October 14th, 2009 | 666 Entries

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666 Entries for “trot”

  1. The horse trotted. This means it went fast. It went fast, but not as fast as a gallop. This means that if you were riding on it’s back, you’d probably be flopping around a little. It probably wouldn’t be that comfortable to you. You wouldn’t want to trot too, too long because that wouldn’t be the best way to travel!

    By Kristen on 10.15.2009

  2. the sound of hooves was loud in the evening air. the slow clip-clop reverberated along the dusty road bouncing into the covered bridge ahed and frightening the roosing crows inside. the rider knoew that he would have to hurry if he was to get home befor the phantom came out.

    By Nylaba on 10.15.2009

  3. The horse began to trot steadily, flipping it’s beautiful brown mane in the rain slowly sprinkling down on the soft earth. With each step, the horse felt more calm and happy.

    By Sarah on 10.15.2009

  4. jump run move there is a sock in the draw that will make it possible to trot like that word from school that i hate TROT hot 2 it

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  5. I trotted like a horse down a lane, click click click. My master wasn’t pleased. I stopped for some hay on the way and listened to Lay Lady Lay. I took a carousel horse down to the el.

    By Val on 10.15.2009

  6. Trot trot trot. I did this yesterday. i remember this. It wasn’t easy then and it isn’t any easier now.It’s like knowing what I have to do gets in the way of doing it– like memory actually hinders progress. Or it could be my embarrassment at a perceived failure… who knows?

    Who even knows what I’m really talking about? Heh.

    By Sagewolf on 10.15.2009

  7. this word sucks i dont feel like theres anything to say about it.
    trot what?
    its what horses do. i dont know.

    By poop on 10.15.2009

  8. i don’t know what that means unless it’s a dance

    By Angel on 10.15.2009

  9. troting is fun and for horses, troting down the street the wilely horse drew eyes to it, he stomped the eyes out as he continued to trot down the road full of passers-by, the trot was a happy one at that, the horse had been meaning to stretch his legs for a while

    By Lindsey on 10.15.2009

  10. i have no idea about the word trot i mean what the hell is a trot. trot my pants or trot my dick/???? huh i mean i maybe if i had the defenition of the word i might have done a better job in telling you about the word maybe next time that i get a word fa

    By jesus on 10.15.2009

  11. Trot was my man. He was my superhero. He was… a guy. A normal, fat, cheese-and-pie-lovin’ guy. Who wouldn’t love Trot?
    Trot understood you, he would help you solve problems. Not the normal, lazy fat dude who just goes, “Ooh, yeah. Whateva you said, man, whatever you said.” He was great! Trot would talk you THROUGH your problems, not like most adults.

    By Emily Justem on 10.15.2009

  12. “troting is a pleasurable activity” said the donkey to the pig, “i don’t know what I’d do if there wasn’t troting”
    “probably just eat hey like you always do” replied the pig

    By Liz on 10.15.2009

  13. trot a lot. the horse knows how to make it’s way through the forest. It trot’s… Like a tot… On their way to the florist.

    By April on 10.15.2009

  14. I did learn to trot, but never to canter. I’m not sure why. I was a decent rider and I loved to trot once I managed to get my lazy horse to speed up enough, but I never managed to canter. I don’t think it was the speed, though, rather the sense that I might lose control.

    By Florence on 10.15.2009

  15. you tell me to accelerate
    I’m walking to slowly
    for the end of days,

    but I’m too tired
    and hungover
    so I only jog,
    a half-run,
    a trot.

    By brendan on 10.15.2009


    By motha fucka on 10.15.2009

  17. i trotted down the line of other contestants who were obviously less skillful than myself. I mean honestly who would be intimidated by the purple cross ties they were wearing. I had taken interest in someone i particularly found odd toward the end, a man bearing red shoes.

    By Kevin Collar on 10.15.2009

  18. It’s not like I wanted this. As I look upon this… this animal before me, I gulp. Yeah, I’m scared. I’ve never rode a horse before.

    By Bleh on 10.15.2009

  19. to gallop. sort of. I’m not really sure what it means. but it reminds me or trout, it has really weird spelling if you think about it. Kind of cool though. yea

    By Jessica on 10.15.2009

  20. There seems to be a problem with the way horses are trotting. They are disoriented and flamboyant. They are stopping for bubble gum and toothpicks. They are not trotting seriously enough. Trotting is no laughing matter.

    By Jackie on 10.15.2009

  21. The man lead his horse through the thick wooded brush. He whistled while the horse trotted steadily along. It was beautiful there; so serene and secluded, neither of them communicating.

    By Adam Buchanan on 10.15.2009

  22. dfsdf

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  23. When i think of trot I think of when i was younger and would go to pony camp and i got this horse named harry..i loved harry, he was the best pony there..i even made a shirt of him, that i hand tie dyed myslef. I was about the age of 9. Thats when life was easy, no one cared what you responsabilities that could hold you accountable for anything.

    By Jodi on 10.15.2009

  24. The dog trotted up to the girl, his tail wagging annoyingly. She tried to back up, but found a wall behind her. She heard the laughter of her cousins, mocking her and her fear. She sighed loudly, swatted away the dog’s wet muzzle, and tried to sidle off to the side. It would have gone off without a hitch if the boy hadn’t been standing right there.

    By lola on 10.15.2009

  25. The horse trotted down the cobble-stone path while his driver flicked the reins to keep the pace. The couple in the carriage that the horse was pulling laughed and enjoyed their view of Central Park

    By Kendall Fedor on 10.15.2009

  26. today i was troting around in my house going back and fourth from my computer to the toilet because i need to shit all the time. i have really bad diarrhea. i dont really know how i got it but i have it again after having it before like exacrlt one month before. im starting to think that there is something really wrong with me.

    By munirah on 10.15.2009

  27. I walk slowly, taking in the serene night. The shining moon lighting up the sky; as bright as day. It’s quick and fast, asking me to hurry.

    By Samantha on 10.15.2009

  28. russian revolutionaries with a pickaxe and galloping horses sing into your ear, are you listening dearest? short steps and held laughing hands with friends on the street of the king, cinemas and people and fast food restaurants. i have missed you dearly and i will see you again soon. until that time, take comfort in words and in dreams, and remember there is someone thinking of and wishing you well always.

    for vee <3

    By claire on 10.15.2009

  29. walk at a brisk pace. A horse trots. A dance step too. Fox trot.

    By Pavalamani Pragasam on 10.15.2009

  30. i trot i snot i plot i taught
    trot is a better way to wright how someone walked very interesting …
    i like the word
    its odd
    not used alot
    which is rad
    trot trot trot
    hmmm makes thigs fun

    By victoria on 10.15.2009

  31. I hear the word trot whenever people talk about horsebike riding. They tell their horses to trot here and there. Why tell them to trot and not walk or run? Why must it be different with horses? I guess every animal has a different word for how they move. Like humans and dogs have walk and run, and horses have trot.

    By Anthony Tovar on 10.15.2009

  32. Her mother had told her that she moved like a lame horse. She trotted forward instead of gliding like her siblings. She was all knees and elbows. How ashamed she was to be the angular one, the lame one, the broken one. But, that’s all she could ever be.

    By MH on 10.15.2009

  33. We trot, he trot, she trot. I trot to the corner and take off my short. Listen to me, I’m screaming now. Let me free, I’m trotting to the distance and the psychosis is taking it’s toll. Fuck me now, I’m fucking and trotting and that fucking pony is on my back, riding me like the euphoric acidic wave that I call my dream. Let’s do this.

    By Jenn on 10.15.2009

  34. As i was trotting along with my horse, she bagan to tremble. I looked ahead and there was a storm brewing in the distance. I thought to myself maybe it would be good for me to ride in the rain. Everything had been so hectic lately. Or maybe I should just head back home with Romy.

    By Cinella on 10.15.2009

  35. Candy came into the store and said that she was looking for something special for Handy. She looked around and then ran into Richard. Richard was an old friend and said how Handy was doing. She said that the trot they had the other day was a long one and Handy wasn’t feeling so well so she came into the store today to get her something to make her feel better.

    By Cinella on 10.15.2009

  36. The movement of the horse was rollicking, but she was comfortable with it. She loved the smell of the saddle, weird as that sounded, and she loved the horse beneath her. She clicked and sped up, the horse cantering merrily around the ring. No pressure or anything, just an afternoon ride.

    By Diana on 10.15.2009

  37. dye

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  38. horses running fast not as fast as a agallop but fast, fast enough to scare somebody fast enough to blur the world into something unveiwable unrecognizable better than the mess we see today at normal speed i wish we could all troyt

    By tantrimancer on 10.15.2009

  39. The horse broke out in a trot. The frightened little girl was hanging on for dear life. Her parents had promised to hold on to the reigns for the entire lesson. Her dad had let go after meer minutes. As she rounded the corner the horse took a leap and off she fell.

    By jenn- on 10.15.2009

  40. She hurried after him, trotting more than running. He wasn’t moving too quickly, just fast enough that she was worried about losing him. Despite the awkward pace, he moved gracefully, easily.

    Too easily, she griped.

    By Taryn on 10.15.2009