August 22nd, 2016 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “painter”

  1. painter. ha!
    sitting here with a brush and canvas –
    trying to draw the fire pit before me.
    knowing i can’t.
    knowing how my self-sabotaging pity won’t let me
    won’t let me see the world
    the way a painter can.

    By Sara URL on 08.24.2016

  2. being a painter takes skill and time if you are going to be a painter you need to practice every day and believe in yourself!

    By Amber URL on 08.24.2016

  3. I’d love to start painting. I have bought supplies but haven’t started yet. I feel like I need practice first though. Where to start? I may copy a few first before I try to create on my own. I feel this will help me hone my skill. If I have any to begin with. Painters inspire me.

    By Christy URL on 08.24.2016

  4. The painter came and painted my house yellow. He did such a good job. I gave him a big tip. He is now a good friend of mine. His name is Jon Carr.

    By Stock Show Girl on 08.24.2016

  5. Why is the word painter agin? I thought it was supposed to change day to day. Freeverse makes absolutely no sense for a poem to have meaning it should have some incensce i AM CRAZY. YEAH THATS ALL

    By Shihab URL on 08.24.2016

  6. The painter stood over her canvas. Except it wasn’t a canvas, it was a corpse. And she wasn’t painting with paint, but with wounds. And she wasn’t a woman, but a man with an unnatural smile and burnt eyelids.

    By Chara on 08.24.2016

  7. He’d gotten the job of a painter when I was 7.
    Each day he’d come home in his apron, blue and yellow and red and every other color I couldn’t name streaked and splattered on himself.

    Sure, I’d never seen my father too much since he took up the job, It’s hard work, and doesn’t even have a lot of pay, but I knew it’s what he loved to do, and I loved him coming home and twirling me around in his arms, smearing those streaks of paint all over one of my dresses.

    It seems that those vibrant acrylic colors made up the best of my childhood.

    By Blue on 08.24.2016

  8. A painter is a person who works on art. Using paint, pencils, markers, colored pencils, or ink.

    By Srvhim4life URL on 08.24.2016

  9. i am a painter and I love this job so much. i lick red paint so very much. the house that i live was yellow and now it is a better color.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.24.2016

  10. The other day I went and painted the inside of a barn with my dad. It was a fun time. There were horses and dogs in there watching us for most of the time. Honestly I’m glad I went. I was helping my dad but it was just good to be there with him.

    By Jason Otis on 08.24.2016

  11. The day was hot and humid and the man had just pulled up to the house he was working on that day. The plan was to head to the back and paint the little shed tan.

    By Jaymes on 08.24.2016