it if they were just like, okay you know some days will just suck man, and I would be like oh, thanks for being honest person who has lived on earth longer than me, I appreciate that, instead of .esfnadg ;,fs

    By Colton Adrian on 08.22.2016

  31. Upset.. What to wright about upset.. this makes me upset..

    By Purplefurple on 08.22.2016

  32. upset is a feeling that almost anyone like. the wolrd would be better if it wouldn’t be in our lives.

    By mi on 08.22.2016

  33. i’m upset that people like you exist. i’m frustrated that you can’t understand why you’re bad. i’m bitter because i hate to back away if there’s something i can do. i wish you were gone. i really wish you were gone.

    By sdf on 08.22.2016

  34. I don’t know how to describe what it means to be upset. It’s not angry, but it also isn’t sad. It’s like you lost something. Something You wish you could gain back. Knowing that you could of had something, but not anymore. It hurts.

    By kate on 08.22.2016

  35. She sighed. “Not again.”
    “What’s got you down?” he asked.
    Same as always, she thought, but told him nothing — nothing had her down.
    Maybe it was stress. Who knows. She was just upset for no reason and it made no sense and she hated it. Too much was going on, too many things to focus on, and all of them frustrating and impossible to deal with. It’s not like he would understand, anyways. Between fake friends and drama in a group of people she was supposed to be able to trust with her life, rendering her alone and miserable, and the stresses of school and everyday existence, there wasn’t a whole lot for him to *get.*

    By emma on 08.22.2016

  36. She was upset. He hated when she was upset. His entire being depended on her happiness, and when she was sad or angry or upset, as she was now, something in him changed.

    By Shadow Writer on 08.22.2016

  37. oh me oh my
    want a peice of mine
    i admire your effort
    u got big dreams and high hopes
    want me to give u the time
    u wanna make some time
    left u hoping
    nothing wrong with dreaming
    takes a lot to be me
    u dont wana waste ur time
    but u dont mind
    i admire ur effort

    By milli on 08.22.2016

  38. The man was upset with the outcome of the day. All that work, and he still felt like nothing got done. The boss had sent him three more things – clients to contact and resolve issues with – that he hadn’t even touched.

    And it was only Monday

    By Charlie URL on 08.22.2016

  39. dont get me started.

    By MilliOn on 08.22.2016

  40. dont get me started.
    u just dont get it
    the way you
    upset me

    By MilliOn on 08.22.2016