August 21st, 2016 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “upset”

  1. “Child, why are you so upset? Come, let me read your fortune. People are always cheered by the good things in their fortunes.” The old soothsayer took Leia Organa’s hand and led her inside.

    By Shadow Writer on 08.22.2016

  2. 1upset = union percuelating swing encapsulation total

    By Garrett Christopherson on 08.22.2016

  3. She walked into the room and slammed her things down on the table. She was upset, passed upset, at what he had done. She thought that they had an understanding but clearly his idea was that he would do what he wanted to and she would accept it no matter what. Well, she had something for him! He wouldn’t make that same mistake ever again.

    By MsShel330 on 08.22.2016

  4. Ironic, or fitting (not sure which), that this is the word I get to write about today. I’m using this as a way to end the blog post I just wrote, a blog post I started because I was feeling oddly upset about misunderstanding my emotions. Now that I’ve written that- and this- I’m feeling much better. Thank you.

    By christine anderson on 08.22.2016

  5. God, why did he do that. like what is his problem. I slave over a hot stove and then he comes in and says he’s not hungry.

    By Carlie Patrick on 08.22.2016

  6. what was he thinking doing something stupid like that. he could have been killed. and where would that leave me. at home to raise 3 kids all by myself on nothing more than a lousy teachers sala

    By Carlie Patrick on 08.22.2016