August 20th, 2016 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “chips”

  1. Leslie bought cigarettes. Lindsay bought chips. Lois bought a brand new gloss to fancy up her lips. Landon wanted popcorn. Lawrence wanted coke. I went home with Leslie for a much-desired smoke.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.20.2016

  2. Louis watched as she deliberately popped a chip in her mouth, trying not to stare but failing terribly. She was proper fit, in a way that was subtle and casual and everything Louis was not. He felt a sudden wave of nausea wash over him and anxiety throb at his temples threateningly.

    “So,” he started carefully, testing the waters. She didn’t seem to look phased, so he pressed on. “What’re you into?” Louis winced; he sounded like an idiot. He peered down at his own plate of chips.

    Instead of gathering her bag and walking out, she grinned, as if she wasn’t waiting for a better question. She looked back at him sweetly. “Sing. Fancy you.”

    By amandaxx on 08.20.2016

  3. One of God’s greatest ideas to man
    Salty, crunchy, tasty
    Could eat a whole bag in one sitting
    Rough on the tongue
    But a satisfying snack

    Too bad they can make you fat

    By Julie on 08.20.2016

  4. They give comfort to people. They are very delicious. But to be they always give me doubt somehow. It makes me feel guilty for eating, but it also comforts me. Still, instead of myself eating it, it eats me. if that makes any sense.

    By urxxee on 08.20.2016

  5. potatoes

    By urxxee on 08.20.2016

  6. There is nothing more annoying than getting into your bed after a long hard day only to find it littered with greasy, sharp, broken chip crumbs. “Thanks a lot Eli

    By Trista URL on 08.21.2016

  7. Corn chips. Comfort. The crunch is addicting and seems to relieve my anxiety attacks. I don’t want to lean on corn chips. Crunch.

    By Madison Hite on 08.21.2016

  8. The smell of frying chips filled the street. The smell had different meanings for each of the people waiting in line in front of the shop selling stale bread. “Someone has potatoes,” one man grumbled. “I’m sure they are not sharing them with anyone.” Another person didn’t say anything, the smell made her feel nauseated, from once having a job at McDonald’s. Another person behind her looked away; she was the origin of the smell. The new thing at the department store – chip-scented cologne.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.21.2016

  9. Her tongue aroused with ecstasy as it felt the sweet , smooth , cold icecream. Next, came a scoop of crunchy chocolate chips. She smiled and licked her mouth.

    By JayaK on 08.21.2016

  10. He chips away at the my walls that I once thought to be so strong. I am nothing and everything when he looks at me and He can see all of me when these walls no longer stand. Am I too much or not enough?

    By Erica Laurel on 08.21.2016

  11. It was always fish and chips. That was her favourite dish. I don’t know how the latina girl ever came to like the very British dish.
    And it was fish and chips again, the day we met to break up.

    By suriti URL on 08.21.2016

  12. Crunchy, flavorful, melt in your mouth.
    Ranch, cheddar, barbecue, sour cream are my favorite.
    Chips are life, they give the boost needed to relax.

    By Jeremiah URL on 08.21.2016

  13. chips of concrete skin fall to the ground
    cracks in my face
    i put them there
    it’s what i deserve
    i wasn’t made right
    i was always unfinished

    By stranger on 08.21.2016

  14. fall
    as they may
    sometimes however I think it prudent to speak in full sentences and not to chip away at meaning, deriving meaning, somehow compiling meaning in phrases. IF I cannot say something completely perhaps its not meant to be said at all. What is the purpose otherwise of saying anything? Fall.

    By Julia on 08.21.2016

  15. a free bag, a cheap bag
    put just one more in your mouth
    you think you’ll be full when you reach the end
    the calorie is as empty as your heart
    stop eating just because your mind is tearing you apart
    that’s the problem
    put down the chips, that’s a pretty good place to start.

    By molly on 08.21.2016

  16. I look at the last chip in the bag, smiling at it. The last memory of my brother was gone. I had stolen the bag from him but he wouldn’t know until later… never actually. The last memory I had with my brother was stealing that last chip while watching a movie with him. That memory would be remembered for a long time, even after the fire…

    By Ghost Writer A on 08.21.2016

  17. She opened the plastic bag and ignored the crinkles that followed. He sat next to her as they lazed upon the couch. She said nothing as she grabbed a few and popped them in her mouth. Knowing the routine, without so much as looking in his direction, she knew to lift a few to his already open mouth.

    By Ashley on 08.21.2016

  18. I like chips. My favorite are tortilla chips. I especially like them with salsa. I prefer the white corn chips. it is one of my most favorite snacks. Actually, I love chips.

    By Ruth on 08.21.2016

  19. One time I had a bag of chips and I fuckin died… cuz diabetes and shit lmao. I went to the doctor, they said “How the fuck do you die from chips?!” I said “I choked.”

    By Elijah Mueller URL on 08.21.2016

  20. One time I ate a bag of chips and I fuckin died… cuz diabetes lmao. I went to the doctor he said “How the fuck do you die from chips?” I said “I choked.”

    By lij329 on 08.21.2016