October 15th, 2009 | 710 Entries

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710 Entries for “permission”

  1. do i really need to ask?
    your movements dictate my actions
    so that words are made redundant

    By nathan on 10.17.2009

  2. “Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, Youji.”

    “Aya, you’re an idiot. A pretty idiot, but lacking in the gray cells department in general. I’ll tell you what, wait for me after the mission and we’ll go together.”

    Aya frowned, clearly not appreciating the offer.

    By on 10.17.2009

  3. i would like permission to go out. the sims. teenager. permissible. per..mission.

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  4. I hate asking permission for things. That is one reason I was so excited to leave for college. I no longer have to ask permission. I can do what I want. I can fend for myself. I don’t have to allow other people dictate what I do. That is also why I don’t enjoy going home. I don’t want to ask permission.

    By Jaclyn on 10.17.2009

  5. dont ask for permission ask for forgiveness.

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  6. Do I have your permission? Do I truly need it? Why do I crave it when in fact it means nothing? I’ll do what I want, your permission is not needed in the end. Yet I’ll ask anyway knowing the answer. Do I need it? No…..will I take it? yes

    By Caitlin on 10.17.2009

  7. i have permission to live but i dont have permission to live the way i want. The world has morphed this word. I must ask for permission to do what i wish and to be what i want. i can not sculpt myself. only ask permission to sculpt others.

    By Zoe Swindell on 10.17.2009

  8. “Do you have permission to kill me?”

    “No,” I said calmly. “I told you, I fell in a river on the way here and the permission slip was soaked.”

    She sighed and shifted, chains clanking.

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  9. I didn’t exactly have PERMISSION to use the power drills, but she never said, “Hey Shelby, DON’T touch the tools!” So in my mind it wasn’t against the rules. I just wish I would’ve let the blow torch lie.

    By minustheboat on 10.17.2009

  10. “Love needs no permission!” he crowed before jumping onto me, knocking the air out of my lungs.

    “You idiot,” I growled. “Haven’t you hear of the phrase look before you leap?!”

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  11. “Permission, permission, permission,” she snarled. “What the fuck is up with all this red tape? Back in the days, we didn’t need any fucking old piece of paper to do things and go places. Back in the days, we sorcerers did whatever we wanted, WHENEVER we wanted – “

    “Yes, I understand that, milady,” I said morosely. “But – “

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  12. i need to have it

    By chuy! on 10.17.2009

  13. Do I have permission to be here? No. Do I care? Hahaha. No. Well, yes, the acid pooling on the floor seems rather dangerous, and I don’t think there’s a way to cross that bridge without falling into the river, like, a 100 kilometers below, but what the hell. This is fun, isn’t it?

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  14. immigrants

    By glory on 10.17.2009

  15. “I’m sorry, you don’t have permission to be here,” I said to the little kid. He looked barely six. He was clutching a teddy bear in his left hand.


    “Yes, really,” I repeated.

    “Well then…” His voice changed, lowered into a growl. “You don’t have permission to live.”

    I didn’t have time to scream before the teddy bear fell apart to reveal a gun and the little boy shot me in the head.

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009

  16. how dare you
    i dont need your permission
    i am 19 years old and i’ll do exactely as i please.

    jimmi went when he was 17
    and of all the double standards…i’m 9 time smarter than jim

    go ahead tell him
    i dont care
    because i know im right

    i’ll send you a card when i get there
    and dont cry
    i’m going to be fine

    By Emma on 10.17.2009

  17. You didn’t have my permission to go. That last look in the city lights now seems surreal. Didn’t realize that it would be that last time I saw you.

    By Heather M. Crocker on 10.17.2009

  18. I didn’t have her permission to do this, but it didn’t really matter in the end. Permission was nothing but a few words, in truth. Just a few words that make a sentence, that for some reason, magically unlocks the ability to do something. For once, he decided to simply break in by force.

    By j.d. on 10.17.2009

  19. get total give special parents customer police o

    By julia on 10.17.2009

  20. There was only one way she would get permission to go to prom with John, and that was through blackmail. She grinned her signature only-slightly-evil grin as she coiled the rope, thrilled to be taking action against her father, to be working for something that she wanted. Something she wanted for herself.

    By Tassel on 10.17.2009

  21. i want to do that. wait i cant i am not allowed. oh shit it is better to ask for forgiveness isnt but i never do. i just do it. i just do those bad things without asking. nothing illegal but i cant. oh my my parents are gonna hate me. i am a dissapointment. maybe not. i make up for it in other areas. with out permission. haha oh well i can do this.

    By Samantha on 10.17.2009

  22. He never asks for permission, he just takes and takes.
    He never gives anything back, he just takes and takes.
    It’s always been this way and I don’t know who I can blame.
    It isn’t my fualt, not at all.
    He just can’t ask.
    He just takes and takes.
    And he always will.

    By Nikole on 10.17.2009

  23. I have got the permission to write something on my mind … but not …

    By Lars on 10.17.2009

  24. to allow

    By Sabrina on 10.17.2009

  25. Permission denied. This is an expression we all hear. It is the sound of letting someone down, letting ourselves down. Permission is the gateway to go from where we are to where we want to go. We ask for it or take it. The difference is in how badly we want it.

    By TJ on 10.17.2009

  26. With permission I left my house. I had to have that permission. Permission is given by teachers, parents, friends even. Don’t o that, dont’ go there. Permission to go to the toilet, permission to leave the table, permission to leave the house.

    By Anonymous on 10.17.2009


    By CARINA on 10.17.2009

  28. i dont really have to ask permission anymore, but when i did i hated it. Now i just kind of keep people updated about where i am and what im doing instead of asking if i can. Its cool

    By Ali on 10.17.2009

  29. I don’t need your permission to see who I want. I can do what I please, act as I wish. I’m smart enough to make my own decisions, you know, and it’s about time someone set me free. I just never realized I could be the one to do it. And now that I have, it’s time to have a little fun with my newfound freedom.

    By Hanna on 10.17.2009

  30. I would like to ask permission for a top secret document that could mean disaster for the goverment if the public ever got it’s hands on it. It has to be destroyed, this information about the zombie epidemic.

    By lurgh on 10.17.2009